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Harry Potter and the Sword of Gryffindor


Harry Potter

Room 465, Floor 6

St. Mungo's

Dear Harry,

Thanks for the owl you sent last week. Good to hear that your eyes are going to stay they way they are, at least for a while. I was worried about that. Also glad to hear the procedure wasn't too painful. How is Sirius doing? You said he was there but you didn't say if he was okay.

Wow, mate, thanks for the Nimbus 2000! Now I can outfly Fred and George. They aren't going to like that much. I even talked Hermione into playing with us, just like over Christmas. Do you think we can make her into a quidditch fan? Ginny played Seeker against Hufflepuff but Ravenclaw still won the cup. Oh well, there's always next year, right?

Speaking of quidditch, Mum and Dad have invited you and Hermione to come with us to the World Cup next summer. Won't that be brilliant?

So the term ended and guess what? Hermione was using a Time Turner! That's how she took so many classes. I found out in kind of a weird way but I'll tell you that story another time. It's too long to write out now. Especially since Professor Lupin said he'd put this in Braille for me and I don't want it to be too long. We're going out on the Hogwarts Express tomorrow and I can't believe the year is over already. We don't know yet who won the House Cup. I think it will be Ravenclaw too. They're going to be impossible to live with next year if they really win both.

Send me an owl and let me know when you'll be out of hospital. I think it's brilliant you'll be living with Sirius instead of those awful muggles. And you're so lucky that you got to miss the end of classes. Snape's been unbearable. Hope Lupin doesn't mind translating that.

Anyway, see you soon.


Ron Weasley

P.S. Hagrid says hi.


A/N: To those delightful reviewers who have begged for a sequel: you may now rest easy. I have begun work on another new adventure that picks up where this one left off. Check on my page for the link to Harry Potter and the Blind Seer of Durmstrang.