Festivus Time is Here

Sound the bell, tis the season!

To buy and buy without rhyme or reason,

Things to mark off of our lists,

Lest our friends be very pissed,

All because they did not get,

A bauble adding to our debt.

A season meant to be full of joy,

Is now nothing but a marketing ploy.

Shiny things to fill our carts,

When really we should fill our hearts,

And sadly I say what I must,

A Festivus for the rest of us!

A shiny pole, gleaming bright.

An airing of grievances throughout the night.

No tinsel, no tree, no mistletoe,

The feats of strength are quite a show.

All the family together at last,

Whining, griping, until it's past

And after that, friends once more.

A gift not found in any store.

And so I leave you this final thought:

Focus on things that cannot be bought.

A shiny pole or trimmed out tree,

Make the season what it's supposed to be.

Give up all that retail lust,

It's Festivus for the rest of us!