SUMMERY: Bonnie and Elena are drunk and play around with magic, only Elena messes it up which causes Damon to 'lose it'... Will Bonnie and Elena survive Damons darkest side since stefan is stuck in the tomb? Or will they be forced to be Damons slaves? LEMONS! Thank you to DomOx beta-ed this for me! If you haven't read any of DomOx stories you should check them out! My favourite is 'Just the Way You Are' Stefan always makes me laugh!

I do NOT own The Vampire Diaries, only this plot!

Bonnie POV~

"Oh come on Bonnie it will be fun!"

"Elena I don't know" I pouted slightly, I didn't want to say no to Elena after everything we've been though together but she was asking for a lot...

"Please Bonnie It will be so fun!" Elena's face was lighting up she looked excited I haven't seen a genuine smile on her face for months. We were both kidnapped by a vampire that led to the tomb incident, my gram dying, the whole fiasco on flounders night, Caroline turning into a vampire, me trying to light Damon on fire, then help sealing Katherine the vampire hoe from hell in a room so Stefan and Damon could stake her but finding out that she was being linked to Elena by a another witch that was related to me then Elena getting kidnapped AGAIN, Jeremy being a complete idiot (but also sweet) and getting Stefan locked in the tomb plus all the other shit that happened... I was drained.

"I don't know Elena the spell is complicated and really hard to get exact" Elena looked at me sternly.

"You can do it Bonnie, come on it will be fun" Her mouth curled up into a smile as she said fun.

I bit my lip and looked down at the spell book. It had a worn out black leather binding with faded red writing 'Spells Of The Labyrinthine And Voluptuous'. Elena and I had found it while we were searching though my grams things. My father decided to put the house on the market. I had argued, begged, whined and bitched about it till I was blue in the face but he wouldn't listen. He kept saying that we couldn't afford it, that we should have sold it weeks ago and that the money obtained from the house could be put to good use. So since I needed help and Elena had been moping around her house depressed (since Stefan had been sealed in the tomb with the evil vampire hoe herself) ,So I had invited Elena over to have a few drinks, listen to some music and help me see what I wanted to keep or give to good will. We got side tracked with the packing when we found my grams magic supplies she had hidden in the attic. So here we both are sitting in the attic blitzed out of our mind, and she's persuading me to do magic.

I looked up from the book to her, she was biting her lip, head cocked to the side.

"Please Bonnie?" she pleaded and pouted.

I took a deep breath and sighed rolling my eyes in defeat, she crashed into me and wrapped her arms around my neck in a bear hold of a hug

"Yay it's going to be so fun"

Third Person POV~

Elena and Bonnie sat across from each other cross legged on the floor surrounded by a circle of Himalayan salt in the attic. It was filled with Dark red and rose candles. Bonnie had her head dipped down, trying to study the words in her drunken stupor. Elena was giddy with pleasure, the spell they had chosen to try, Well the spell Elena got Bonnie to try was a spell of pleasure.

"Okay I think I'm ready" Bonnie announced

"Yay, what do we do?" Elena asked excitedly.

"All you have to repeat a phrase over and over again in sync with me, and I'll do the rest"

"What's the phrase?"

Bonnie looked back down at the book and spoke out the spell to Elena.

"Bound are those who long for love ,but fear to much to let thrive,release thy self from bitter pride and allow bliss to take thee side".

"Wow" Bonnie gasped

"What?" Elena demanded. *She wanted to know.

Bonnie head snapped up to look at Elena's dumbstruck expression, Bonnie was ticked off, hadn't Elena even been listening to her?

"Elena didn't you hear the spell!... I have a feeling this spell is a lot more complicated then I originally thought" Bonnie explained slowly

Elena huffed " Bonnie you got this, I know you do, just please at least try it... PLEASE" Elena begged. Bonnie gave a slow nod, she had already agreed to cast the spell, it couldn't be that bad, right?Bonnie relaxed her posture and sat up straight.

"Okay Elena I'll start the spell and when I start to chant join in, sit still, don't move, and whatever happens please do not break the circle okay...?" Bonnie asked Elena just nodded, she just wanted for the spell to be cast as quickly as nodded as well and closed her eyes trying to think of the spell and only the spell, Bonnie took a deep breath and exhaled rising her head toward the ceiling, letting her magic surge though her body, Bonnie enjoyed this part, when she could feel the tingling sensation of magic tickling her from finger tips to her toes, it made her feel powerful... it made her fell ALIVE.

"Bound are those who long for love," Bonnie began to chant, "but fear to much to let thrive," Elena jumped in "release thy self from bitter pride and allow bliss to take thee side" they chanted in union. They repeated the phrase again but this time Elena noticed that the air was beginning to thicken.

"Bound are those who long for love ,but fear to much to let thrive,release thy self from bitter pride and allow bliss to take thee side". They chanted again the candles began to flicker threatening to blow out. Elena looked around chanting softer and softer while Bonnie was getting louder, unaware of the tension building in the room. Air starting to swirl around them throwing their hair all over their face but only Elena noticed. "Bonnie" Elena whispered panicky, Bonnie was still loudly chanting. A loud high pitched whistling sound started while the wind picked up blowing out half of the candles. "Bonnie" Elena said again louder, she was beginning to get hysterical. "Bound are those who long for love ,but fear to much to let thrive, release thy self from bitter pride and allow bliss to take thee side" Bonnie chanted louder and louder. The wind swilling around the whistling getting louder, blood was dripping from Bonnie's nose. "BONNIE" Elena but one candle had been blown out, but Bonnie kept chanting, the whistling was still increasing "BONNIE" Elena screamed again " BONNIE STOP, STOP, STOP IT BONNIE STOP" She screamed. Elena looked over to see the last candle flicker wildly, She scrambled to her feet sprinting forward, Elena reached out for the candle but in her haste her foot had slide over the salt causing the circle to break. "No, Shit no,no,no" She dropped to her knees trying to fix the circle but it was to late, it was already broken. She was still trying to fix the circle when the last candle went out leaving her in complete darkness. Elena went back to her knees in the fetal position, suddenly Bonnie let out a blood curdling scream, and Elena heard a loud thump; then everything went silent and all the candles re-lit. Elena looked up to see Bonnie laying deathly still half in half out of the circle, with blood leaking heavily out of her nose.

"BONNIE" Elena screamed again.

Damon POV~

I sat on the leather couch holding a glass of brandy in my hands while I watched the flames dance before my eyes. How? How could Stefan be so dumb? Getting himself locked in the tomb with that evil cunt... Now I was suppose to figure a way to get him out without letting her out as well? Who the hell am I Houdini for fuck sakes? I sighed and drowned the rest of my drink. I got to my feet and walked over to the bar to pour myself another drink. I uncapped the bottle and tipped it forward to see the luscious brown substance flow freely into the glass. Oh how I love my brandy, I picked up the glass and took another drink. The slight burn from the brandy always help ease the throb in my gums. The throb happens when I'm angry or hungry, but both feeling play in to each other. I finished off the brandy again and made my way to the basement where I kept my stash off blood bank blood, I was hungry but I was not in the mood to hunt tonight.

I was halfway to the cellar door when a pain flared in my chest, I groaned out in pain sinking to my knees. I grabbed into my chest digging in my nails at my attempt to ease the pain. I could smell my own blood from my nails digging into my bare chest. I took a shallow unneeded breath, where the hell was this pain coming from? It was like someone set flames to the inside of my chest, I tried to get up but I couldn't move, if I did the fiery sensation would grow. I lay on the ground in agonizing pain for what seemed hours, then finally it stopped. I took a deep breath and got to my feet, but now my gums were throbbing, I needed blood and I needed it NOW. I took another step toward the cellar when realization kicked in. I now needed to hunt, I needed to feed and fuck two people... Elena and my little witch, OH now this, this is going to be fun.