The next day came too soon for Arthur. He knew he needed to talk to Al eventually, but he wanted to push it off. Still, it needed to be done. Grabbing his phone, he dialed the American's number and waited for him to answer.

Looking at the caller ID, Alfred grinned. "Hey babe. How are you?" He was taking pictures of an old English street, and they were going to turn out beautifully. This place just had so much history!

Worrying the frayed end of his blanket between his fingers, Arthur started. "Er, yes. I'm just fine. Listen, are you busy right now?" He asked, hoping desperately that he wouldn't ask too many questions.

"Uh..." He checked his camera. Well, it was mostly out of batteries anyway. "Not really. Why?" Maybe they could go for an early dinner? That would be nice.

"Come to my house. I have a surprise for you." If there was one thing he knew his boyfriend liked, it was just that. "How soon can you be here?"

Looking around at the town, Alfred tried to figure out where exactly he was. "Uh maybe twenty minutes? I'll hurry, can't wait for the surprise!" Then he hung up and started on his way, only getting lost once.

Moving to his couch, Arthur tried to get comfortable but it was a lost cause. He jumped up when his doorbell rang and answered it with a soft smile. "Ello lad."

Making sure the door closed behind him, Alfred hugged Arthur tightly and kissed him. "Alright, what is it? Did you get me a present? Did you get a puppy? Oh, please let it be a puppy!" That would so cute! Arthur with a puppy licking his face.

"Your hilarious, did you know that?" Arthur said dryly. "No, I didn't 'get' you anything."

Pouting, Alfred went further into the house. "Then what's the surprise? Did you get abducted by aliens?" He grabbed Arthur's hand and brought it to his mouth, giving it a small kiss as he watched him.

Looking into those too light blue eyes, Arthur said. "I want to have sex with you." It wouldn't be make love for a while, but if Francis stayed out of his life finally it might become that one day.

Eyes going wide, Alfred was silent for a few seconds before his mouth turned into a grin. "Really? Are you sure?" Oh god, this was great! Finally, he was going to have Arthur!

"Of course I'm sure luv." He murmured, moving so he was closer to Alfred. "I've been thinking about it for a while now." Arthur grabbed the American's hand and put it on his chest. "I can feel it here."

Clutching his hand, Alfred pulled him forward by his shirt and kissed him. "Arthur, I love you." He had grown used to saying it, even if the Brit never said it back.

"I know." He murmured, suddenly feeling even worse about cheating on him with his former love. "Give me time and I will feel the same." It was terrible that Alfred continued to be so patient with him, but that was what he liked most. "Now kiss me you bloody yank."

Laughing, he put his hand behind Arthur's head and kissed him again. "So, bed?" Because he didn't want their first time to be on the couch or something like that.

Arthur nodded. "Bed." He had made it so it would be perfect for their first time. "But first, are you sure you want your gift now? It might be fun to wait until your birthday." He goaded, the look in his eyes giving away the fact that he did want to shag Alfred right now.

Groaning, Alfred practically dragged Arthur to his bedroom. "I need you now! Waiting for my birthday would be torture!" Once in the room, he kissed Arthur deeply and moved him to the bed.

Feeling the bed behind him, Arthur crawled up onto it. Breaking the kiss, he sighed melodramatically. "I supposed I could do it now. But you have to use your manners."

Snowing his teeth as he smiled, Alfred nodded. "Yes sir." Running his fingers through Arthur's hair, Alfred messed it up a bit and kissed his neck, sucking slightly.

Humming in appreciation, Arthur couldn't ignore the fact that he was different than Francis. Not only did he not have stubble, but he was worshipping his skin with kisses instead of kissing it frantically to prove his love. No, he shouldn't think of it like that. "My ears are sensitive." He blushed, giving his lover a hint.

Lifting an eyebrow, Alfred pulled back slightly. "Are they? Just how sensitive, exactly?" Well he just had to find out. Going down, he ran his teeth across them. Unfortunately he was interrupted by the door bell.

Shuddering from the touch, Arthur grumbled. "Just ignore it." He ordered Alfred, much more content to let him arouse him then go see who the idiot was.

"You sure?" Not that he would stop. Alfred groaned as he pushed his groin into Arthur's obvious erection. Wow the ear thing really worked well.

"Absolutely luv, now be a good lad and continue." Foreplay was nice with Alfred, and he didn't want this to be ruined by a delivery man or some neighbor asking for a cup of sugar. Arthur moaned as his earlobe was suckled, unable to keep his hips from canting up.

He pulled back when the doorbell rang for the third time. "Ok, he's obviously not gonna stop, and I didn't picture our first time with some old fat dude listening at the door." He laughed, looking at Arthur's red face.

Arthur huffed and got up. The only reason he was doing so was because he was getting soft. "I'll be back soon." He grumbled, glad they hadn't undressed yet.

Going to the door, he opened it up with a frown before it slid into a look of confusion. "Why are you here?" he asked venomously, staring at the blond.

Smiling at him, Francis held up the flowers. "What, am I not allowed to see you? That is rather cruel." Since last night ended so bad, he had to come here today.

Quickly getting bored, Alfred got out of the room to see who was at the door. Why the he'll was that guy holding flowers? "Hey Arthur? What's going on?"

Shite! "I don't know. Now leave." He growled, pushing Francis back out the door. "I don't want anything." All he wanted was to be able to live his life without Francis ruining it over and over again.

Not letting him close the door, Francis pushed the flowers into Arthur's hand. "But I haven't gotten to thank you yet for last night." He smiled, ignoring the blond behind him.

"Arthur, what is this guy talking about?" Alfred asked, pointing at the man. "Wait, wasn't he at the restaurant last night?" Arthur had said it was no one, but obviously that was a lie if he was bringing him roses.

"I don't know what he's talking about. I don't even know his name." Why now? Alfred and he were just about to finally screw and Francis had to come and ruin everything like always!

Pushing past Arthur, Francis held out his hand to the other man. "Francis Bonnefoy. Hope I wasn't interrupting something." Which he obviously was, if their matching erections were anything to go by.

Not shaking his hand, Alfred looked at Arthur. "What the hell is this? I want the truth." He had an idea, but he didn't want it to be that.

Grimacing, Arthur spat. "Bugger off. We don't want you here." The bloody frog could tell they were just about to fuck too. He still couldn't look at Alfred, yet he knew what the lad must be thinking by now.

Grabbing Arthur's arm, Alfred made him look him in the eye. "Tell me what the fuck is going on!"

Arthur opened his mouth and proptly closed it, his eyebrows furrowing in confusion. What was he supposed to say? "Alfred... This... He... I don't know how to say this..."

Face falling, Alfred let his arm go. "Don't bother. I think I know. Please let me leave with some dignity." He walked past the other blond man that was looking at him, and left.

Unsure what to do, Arthur watched for a second before leaping forward. "No Alfred! Don't go!" When the other blond didn't turn around, he spat. "Fuck!" Looking violently at Francis, he yelled. "What the fuck Francis? Why did you have to do that?" He went over to the blond with tears in his eyes. Before he could stop himself, he slapped him and hissed. "Why do you have to ruin everything!"

His eyes closed from the hit, and when he opened them, Francis just looked at him. "You weren't in love with him. If you were you wouldn't have slept with me." It wasn't like he had expected Arthur's boy toy to be there.

Seeing those deep blue eyes trained on his, Arthur couldn't control himself. He started to sob, falling to the floor in a broken heap. "I can't love him! Not when you keep teasing me! How am I supposed to live a normal life when I can't have you?" Wiping his tears, he choked, hating himself for being so emotional. "You won't even let me be able to love someone else."

Crouching down as well, Francis put his hand on Arthur's cheek. "I haven't been with anyone else either." Because all this time, he still considered Arthur his lover, and he would never cheat.

"Lies!" He hissed, not making a move to hit Francis' hand away. "Why would you keep leaving me if it wasn't because you had a harem of secret lovers you needed to keep in touch with? Is that why you left me at the creek? What about your date last night? He wasn't someone you were with?"

Running his fingers through his long hair, Francis sighed. "He was a business associate. He's straight with a wife and kids, and just wanted to get away for a night. I just said that because... I hated seeing you with another man." He ignored all the other accusations, too worried about Arthur crying in the doorway right now.

Laughing bitterly, the Englishman shook his head. "Figures. I ruin my relationship with Alfred and you continue life as if nothing happened. Did you stop to think about how I felt every time you left me? I haven't been able to be with anyone until Alfred because of you. This is all a game to you, and I'm your pawn. Well you know what? I can't hate you, but I can make sure you can't find me again."

Taking in a breath, Francis took his hand and pulled him up, so he could at least close the door. "Arthur, you don't think this has been hard on me as well? When my father forced us to move, back when he were kids, I didn't want to go on! But I loved you so much, so I went on for you." Even if he started spending time in the gay district and chain smoking.

"Then why are you doing this to me?" Arthur asked, looking at him again. "If you can't live without me, then why do you keep leaving me?" It was an honest question that he had been almost dying to know.

Looking at him, Francis suddenly leaned forward, kissing him. He didn't want to answer the questions, because they wouldn't get anywhere.

It took a second for Arthur to break the kiss. "I'm not kissing you until you answer my question! Why do you leave me if you claim that you love me so much!" He needed to know, because there was something telling him that if he knew, then their relationship would finally crumble or be resolved.

Sighing, Francis figured he couldn't get away with it now. "I leave because I love you." Of course he probably wouldn't understand. Not even his friends understood.

"What the bloody hell does that mean? 'Because you love me'? If you actually cared then you wouldn't break my heart every morning when you aren't beside me." Arthur spat, completely confused as to what Francis meant.

Sighing, Francis shook his head. "You don't understand. If we were to love each other and stay in a normal relationship, we would soon lose that feeling of love. This way, every time we see each other, it just reenforces that love! Don't you see?" He smiled, cupping Arthur's face in his hands.

It took Arthur a second to comprehend what Francis meant. "... You're bloody daft, you know that?" He murmured, closing his eyes only to stare into Francis' once they opened again. "Where the hell did you learn that?" If it was his parents, that made sense that he would feel that way, but still! "Francis, love isn't some drug that the less often you experience it, the stronger it is. If anything, it's like..." He paused to think. What was love like?

"Love is a creek." He started, thinking back to their time as teenagers. "In the beginning, you can see everything perfectly and it is all knew and amazing. The longer you have those feelings, the deeper the creek becomes. Just because you can't see the bottom doesn't mean that the love isn't there." Arthur would have snorted at himself for being so deep if he wasn't so emotional. Really, this was pathetic, but it seemed to be working. Maybe... Maybe he could actually be with Francis now.

Biting his lip, Francis looked away. "No, the longer you are with someone, the less you feel for them. It happened in all my other relationships before you. I didn't want to lose you like that!"

"Francis, I can't promise that we'll stay together, but I do love you. That should be enough." Pausing, Arthur thought of what he wanted to say. "How I see it is either you stay with me and we have a normal relationship again or you leave and promise that you won't interrupt on my life."

Francis paused, thinking it over. He... Didn't know. He needed time to think this over. He closed his eyes and sighed, before opening the door and leaving.

Figures. Arthur stayed on the floor, able to hear as a vehicle pulled away from his house. Why did he ever think it would work? Obviously Francis and he weren't meant to be together.


The next day Arthur went to work as normal. He managed to go through the motions without too many people seeing suspicious about his lack of 'enthusiasm' until he was able to leave. Resting his head on his steering wheel for a moment to collect his thoughts, Arthur then drove home. Now he had no one in his life. He tried to phone Alfred to explain and say that Francis was gone, but he didn't answer his phone or reply to the texts. Maybe it would be for the best to be alone for a bit. It would let him gather his emotions back.

Unlocking his door, he sighed again. His house seemed so empty with the knowledge that he was truly alone now. The Briton was just about to sit down on his couch before he saw the small note on his counter. Strange... He didn't remember writing anything down. Suddenly suspicious, he went over to it and picked it up. A key fell off it which made him raise his eye brows before he read the short note out loud. "If home is where the heart is, then here is a key to my heart." Underneath the note was an address.

Not able to stop the tears that feel down his face, Arthur smiled softly. "Francis, you frog." He chuckled to himself and wiped the tears away. He had somewhere he needed to be, but more importantly, someone who needed him there.


So, this is the end of this story. BUT we have a prequel! It is about when they were kids. So please read that, it will be cute and fluffy and have a little bit of teenage angst, and will fill in this story very nicely. It is called What the Body remembers, and here is the link.

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