A/N: I kept getting this image in my head. If you don't get the reference, do a search for Say Anything, and In Your Eyes on youtube. :-)

I've written lots of fiction for other fandoms (which I may upload here) This is my first Glee fic.

Dave Karofsky lay in the darkened bedroom staring at the ceiling. The rest of the house was silent, his parents had long ago went to bed. He couldn't sleep. His mind just kept going over and over the idea that Kurt Hummel was no longer a student at McKinley High School. Kurt was gone... because he wasn't man enough to be himself. He had to hide behind this stupid jock image. Even his father had been disappointed that his grades had dropped.

Lying alone in the dark, an idea came into Dave's mind. He almost dismissed it. Thinking how could he ever do it. Then he remembered the message he had seen on Kurt's phone that split second... Courage.

He got up and got dressed. Being careful not to turn on any lights that might alert his parents to his plans. He grabbed his jacket from the back of his desk chair and quietly went down to the garage. After almost knocking over precariously stacked boxes, he finally found what he was looking for. After checking it's condition, he grabbed it and headed out to his car. He made sure he had pulled out of the driveway and had gone down the street a bit before he turned the headlights on and headed across town.

Kurt Hummel lay awake in the dorm room at Dalton Academy. He still wasn't used to being away from home. Yes, he still went home on weekends, but he missed his father, Carole.. and even Finn. Dalton was more challenging than McKinley had been, but at least he was safe. That's what he kept telling himself, anyway.

He glanced over at his snoring roommate. Even if his mind hadn't been racing, he knew he wouldn't be getting much sleep anyway. Taking a deep breath, he rolled over once more thinking he could maybe get some rest. Then he heard it. Someone was blaring music.

He sat up trying to locate the source of the sound. It wasn't what he was used to hearing in the halls - the current pop standards.. maybe even some classical. No, this was classic rock. Listening again, he determined it was coming from outside. He pulled back the blankets and went to the window. Peering through the blinds, he scanned the courtyard. Then he saw it.

In the middle of the snow covered courtyard, stood a familiar figure holding up an old fashioned boombox (granted it had a cord plugged into it that appeared to be attached to an iPod) blaring Peter Gabriel's 'In Your Eyes."

Will there be more? I don't know.. I've left it open and we'll see if anything more comes.