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The Golden Trio made their way through the crowded Hogwarts halls. It was the first day of seventh year, and Hermione was very excited. The class she was heading to was a new one, called Family Planning. Hermione had not a single clue on what the class was about. It hadn't been mentioned in any Hogwarts letters, so she assumed that everything would be revealed in class. Once she had reached the classroom, she breezed inside and sat front and centre, took out a quill and a piece of parchment, and waited for the professor to start the class.

It was another minute before every student had filed into the room and taken their seats. The professor scanned the room to make sure everyone was seated, and then promptly began the class.

"Hello, my name is Professor Millane and I will be your teacher for this class." the blonde professor announced.

The new professor had long, dirty blonde hair and intense brown eyes, and was quite tall; she looked around 5"11.

"You are all probably wondering what this class is about," She paused to observe the classes expressions, many shook their heads eagerly while some looked like the rather be anywhere than there.

"In this class you will have to basically be a family. I will assign partners randomly, and all of you will be moving to your own houses, which will be assigned to each couple based on their grades," Many students looked confused at this, so she elaborated on the houses tidbit.

"For example, if one person has high marks and the other has low marks, they will get an average sized home, but also if someone has low marks but actively take part in any of the schools clubs I will consider upgrading you to the average range." After Professor Millane finished talking about houses she continued on from where she left off.

"These houses will be located in a building outside the castle; the building is charmed to look like a neighbourhood once you walk inside. You will also have kids." She paused yet again to look at the students shocked faces.

"Don't worry," she added, chuckling lightly, "they are not real children they were created by Professor Dumbledore especially for this class, but they will have the features of you and your partner and will act like real children. They will appear in your homes as soon as you open the door. Lastly, the kids will be your responsibility until January then they will disappear,"

The Professor finished her speech and got out a sheet of parchment which had the list of couples on it.

"I sincerely hope I'm not with a Slytherin," Hermione whispered to Harry and Ron.

"Me too," Both boys whispered back.

"Longbottom –Abbot," Neville and Hannah went and sat together with happy smiles on their faces.

The teacher kept calling out names with reactions similar to Hannah and Neville except a good few had scowls on their faces instead of smiles.

"Finnigan –Bell,"

"Zabini -Parvati Patil,"

"Brown - Finch-Fletchley,"

And so the list went on until it stopped at Harry's name.

"Potter- Parkinson!" Professor Millane announced.

Most people were silent until Pansy and Harry reluctantly sat together, but as far away from each other as possible.

"Tough luck mate," Ron whispered to Harry as he passed by.

A couple of names later Ron's name came up.

"Weasley - Padma Patil," Millane said.

Padma and Ron both smiled, thankful for being paired up with someone they knew.

Many more names were called until there were only two people left. Hermione saw was and gasped hoping that the Professor made a mistake.

"Malfoy-Granger," she announced before rolling up her scroll and looking at the class.

Hermione sat were she was shocked, the entire class was shocked, hell; even Draco was shocked, both, muttering colourful swears under their breath, went to the final pair of desks and sat as far away as possible from each other, much like Harry and Pansy.

"Okay, class we'll go outside now to your houses!" Professor Millane said cheerfully leading the class outside.

After walking in silence for a few minutes the group came to a small brick building, they all walked inside and were greeted by a the most perfect neighbourhood that most had ever seen. Each street was lined with trees. To the far left was what Hermione guessed was the lower grades homes the street was named Phoenix Avenue. The middle lane seemed to be the average grades homes it was the longest one in the neighbourhood and was named Dumbledore Lane. The final street was by far the shortest with only six houses, but the houses on this street were not even houses, they were mansions with gorgeous gardens, three of them had pools in their backyards, the streets name was Sorcerer's Circle, it was pretty obvious that most people wanted to live there.

"Go find your homes! And come back once you have your children!" the Professor shouted loudly, and within seconds everyone was gone.

Hermione and Draco first looked at the average homes, but did not find their names on the temporary directory at the top of the street; they then checked the directory in Sorcerers Circle and found their names on it, when they reached their home which, much to their delight had a pool.

"Hello," Hermione said when she entered the large home.

"Granger, I'm pretty sure that a newborn cannot talk," Draco said, annoyed.

Hermione scowled at him.

The house had a kitchen, sitting room, study and dining room. Hermione and Draco went upstairs and stopped at the forth bedroom door she opened it quickly, inside was a beautiful zoo themed room with everything that the baby needed and loads of stuffed animals, suddenly Hermione gasped because of the fact that there was not one but two cribs in the room she ran to the first one while Draco went to the second one.

Hermione's crib held a sleeping baby girl with platinum blonde ringlets at the top of her head; she picked up the baby carefully and slowly rocked her.

Draco found a little boy that was wide awake in the crib, staring at him intently with large, grey-blue eyes and a head full of straight platinum blonde hair. Draco immediately felt a connection to this baby the second he picked him up; a few feet away Hermione was experiencing the same feeling to the little baby girl.

"Malfoy, why do we have twins?" She asked, slowly turning to face her enemy.

"Do you think I have a bloody idea Granger?" Draco sneered at her.

"You have no idea, how much I want to hex you right now, ferret. But it seems that we have to meet the Professor back at the entrance to the building!" Hermione said before stalking away to the front hall.

Draco groaned internally, 'why did Granger have to be so annoying!' he walked down the stairs with the baby in his arms and found Hermione sitting on one of the couches feeding the baby girl a bottle.

"Malfoy, you know we have name them," Hermione said as calmly as she could muster.

"We do?" He questioned.

"You think that we're going to call them 'it's' for the entire project!" Hermione said loudly.

"So, what do you want to name them?" Draco said, sitting down.

"Melody?" Hermione suggested.

"No, I had an aunt named that once, she was absolutely crazy," Draco shuddered at the thought.

"Fine then, what about Jacob for the boy?" Hermione suggested again.

"Hmmm... I like that name and Aidan for the middle name," Draco said.

"That sounds good, Jacob Aidan Granger," Hermione said with a thoughtful expression on her face.

"What! Their surnames will be Malfoy!" Draco all but shouted, scaring the babies a little.

"You know what their names can be Malfoy, because I know that if I refuse we're going to start fighting and then we'll have to screaming babies!" Hermione said angrily.

Draco smirked, happy that he had won this argument, but still wondered why Hermione gave up so easily.

"What about Natalya for the girl?" She suggested yet again.

"Yep, that sounds good, and Evelyn for her middle name," Draco said smiling at both kids.

"Jacob Aidan Malfoy and Natalya Evelyn Malfoy." Hermione finished, also smiling.

They put both babies in a double stroller and walked out of the house both feeling oddly content. When they reached entrance most couples were already there, many gasped seeing that Hermione and Draco had two kids, even the professor who was muttering about a mistake.

Harry and Ron rushed over with their spouses and children.

Harry and Pansy's son was a carbon copy of him except that he had dark brown hair instead of black; Harry decided to name him after his father and godfather, therefore the child became James Sirius Potter. Ron and Padma had a daughter named Alicia Molly Weasley. She looked exactly like Padma except that she had bright, blue eyes like Ron.

"They're gorgeous Hermione!" Padma said squealed loudly, while holding her daughter.

"They really are Hermione; the only thing is that they look exactly like Malfoy! "Ron said, while Harry shook his head.

"What are their names?" Padma asked, interrupting Harry and Ron.

"Jacob Aidan Malfoy and Natalya Evelyn Malfoy." Hermione said proudly, just before the Professor Millane interrupted

"Okay, class that's it for today, you are free to go back to your new homes." she said before walking out of the building leaving a lot of crying babies in her wake.

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