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Over the couple of months I've developed a huge liking in Brulian. I just think that they are so adorable. When I look back and remember season 6 I can't believe how much Julian has changed. He really loves Brooke with all his heart and soul and my heart is always melting when I look at the cute things he's doing for her. I loved the scene where Julian promised Brooke that he'd give her the baby she has always wanted.

So...this story will be a fluffy one. Both Brooke and Julian deserve do be happy and they clearly deserve this baby. In this story Brooke and Julian have twins. One boy, one girl. They are 4 years old here and well... it is going to be a family fic with cute scenes. I really need this right now, hehe. :D Hope you are going to stick with me !

He promised her that he'd give her the baby she so desperately wanted... and he kept his promise. Jayden Luke and Madison Lee were born on 4th July 2012. Julian had cried like baby when he first held his son and daughter in his arms. It might have been a miracle but that was something both Julian and Brooke could live with, because they never thought it would happen after the doctor had told Brooke that she would never be able to have kids.

They were finally happy.

And they deserved to be happy.

"Morning mommy."

Brooke, who was standing in the kitchen making breakfast turned around and smiled at her daughter who was rubbing her eyes tiredly.

"Hey baby." Brooke walked over to her daughter and picked her up, before she placed a loving kiss on her forehead.

"I'm hungry", the little girl mumbled and Brooke laughed.

"Yeah well. Breakfast will be ready soon. Why don't you help mommy?"


The little girl ran into the kitchen and helped her mother preparing breakfast.

15 minutes later they heard footsteps coming from upstairs and son Julian appeared on the stairs.

"Morning guys." He went over to Brooke and placed a long kiss on her lips before he bent down and kissed his daughter.

"My two favorite girls are standing in the kitchen preparing breakfast. I could really get used to this." He grinned and looked over his wife's shoulder.

"Daddy. Are we going to the park today? You promised."

"Of course baby. Daddy always keeps his promises. Do you want to go upstairs and wake up your brother? I think he is going to be mad if we start breakfast without him.

The little girl nodded and ran upstairs to wake his brother.

The siblings shared a tight bond. They couldn't take being away from each other for too long and loved to play together even though they were so different. Jayden was the quite type. He was really smart for his age. He had learned to write and read at a very young age. He was also interested in animals. He loved to visit the zoo and would spent many evenings watching documentaries about animals on TV, especially the ones about spiders. He loved spiders and wasn't afraid at all when they were running around in the house. He would always take them and chase after his mother who was disgusted by them.

Madison however was just like her mom. She had no shy bone in her body and had no problem to talk to strangers. She loved to dress up like Brooke, wearing her sunglasses or running around in her clothes which were clearly too big for her, but Madison didn't really care, she loved to wear them anyway. She also had a talent in drawing. She was good for her age, very good. There were days where she would spent hours sitting in her room drawing and both her parents were so proud of her. They were proud of both their children. They were the best.

But of course every parent thought their children were the best.

"Wake up, wake up", Madison yelled and jumped on her brothers bed.

Jayden groaned.

"Go away. I wanna sleep."

"But I wanna eat breakfast."

"Then go eat. I wanna sleep."

"But you are gonna miss breakfast and then you will be vewy angwy."

"Who says that?"

"Me do."

Jayden groaned again. He was hungry but he wanted to sleep as well.

"Hey guys. How are you doin'?" Brooke came into Jaydens room and smiled at the sight in front of her. Jayden was laying in his bed and Madison sat on top of him.

"He doesn't wants to get up", Madison pouted. Brooke smiled and walked over to Jaydens bed.

"Hey buddy. Don't you want to eat breakfast? Mommy made pancakes."

"Pancakes?", Jayden asked and looked up. Brooke nodded and grinned.

"Yep. Come on champ. Get up." Madison jumped off her brothers bed and ran out of the room. Brooke bent down and picked up her son.

"Why are you so tired?"

"Don't know", Jayden mumbled and placed his head on Brookes shoulder. Brooke smiled and stroked her sons soft head.

"You are going to wake up properly when you see what your sister and I prepared." She kissed Jaydens cheek and left the room.

"There he is", Julian laughed when he saw his wife coming down the stairs with their son in her arms.

"Yeah. I told him that we are having pancakes for breakfast", Brooke laughed. Julian went over to them and took his son from Brooke.

"Hey buddy. We want to go to the park today. How does that sound? He kissed his sons cheek and waited for Jaydens answer.

"Will Jamie and Lydia come too?"

"Well, I don't know. We can ask them. I'm sure they will come too. We can also have a picknick there."

"YAY", yelled Madison jumping up and down. Brooke laughed.

"Well, lets have breakfast first. After that I'm going to call Haley and ask if she, Nate and the kids want to come with us. As far as I know Haley is free for the weekend."

Julian nodded and put Jayden down who trotted to the chair. Madison squealed in delight and ran over to the table.

Brooke and Julian looked at each other.

When did their life become so perfect?

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