Summary: Sophia and Leon are two strangers who get into a plane crash and suddenly wake up in the Weasley's home, back in the year 1997 just before the war. What will Sophia do when she figures out that the Harry Potter Universe is real? Will she be tempted to save those she knows were meant to die?

The Year 2010

Sophia was a young girl of nineteen visiting her grandmother in England. Although Sophia lived with her immediate family in Australia her grandmother, Mami Bella and herself had always been close. Maybe it was because Mami Bella always had a calm disposition and Sophia also, but it was days like today that Sophia lived for that Mami Bella didn't enjoy so much anymore that made them different. The sun was shining down and she embraced every moment of warmth for she knew like any other Englishmen that days like these were few and far between. As Sophia was arriving closer to Mami Bella's home she waved politely to her neighbours and entered the threshold.

"Mami Bella!" Sophia called as she kicked off her shoes roughly and walked into the small cottage home. Sophia then strolled into the living room and saw Mami Bella watching her favourite daytime drama shows with her cup of tea.

"Good morning my Sophia, did you have a nice walk?" She greeted as she eyed the shopping bag Sophia was holding curiously.

"Yeah, it's really nice out today, surprisingly." She smiled while sitting down next her and opened the bag. "I got some new clothes and I stopped by this really cool second-hand store. They had some really nice jewelry there, I bought this necklace. Isn't it nice? It looks like something out of Harry Potter huh?" she giggled pulling out the chain from under shirt and showing it to her Grandmother. Her eyes widened as she saw the necklace.

"Where did you say you got this from again dear?" She asked in whisper as she carefully dropped the small circle of gold in her hands. The necklace had very intricate design, it was small and circle in shape with a transparent centre. Small carvings traced the outside gold in a foreign language that was probably long gone with time.

"The second-hand shop down the road... why? Is there something wrong with it, Mami?" Sophia asked worriedly but Mami Bella waved it off, dropping the necklace carefully onto Sophia's chest where it hung around her neck.

"Pas du tout," She replied in French with a smile and Sophia smiled uncertain. "Not at all..." She repeated in English and Sophia nodded.

"I understood the first time, Mami. But if you say so," Sophia got up from her chair and put away her things leaving her Mami to ponder about the necklace her granddaughter was wearing.

"Mami... I don't want to leave just yet. It's been so nice to get away," Sophia complained as she stood in front of the baggage claim clutching onto her carry-on bag in front of her as Mami Bella smiled at her fondly and touched her cheek. She was taking a detour into Paris before going back to Australia which would be one long flight back home.

"You can visit again whenever you like Sophia," She said to her tucking her granddaughters brown hair behind her ear and leaving her front fringe in place. Mami Bella saw that she was wearing the necklace again that day and restrained herself from saying anything. "Go. Before you miss your flight," She said with a strained smile and Sophia obliged after they embraced one another. As she walked away into the distance she prayed for her granddaughters safety for she knew that the necklace would bring her no good fortune.

Sophia sagged into her assigned seat completely unexcited to return home but even with her mind worrying about her family trifles she fell asleep in no time at all.

Sophia had only awoken later when she heard the rumble of the plane lifting off; she sat up and looked around noticing a young boy reading the last Harry Potter book quietly beside her. Looking on astonished she remembered that staring was rude and hastily turned to the window where she saw thunder in the clouds. She wasn't too shaken, she'd been in a plane on stormy nights before.

"Did you know you talk in your sleep?" She heard the boy say.

"P-pardon?" She asked looking at the boy, he was small with dark blonde hair and dark eyes, it was almost impossible to make out the pupils.

"You talk in your sleep," He repeated looking up at her and she didn't know what to say.

"Oh..." was all that she replied with and the boy marked the page of the book and put it down.

"My name is Leon, what's yours?"

"Sophia... Sophia Elian," The boy scrunched his face

"That's a weird name,"

Slightly offended Sophia retorted "I could say the same for yours..."

"Leon is my Dad's name," He said proudly with a toothy smile and the plane jolted violently; surprised gasps filled the cabin as Sophia clutched the arm rests and Leon grabbed onto her arm.

"Sorry folks," The pilot said from the intercom "We seem to be experiencing some turbulence. There is a storm up ahead which seems to be a lot more dangerous than we first anticipated, please stay calm and sit tight we will keep you updated. Thank you,"

People on the plane started to buckle up even thought the lights for the buckles weren't on. Leon also buckled hastily and looked at Sophia frantically.

"Aren't you going to put your seat belt on?" Leon asked and Sophia sighed, she should be a good role model for the kid and put it on and so she did. "Aren't you scared?"


"Are you French?" What's up with all these questions?, Sophia thought to herself slightly annoyed. Another violent jolt came upon the plane and the lights flickered causing Leon to look up at the ceiling fearfully; Sophia replied casually like they were at a Sunday picnic with the family.

"No. My Grandmother, Mami Bella is... why? Are you?"

"Half, my Father's French." He answered excitedly despite his previous fear "My mum's from England, but we're all moving to Paris now because of my Father's Mother. She's very demanding," Sophia laughed but it was soon cut off when the plane started to shake and a fast and painful lurch crept over her stomach. The seat belt sign above the two started to flash and anxious murmurs rose within the plane. The hostesses rushed to the front and back of the plane to sit and Leon grabbed onto Sophia's hand. She squeezed back reassuringly but she wasn't so sure of herself anymore if they were all gonna make it to any piece of land safely.

The plane continued to shake violently and it was showing no signs of relenting. Leon screamed as the plane turned sharply to the left and so did many other people. Then suddenly it happened, they were spinning out of control and falling at breakneck speeds. Sophia couldn't believe what was going on as she held onto Leon's hand tightly. She shut her eyes tightly and wished to be back on the ground safely once again. She moved her arm rest that separated her from Leon and hugged him close to her. After that she saw a blinding light seeping through the fabric of her white shirt from her chest and everything after was black.

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