Brooke swallowed and looked at her young son who was standing in front of her with a huge smile on his face.

"Jayden, I'm warning you once again. Put that thing away. You KNOW that I'm afraid of them. " Her eyes widened when she saw the small creature moving in her sons hand.

"But mommy. They are harmless. They won't hurt you", he told his mother looking up at her innocently. He grinned and took a step forward.

Brooke shrieked and took a few steps back.

"Jayden. Please take this thing outside and play with it there, just...just take it away from me. Please, I'm begging you."

"Mom, believe me. Spiders like this one are harmless. They are spiders which are running around in houses catching flies. That's it."

"But I hate them anyway", Brooke whined like a 4-year old.

Jayden grinned.


"Jayden...what are you doing?" Brooke asked him.



"THREEEEE." Brooke screamed and started to run out of her bedroom. Jayden started chasing after her.


Julian who was sipping coffee in the kitchen with a newspaper lying in front of him turned around and watched his wife running down the stairs. He had to contain himself as he saw his son running down the stairs short after and had to laugh when he saw a spider sitting in Jaydens hand.

Brooke ran into the kitchen and hid behind her husband pointing a shaking arm at her son.

"Take it away from him. I want this spider out of here."

"Honey. Do you have any idea of how many of them are running around in our house?"

"I don't care as long as I don't have to see them. Please. I'm really afraid of them. Look at how huge the spider is."

Jayden rolled his eyes.

"Mom, this one is rather small, believe me. You should start watching documentaries with me."

" thanks", Brooke said shaking her head.

Julian laughed.

"Come on buddy, take the spider outside."

"But daddy..."

"No buts. Come on champ."

Jayden sighed and watched the spider crawling up his arm.

"Mommy doesn't like you huh?"

"Where is Maddison?"

Julian looked at the watch.

"I think she's still sleeping. Wanna go check on her?" Brooke nodded and went upstairs to wake up her daughter.

"Hey Sweety", Brooke whispered and ran a hand through her baby girls hair. Maddison groaned and opened one eye.

"Hi mommy", she said quietly and breathed in and out heavily.

"Hey baby. What's wrong? Are you ok?"

The little girl shook her head and sniffed, trying to fight back the tears.

"I don't feel so good mommy and I'm so tired."

Brooke gasped and touched her daughters forehead. She felt warm. The famous fashion designer started to panic. She hated to see one of her children sick. If she had the power she'd wish for her children to be healthy forever, but she couldn't do anything about it. In times like these she often felt helpless even though she knew that there were kids out there who weren't even make it to their first birthday and had serious deseases.

She knew she should be grateful that her children weren't seriously sick, but still...

Brooke didn't know what to do.

"Honey, does anything hurt?"

Maddison nodded.

"Is it your stomach?"

Maddison nodded again.

"What about your head sweety?"

"Hurts", the little girl whispered.

"Ok, I'm going to check your temperature first and then mommy is trying to make you feel better, ok?"

The little girl nodded and swallowed hard. Brooke ran out of the room and into the bathroom to look after a thermometer.

"There you are", she whispered and ran out of the bathroom and back to her daughter who was lying in her bad weakly with her comforter tightly wrapped around her body.

"Open your mouth sweety." Maddison did as she was told and opened her small mouth. She had tears running down her face. Brooke knew that she was scared. The little girl didn't know what was wrong with her, that's why the little girl was so afraid.

She's barely gotten sick in the past and wasn't used to it.

"Sweety, you have a light fever. It is nothing bad, ok? Please stop crying or I'm going to start crying too." Brooke felt with her daughter and just wanted her to get better.

"Hey what's up?" Brooke looked up and saw her husband standing in front of her with their son in his strong arms.

"Maddie is sick. I think she has the flu or something. She has a light fever and her stomach and head are both hurting."

"Daddy...", the little girl whispered and reached for her father. Julian smiled and put her son down before he walked over to his daughter to pick her up. Many kids started to get clingy at the age of four, especially girls. Jayden, her brother didn't need to be cuddled all the time, especially when they were outside. Brooke was a mom who loved to kiss and hug her kids all the time. Maddison loved it...but Jayden? There were moments where Jayden would start to get embarassed when his mom kissed him in public.

At home it was different though.

There were times where Jayden would just cuddle up on the couch with mommy or daddy...just like that, out of nowhere. Being cuddled and kissed were things every parent loved to do. Being near their kids, being there for them...Both Brooke and Julian loved to be near them every single minute, because they knew that their kids would soon reach an age where they wouldn't want to be kissed and cuddled anymore. Jayden already developed this behaviour, but it depended on his temper. Brooke hated to even think about it. She wanted her kids to stay 4 forever.

"It's ok baby girl. Daddy will make you feel better." The little girl nodded and cling onto her fathers neck. Julian rubbed her daughters back and smiled.

"Is your stomach still hurting?"

Maddison nodded. Brooke looked at her husband.

"Maybe we should take her to the doctor...just to be sure that she is ok."

Julian nodded and put his daughter down.

"I'm gonna get her dressed, ok?" Brooke nodded and picked up Jayden.

"Mommy, is she going to be alright?" Her son looked at her with a worried look plastered on his cute face. She laughed and kissed his warm cheek lovingly.

"Don't worry Sweety. She is going to be alright."

"Well Mr and Mrs Baker. It seems like your little girl here has the chickenpox", the doctor said and pointed at Maddisons back which was covered with red dots.

"Wow we didn't know they were there."

"Well we never checked her back honey", Julian answered his wife who just nodded.

"But she is so young."

The doctor shrugged. "Rather sooner then later. There are people who have them at the age of 40."

Brooke and Julian looked at each other.

"The fever will go down soon. This dots are going to start itching and there will more dots...on her face and on her arms. If this should get worse just put her into a bathtube with cold water. It sounds bad, but it really helps. She shouldn't be scratching all the time, it just leaves marks."

"What about her stomach? She told us she wasn't feeling well."

"It might be uncommon, but in some cases the patient develops a minor feeling of nausea. It will go away soon as well. All this little girl needs to do is to rest and eat soup, because she might lose her appetit for awhile but don 't worry. This young lady here will be doing just fine, right?"

Maddison nodded and looked at the glass bottle sitting on the doctors desk. The old man followed her gaze and laughed.

"You want one of these?"

Maddison nodded her head eagerly.

"What about you little guy?" Jayden, who was sitting on his fathers lap nodded his head with a small smile on his face. He was shy.

"Ok, here we go." The doctor grabbed the bottle and took 4 lollipops out of it.

"We're getting two?", Maddison asked exitedly

"No, they are for mommy and daddy too", Jayden pointed out. Brooke and Julian laughed.

"It's ok buddy. They are all yours", Brooke whispered into her sons ear before kissing his cheek. He didn't pull away but giggled. It melted Brookes heart.

"What do you say?", asked Julian.

"Thank you sir", both Maddi and Jay shrieked.

"No problem. Oh, before you go. I will give you a recept for a salve. All you need to do is to apply it onto the dots. She is going to feel more comfortable then."

Julian thanked the doctor and picked Maddison up. They knew that she was going to be just fine. It was in every parents nature to be worried, regardless of how harmless the situation was.

"Mommy, it itches. Pwease make it stop." Maddison sat on her bed and scratched her arm furiously.

"Honey, please stop it. You shouldn't be doing this."

"But it itches sooo bad. I want it to stop."

"I think you have to wait for a few days honey."

"How mwany days?", the little girl asked.

"Uhm...well I don't know. Two, three?"

Maddison started to whine and continued to scratch.

"They are going to start bleeding sweety. You are a big girl, right?"

Maddison nodded.

"Just try to ignore it. Otherwise we have to put you into a tube full of cold water and you don't want that, right?"

Her daughter shook her head and bit her lower lip, because she felt the urge of starting to scratch again.

"Here, use the salve the doctor gave us." Julian came in and handed Brooke the tube. Brooke opened it and applied some of the salve onto the red dots.

"Brooke. You already had chickenpox, right?"

"Yeah. You?"

"Uhm...I don't know. I think I don't."

"You don't know? How can you forget about this? You should get out of here. Just in case."

Julian smiled at his wife and daughter before he left the room.

A few moments later Jayden ran into the room.

"Mommy, lwook." Brooke looked up and smiled, but the smile soon faded as she looked at what her son had crawling up his arm.

"Ohhhh Jayden."

"What? Mommy. This isn't a spider. It's a centipede. Isn't it cute mommy?"

Brooke rubbed her face.

" have to know that there are two sorts of animals which mommy doesn't like: Spiders and centipedes, ok?"

Jayden sighed. "Mommy, are you afraid of EVERYTHING?"


"So...when you say you are just afraid of spiders and centipedes you surely have no problem when I bwing in rats, right?"

Brooke had a look of horror plastered on her face.


"Yeah", the little boy nodded his head. Brooke was about to say something, but her husband soon rescued her by coming into the room and taking his son with him. He picked Jayden up and kissed his cheek.

"Your mommy is going to fade when you're continuing to bring bugs into the house."

"You wanna hold it?", Jayden asked.

" see..."

"Daddy you a man."

Julian swallowed and went downstairs. He opened the door to the terrace with one hand and put his son down. He looked around and spotted a soccerball. Julian grabbed it and went back to his son.

"What about a little game, huh? Just the two of us." He hoped to distract the little boy.

Jayden nodded and put the bug back where he'd found it and jogged over to his father. They played for awhile when the phone started to ring from inside.

Since Brooke was still with their daughter Julian had to grab the telephone.

"Just stay here ok buddy?"

Jayden nodded and continued playing with the soccerball. After awhile he decided to shot the ball as high as he could, just to see, how high the ball would be flying. He shot it but gasped when he saw the ball flying over the white fence.

"Oh-oh." He looked back inside and saw his father pacing around in the kitchen. The little boy shrugged and ran after the ball. He opened the door of the fence and spotted the ball on the street. Without even looking he raced towards the street and grabbed the round object . All of the sudden a car drove around the corner.

Jayden didn't notice it, didn't even hear it.

The boys was too distracted...

Julian put the phone away and walked back outside. His son was nowhere to be seen. He couldn't hear him either. He looked up when he heard the adamant noise of car brakes from the distance.


Julian jumped over the fence without realising that the door was open. He had a bad feeling. His son wasn't there. The door of the fence was open...

He ran and ran, until he stopped. There he was, lying on the street. His little boy.

"" He ran to his baby boy and fell onto his knees in front of him, slapping his cheek slightly.

"Buddy, come on. Please wake up." Julian gasped when he noticed the bruise on the small boys forehead. It was bleeding. It didn't look back but it was worse enough to send Julian over the edge.

"Oh my god, oh my god. I don't know what to do", he rambled to himself.

"Sir. I already called the ambulance. I'm so sorry." Julian looked up and faced the young boy, who had caused this accident. Julian breathed in and out heavily. He felt tears running down his cheeks. The young boy disappeared for awhile and came back quickly.

"Here. Just hold it onto the wound." Julian did as he was told and took the towel from the boy. What else was he supposed to do? He didn't know. He was so scared.

"Please hold on buddy."

Brooke came downstairs after staying with her daughter for an hour. She found a little green toy soldier on the floor and picked it up with a smile on her face. She looked around and couldn't find Julian or her son. She noticed that the door of the terrasse was open and stepped outside. She looked around, but they weren't there either. Her head snapped up when she heard the noise of sirens.

She slowly walked out of the garden to look what was going on. She couldn't help but be curious.

She walked and walked and walked. "Julian?" She stopped the moment she reached the street and looked over in horror when she saw her husband holding their son in his arms. She looked at the car. She looked over to the young boy kneeling beside Julian.

The little toy soldier she'd held in her hand fell onto the floor.

"Oh my god"