He couldn't take his eyes off of her.

He tried to take his eyes off of her, but he couldn't. He tried to ignore the reason why, that was banging at the back of his skull, trying to get through, as he attempted once more to pull his eyes from where she stood.

See, he had to take his eyes off of her. People like him didn't care about people like her.

He mentally snorted at that.

Finally his eyes left her as they swept the grounds, making sure none of them were around. His eyes paused as they landed on his brother but he forcefully pulled them away. He didn't care about him; he wasn't supposed to.

As his eyes finished their sweep he stood up. None of them were around; he was safe. It was just then that he realized what he was planning on doing. He mentally yelled at himself, but other than that ignored it as he went ahead with the plan. Sure, he was an idiot, but he couldn't stop himself.

"Oh, I'm sorry," He said as he accidentally on purpose bumped into Anna White, making her drop her books.

"That's OK," Anna said, looking at him oddly, yet warily as she leaned down to pick up her books.

"Here, let me do that," He said as he beat her to it, grabbing them, making her look at him even more oddly. He really couldn't blame her, Slytherin's rarely apologized, let alone to mudblood's (he snarled the word in his head as he mentally flinched). Plus, he was Regulus Black, future Death Eater; he could see the Ravenclaw's confusion.

"Here," Regulus said, handing the books back. Anna took them, still looking at him oddly. He couldn't help but let his glance slide to the right, where his brother stood laughing with his friends. But Regulus could have sworn Sirius had been watching him mere seconds before.

"Thanks..." Anna said one last time before she turned to her friend's calls and went over to them, giving him one last curious glance. Regulus watched her leave, her brown hair swinging behind her.

"What was that?" Regulus couldn't help but groan as he closed his eyes. He'd checked to make sure that there were no Slytherins around before he had approached her, he'd made sure of it, but sure enough, as he turned, there stood Antonin Dolohov and Evan Rosier, Antonin having asked the question.

"What was what?" Regulus said coolly, raising an eyebrow, having always been good at keeping control of his emotions, unlike a certain brother he knew.

"That – you talking to that...filth...nicely?" Antonin said with a look of disgust on his face.

"Well, I'm sorry I was taught manners growing up, unlike someone it seems," Regulus said, clearly covering up his actions. He saw Evan cover his mouth to hide his smile, and looked to his side as he heard a snort. He saw Sirius and his friends talking animatedly, but he was no fool.

"You little," Antonin snarled as he stepped forward, a scowl on his face. Evan smoothly stepped in between, to stop the fight that was about to happen, his expression under control once more.

"He was just making sure you weren't...taking an interest in her," Evan said smoothly as Antonin continued to glare at Regulus from around Evans arms.

"Of course not, who do you think I am, my brother?" Regulus mentally cursed himself as soon as the words left him, and there was a short lull in the conversation next to them, before it picked up again, though there was a slight stiffness in it. Regulus seemed to be the only one to notice, though he pretended otherwise.

"Of course not," Evan said with a laugh, Antonin joining in too, seeming to have suddenly forgotten Regulus' previous jab at him.

The next day, as much as he tried to ignore it, Regulus couldn't help but feel fury as he saw his brother talking – no flirting – with Anna White, his hands clenching at his sides. He did notice, however, how his brother kept glancing his way, though he ignored it immensely. The vindictive pleasure, however, was quite welcoming, as he saw Anna turn him down, especially when she had to go so far as hold him at wand point to get him to leave her alone. Sirius had finally gotten turned down by a girl, and that was what it was about, he told himself, because he hadn't gotten something he wanted, not because Regulus wanted her. No, it had nothing to do with that.