Disclaimer: The Big Bang Theory, and anything you recognize (brands, copyrighted characters, etc.) are not mine. Sadly :(

Notes: The idea had been playing in my head, and all of this is based on a drawing I had made during class (found here: izzycoon (dot) tumblr (dot) com/post/2172949566/too-lazy-to-color-anything-else-i-had-this-idea) If it seems familiar, I apologize in advance. Sheldon is a tad OOC at some points but then again, this entire fanfic is supposed to be whimsical. :P

Chapter 1

Sheldon frowned at the note he held in his hand. He had found it attached to his door earlier this morning.

Hey Sheldon

His temple twitched at the little heart Penny had drawn by his name. Under what circumstances required the placement of such a thing? He read on.

I know it's probably too much to ask but I'll be working over-time tonight. Hope you could go to the store and grab me some hotdogs (for spaghetti!) Thanks!


P.S. You can come over and have a plateful too if you want.

Stopping at the edge of the crosswalk, he lowered the note and gave a small sigh.

"The things I do for people..."

Tucking the note away into his bag, he waited for the light to signal green, his mind entertaining the fact that, despite the breakup between Leonard and Penny less than a week ago, things have been going quite well.

His schedule was not interrupted; Raj and Howard still came over for Halo and Thai, Leonard had not bothered to displease his ears with a depressing barrage of music and whining…

What was most shocking, if not fascinating, was how well Penny was reacting. Sheldon, who had seen the bottles piled up in the trash bin after any of Penny's failed relationships, expected no different when she left his tiny roommate for that stunt he pulled at the Thanksgiving gala at the University.

Leonard hadn't thought that the lab assistant that he had been engaged in an affair with would also be present at the gala (Sheldon, of course, had anticipated this.)

The light turned green, and he gave a breathy laugh as he crossed. He was, in some part hidden deep inside his beautiful mind, relieved that Penny stayed…well, Penny. She hadn't turned to her old destructive habits, and instead had opted to whip up a delicious Italian treat for dinner.

His expression softened a bit, until he heard the screech of tires to his right.

He turned, legs locked in place. The headlights of the car engulfed his vision and he felt the impact of metal against his body before his world turned into darkness.