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Chapter 1: Deal or No Deal

"Now tell me, what really happened?" the silver haired guy asked as he watched Masaharu Eri sit on her chair with blank stares.

Masaharu Eri, Rikkaidai's Student Council President, is now facing the biggest dilemma of her life. She might look so strong at the outside being hailed as Rikkaidai's Little Miss Perfect but, whenever everyone is not around she's still a girl that needs to be loved and comforted. Due to her outstanding accomplishments as the school's number 1 student, nobody dares to court her, well except for our self proclaimed tensai named Marui Bunta. Actually, the Sugar Freak Monster did not court her. It all happened that Eri likes Marui and Marui likes Eri… uhmm…well, secretly.

So here's the conflict now. One dazzling afternoon, Eri finds her Sugar Freak with a girl under Rikkaidai's old tree. She tries to hide herself and eavesdrop on the conversation of the two. Marui seems to be so relaxed as he listened to the confessing girl. Afterwards, the girl asked the red hair boy on what type of girl he likes.

"I like the girl who is not afraid to express herself. I like the girl who is responsible enough for the words that she said. I like a kawaii girl who is willing to do anything for me. Someone who could prepare me a bento and give me sweets." Marui replied then he messed the girl's hair lightly. "Who would not like a girl named Masa-chan?"

"So that's it. You've heard him say that he likes Masataka-san.", Niou concluded and leaned on Eri's table.

Eri looked up at Niou and nodded. "I hate him Niou! Why did he choose that Masataka-san?"

"Because Masataka-san is the most popular girl when it comes to beauty in the whole Rikkaidai. You know, it's a very rare opportunity for Marui," the trickster replied tactlessly.

"I don't care if that Masataka-san is Rikkaidai's Most Popular!" Eri shouted as she rises from her sit and stomped her table. "I'm still Rikkaidai's Little Miss Perfect!"

Niou almost jumped in shock of Eri reaction since he is leaning at the table. "Geez kaichou, relax… your whining can not change anything. Your actions doesn't suit you, come on it's only Marui."

"I really hate that Sugar Freak! Who does he think he is? Hmmp…", the girl scorn and then change her mood again. "But.. arrgg…. I'm so careless to let the whole Rikkaidai knows my sentiments."

The trickster comes closer to Eri and pokes the girl's forehead. "You surely are careless kaichou, who would think that you will broadcast your conversation with Marui using the P.A. system? Good thing that you didn't mention his name."

"But it was only an accident that I forget to switch off the P.A. System after I give the suspension of class announcement," the girl said as she pulled Niou's necktie closer to her. "Tell me Niou, what should I do?"

On the other hand, the silver haired boy submissively bends over as the girl pulled his necktie. Niou's grin grew wide and runs his hand on Eri's long hair, "Kaichou is so kawaii when she is closer."

Suddenly, the door opened and an astonished Yagyuu freezes on what he saw. On where he stand, the scene is so awkward. It looks like Eri is kissing Niou while pulling his necktie and Niou is caressing her in return.

"Stop it!" the girl shouted as she pulled Niou away. "You pervert sea urchin!"

The trickster regains his posture and fixes his clothes, "I'm not pervert. You're the one who started it."

Eri is supposed to talk back when she noticed the presence of the so-called gentleman named Yagyuu Hiroshi. The gentleman looks so pale and oblivious.

"Do you want to tell me something, Yagyuu?", the kaichou asked in her authoritative voice.

The gentleman couldn't gasp for words, "I… I wanted to say that Public Display of Affection is prohibited in school… so…sorry to disturb the two of you…" Yagyu said as he close the door of the Student Council Office and walked away stiffly.

Eri is so puzzled of the gentleman's reaction while Niou burst out laughing.

"What's so funny?" she asked the trickster but what she receive is only pure laughter. "How imprudent!"

"Ka…kaichou… did you see Yagyuu's horrible reaction? It's priceless!", Niou said.

As expected, the trickster has pulled a prank but this time he makes Eri as his accomplice without the girl knowing it.

"I don't get it Niou, so could you explain it to me," Eri demanded.

The trickster locked the door of the office and lie down on the sofa nearby Eri's table. "You're really slow, kaichou. Tsk, tsk, tsk…"

The girl raised her brow and walked near the half-opened window facing the tennis court, "Ne Niou, what should I do to take my revenge on Sugar Freak?"

"Hmm… revenge for what? Technically speaking, Marui doesn't do anything bad to you." he replied with an eye closed.

"But he cheated on me!", Eri's temper is starting to rise.

Niou groaned and place crossed his hands behind his head, "He never cheated on you because he is not your boyfriend. Both of you may have mutual understanding but it doesn't mean that you have the right over him."

The girl clenched her fists and bit her lips, "I know that… but I will never forgive him. I do not share what is supposed to be mine."

"You know kaichou, you're becoming possessive of Marui. If he wanted that Masataka-san as a girlfriend, then find yourself a boyfriend. In that way, you're quits. If he really likes you, he will leave that Masataka-san.", the trickster advised.

Eri's face enlightened, "Are you sure it will work?"

"Oh sure, I still remember how he grab me by my collar when I told him that I almost kiss you on the library. Remember the time that I copy him? You almost fell on my prank that I'm the real Marui. Damn! He's very jealous that time even though he will not admit that he likes you," Niou said.

The girl's eyes narrowed, "Don't ever remind me of your mishap if you want to live any longer."

"Puri~", the trickster grinned. "So what do you think of my brilliant plan?"

"It will only taint my reputation as Rikkaidai's kaichou. And I do not see any guy who will have the guts to pretend as my boyfriend," Eri replied.

Niou get up from the sofa and walked behind Eri, "I could pretend if you want," he whispered.

"What?", the girl leaped in surprised.

"You hear me, I could pretend as your lover," the trickster retorted in a serious tone.

Eri smirks, "Is this a prank or what?"

"I'm serious of this. As you can see, students are now so curious on who's that guy you are conversing with at the P.A. room. How will you answer the whole school if they will ask you about that mysterious lover of yours?" the silver hair asked.

"Well, uhmm…," she replied.

"Think about it," Niou said and walked at the door and unlock it.

"Wait!" Eri stopped Niou from going away. "If I rent you as my boyfriend, how much is your fee?"

The trickster squirm, "I'm not asking for any money in return."

"Then what do you like me to do to repay you?" Eri asked.

"Just act as my real girlfriend," he replied.

"Is that all?", the girl asked again.

"Why? Do you want more than that?"

Eri shook her head, "No! Of course that will be enough!"

"Then it's the only compensation that I'm asking from you." Niou replied.

"You surely have a lot of time to fool around. So what will be our first plan?" the girl commented.

The silver hair's grin grew wider, "After the Nationals, we will make ourpublic announcement that we are officially dating."

"But that is so ridiculous! Geni-kun will definitely tarundoru your life in the tennis club!" Eri objected while blushing.

"Ridiculous? Oh, how could I forget about your intimidating cousin? Don't worry about that Sanada, I'm not scared of him," Niou said.

"Do you think our plan will really work?" the girl asked with a worried face.

"Trust me. I'm sure Marui will die in jealousy. Things are going to be interesting starting from now," Niou said and take a deep breath.

"Whatever you said."

Niou faced Eri before he totally opened the door. "So kaichou, is it a Deal? Or no Deal?"

"DEAL!", the girl valiantly replied.

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