The swing I sat on faded from my wondering mind. And since my mind was wondering it forgot that the wind was blowing. My mind went back to the last couple of weeks. Weeks when I had a friend and was happy.

   They wind blew my hair into my face. I absently minded pushed my hair back behind my ear. My friend said that she loved my hair. She loved the color, black, and the cut, short. And when she looked into my cool purple eyes she always said she saw someone who was a true friend and was needed. I remember my friend. My friend who had pink hair and red eyes, who always made me laugh. She drew me into what ever everyone was doing. My friend, Rinie.

   My mind went back to last week. I went to her house last Thursday with a happy smile on my lips and a bounce in my step. I was going to ask Rinie to stay the night at my house. I rang the doorbell and waited for Rinie to answer it. But the door was answered by Serena, Rinie's cousin, sister, mother (I'm still not sure which even though Rinie told me)

                  "Hello Hotura." Serena said as she gave me a weak smile. I didn't notice it.

                  "Hello Serena. Is Rinie home?" I asked still smiling my bright smile.

         Serena looked sad all of a sudden, "Didn't they tell you?"

                  "Didn't who tell me? Tell me what?" I asked as I tried to see around Serena and into the house.

                  "Alex and Michael." Serena said as she stepped outside and closed the door behind her, "Rinie left last night. She had to go home. It was time for her to go. There was nothing I could do to stop it."

         Home? She went home? No, that can't be.

                  "She went home to the future?" I asked losing my smile.

                  "Yes. She said that she wanted to see you one more time before she left but she couldn't. I'm sorry." Serena tried to put an arm around me but I pulled away from her hug.

         I took off down their walk and out the front gate. I could hear Serena calling to me but I put her out of my mind. I ran toward my home that I shared with Alex-papa and Michael-mama. I don't live with my real parents manly because they are died. Susan-mama lives with us too, but she is away most of the time.

         I ran through the door and slammed it behind me. Alex-papa stuck her head out of the living room. (And yes my papa is a girl.) She looked surprised to see that it was me that had slammed the door.

                  "Firefly?" Alex –papa said using my nickname.

                  "Why didn't you tell me? Why?" I asked her as I walked into the living room.

         Alex-papa and Michael-mama looked at me. Alex-papa brushed her brown hair from her eyes and looked at me.

                  "Hotura we didn't want you to be upset. But we didn't want you to find out this way." Michael-mama said getting from up off the chair she was sitting in.

                  "I could have taken it. Why didn't you say something to me?" I asked again.

         Alex and Michael looked at each other just as the door to the house opened. We heard a voice calling to us, "Hello anyone home?"

                  "In here Susan." Alex-papa said.

         Susan-mama walked into the room. She wore a smile on her face but when she saw us it faded away into nothing.

                  "Why?" I yelled this time. I pushed past Susan-mama and rushed up the stairs to my room.

         I know they heard my door slam shut. And this was the first time that I didn't get yelled at for it. Even when it woke up little Shannon. (My sister you could say. Susan-mama's adopted daughter.) I could hear Susan-mama walking up the stairs to clam Shannon down. Her cries would wake up Jenny and April, Alex-papa and Michael-mama's adopted daughters if she wasn't clamed down soon.

         No one bothered me that night. Not even to eat dinner. I sat in my room and looked at a picture of Rinie and me together. We had been so happy when that picture had been taken. Rinie had been my only friend. I now had no one. No friend to call me on a Friday night just to talk or come by on a Sunday and help baby-sit my younger "sisters".

         My mind was brought back to the present as a gush of wind pulled my hair forward. I looked up at the sky. A storm was coming, I could feel it. I got up off the swing and started home. I was not paying attention as I walked home. I ran into someone.

                  "Oh I'm sorry." I said as I looked up. My breath caught in my lungs.

                  "Hello there Hotura." It was Derian, Serena's boy-friend.

                  "Sorry about that." I said as I started to walk away.

                  "Wait I have something for you." He caught up to me and handed me a letter.

         I looked at the letter as he walked away. It was from Rinie.

The End?

Please tell me if you want it to continue.