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I realize that this is a pretty pointless story with nothing too, too exciting, and very much a drabble, but I just thought this moment in the episode that went un-noticed should be noticed. I can't help but think how sweet it was when Harry and Christine walked in holding hands.

I give my friend credit for the idea of this story. She is also an FanFiction author but I am currently unaware of her pen name. I still give her credit ;) Thanks M! (if I get her pen name I will edit this) ~markaleen

It had been almost a year since Harry and Christine confessed their feelings for each other. It ended up with them having to continue being just friends. Of course there were still little jokes, little looks, little touches (even if they were just friendly), little moments, and in one situation, a little kiss under the mistletoe. Maybe they couldn't be in a romantic relationship but they would always be great friends. One day the gang was going with Roz to an anger management group. It was located in a more isolated part of the city. It was practically in an ally.

Harry noticed that Christine looked a bit nervous once they had started approaching the building. "Miss Sullivan, are you okay?"

"Of course." She was. She was actually excited, but the area did seem a bit… violent. "Why do you ask?"

"I don't know… you just suddenly seem a bit anxious."

"I do admit that this neighborhood seems a bit creepy to me."

Harry took Christine's hand; he wasn't too worried if anyone saw. Besides, everyone else was a bit behind them making sure Roz was coming. "Don't you worry Miss Sullivan, I'm here." He gently squeezed her hand.

Christine smiled and squeezed back, "Thanks…" They continued to walk hand in hand until they arrived at the group.

Little moments like this were the best part of their friendship. Little moments like this were times they would always cherish. Little moments like this were what they loved…

The End.