"You are lying," Federico playfully stated, leaning the entirety of his weight on the other man. "Lying, lying, lying."

Ezio quickly flipped them over, his knees digging into the soft mattress as he arched a challenging brow at Federico's impish accusation. "What are you talking about? You told me that I cannot lie within a single inch of my life."

"And that is why I say: You are lying, and it is very, very obvious." A mock expression of hurt. "I feel so betrayed and appalled: Mi fratello carino knows of such sin!"

"Aye, silenzio; you are making such a big deal out of nothing." Lazily, the younger male flopped downwards and cushioned his head on a welcoming shoulder, the mass of his hair falling messily into his face. "And, what? You also are in no position to argue, considering Lady Josephine's 'temporary sickness' consisted of ungodly thumping and groaning next door."

Faked frowns were dead before he even turned two. "Come now, no need to be so defensive, little brother—I was merely providing her with aid; as you see, my friend, Paola, taught me a great form of massage therapy—"

"That got you this?" He roughly yanked back the older being's collar and questioned through the movement of his lips. "A kiss mark?"

"Ah, well." One sheepish grin. "You caught me there."

After the childish debate came to a closing, the two relaxed in comfortable silence to cool air and the noise of society, Federico occasionally playing with the ends of brown locks while Ezio dozed, too lazy to roll off of each other. The younger Auditore could still sense the unspoken inquiry in the air, the way the taller figure kept shooting him knowing looks, and right after a particular hand twisted a tress into a tight curl, he grunted automatically and head-butted his brother on the bridge of his nose. God knew where this obstinacy was taking them.


"Si, si: Always giving me a 'what' instead of a 'how'; you know exactly what I am currently referring to."

"I do?"

Federico clapped Ezio on the butt—his ultimate revenge displayed as leaving his devilish appendage on the area. "All right; since you do not know of the happening that took place right outside my window, allow me to elaborate."


"What do da Vinci's lips feel like, hm?"

Shock, terror, then embarrassment, three slides that were as volatile as the touch on his cheek. "I … I do not know what you are talking about."

"See? You are lying."

"Am not."

"Touchy, touchy—you deny it so, even while you blush like a virgin. I do not understand why you veil the truth when it is so apparent."

" … have you been drinking?"


And so, the night 'peacefully' went on in the Auditore villa.