Sorry People, but I got this idea when watching a bleach episode online and I just had to write this down. So Naruto is Ulquiorra's son, also this takes place momentarily in Konoha then switches to Hueco Mundo. Here we goes, tell me if you like it. Also this story goes to Dracohalo117 for his story "A Mother's Love beyond Life and Death

Ulquiorra sat down in his bed after a long day of following Aizen's orders. The Espada laid down and closed his eyes. What people said was true; hollows (or Arrancar for this matter) did not need sleep but it was quite enjoyable.

"Kushina" he thought negatively. Unlike most hollows, he actually remembered who he was during life.


17 years ago

Ulquiorra walked into the academy sighing as the blond Namikaze walked in with his famous grin.

"All I'm saying Ulquiorra is that you should have joined in on that awesome prank of mine; hey are you listening!" the boy shouted.

The blond had spiky yellow hair that branched out in all directions, he wore a baggy white jacket with blue trim and he wore blue shorts and sandals. While boy in front of his had dark hair that was the blackest of nights, with green slit shaped pupil eyes, he wore all white with the exception of a black sash, but other than that all white. White jacket, hakama, sandals. The strangest thing about his was two teal tear lines that descended down his cheeks. He was Ulquiorra.

"Namikaze, I do not want to be in one of your hair brained schemes" said Ulquiorra sitting down next to a redheaded girl. Said girl blushed. Five minutes later a serpent like man walked into the room.

"Okay settle down, I am the instructor that will tell you your teams. Team 1… (I'm not writing all of those teams, just a waste of time) Team 7 is Minato Namikaze, Kushina Uzumaki, and Ulquiorra Schiffer, Jonin sensei is Jiraiya." Said the man walking off.

10 years ago

Ulquiorra gripped Kushina's hand tightly. "Damn sometime forget that this is my wife" he thought as he felt bones break. Then as if a miracle from god, it stopped. Ulquiorra opened his eyes (he closed them when he felt his hand go limp) and Kushina was holding a little bundle.

"Say hi to your son Ulqui-kun." Kushina whispered, handing him the bundle. Ulquiorra (wow, this guy has got to shorten his name) looked at his son. He had black hair like himself but the tips of his bangs had red lines going vertically down his hair, he had pale skin, and two red lines going down his eyes, making it look as if he was crying. Just then, the baby opened his red slit pupil eyes and for if just a second, father and son stared at each other. Ulquiorra turned his head as he felt an energy signature was closing in on them fast. A yellow and blue blur appeared in front of the hospital door.

"Ulquiorra, the kyuubi has attacked; I need your help to restrain it. Also, there's this condition, your son has to be the vessel for the Kyuubi." Ulquiorra looked torn.

"Okay what do I do, my son or my village? Easy choice."

"No" he said. Minato looked at him with a look of outrage, but then he sighed.

"I'm sorry Ulquiorra but I am the hokage and it is my duty to protect my village, goodbye old friend." Choked out Minato. Just then Ulquiorra's world went dark.

Flashback Over

Ulquiorra snapped out of his stupor when a green light filled the room. Ulquiorra looked around the room and found no light.

"Aizen said that we were down for the night." He thought out loud. He bowed his head and looked at the small necklace his wife had given him. It was small and simple, just a jade crystal with a rope intertwined in it. Kushina said that he could always watch Naruto with it. He never thought that she had actually meant that! The crystal kept on blinking so that meant Naruto was in trouble. He grabbed the necklace, jumped out of bed, and opened a Garganta. With a quick Sonido he was off. Ulquiorra reappeared in the other side of the Garganta and looked over his village.

"It's been to long" he whispered. He looked down and saw a little black haired boy getting the crap beat out of him. The pale skinned man saw seven Chunin, 4 men and 3 women. Ulquiorra quickly cut them all down. Head first their bodies fell. Ulquiorra used a discarded piece of cloth to wipe the blood off of his zanpakuto, Murcielago. He looked at the little boy, and he shed a tear.

"Don't worry Naruto, do you know who I am?" he asked. Ulquiorra was scared; what if his son hated him?

Naruto crawled up against the wall, but a look of recognition was replaced by the look of fear he had earlier.

"Yes, you're the man fro my dream. The man who would always help me, who are you?" The question startled Ulquiorra. His child had just seen him murder 7 individuals, and he was asking who he was!

"Naruto I don't know if anybody has told you this secret, but I'm your father." Naruto looked calm but that only lasted a few minutes. He quickly broke down and ran to Ulquiorra, clasping him in a hug.

"I knew it, I knew it, I have a father!" he shouted into the heavens. Just like years ago, father and son hugged and cried. For a few minutes that went on then they broke up. Naruto looked up at his father with determination.

"Father, I want power to help you if there ever is a threat." Ulquiorra looked at his son puzzled. Naruto had exactly said the same thing he had years ago.

"Okay son, but you will have to die and absorb something's power for you to become powerful." He said.

Naruto looked at him in mild interest.

"You mean the Kyuubi." Ulquiorra eyes widened.

"You know about the Kyuubi." Naruto nodded.

"Ever since I was five. He doesn't seem to like me that much." Naruto replied.

Ulquiorra smiled. Naruto was just like him. Cold, calculating, and calm. The Schiffers only showed emotion in front of people they cared about and that was very few.

"Okay then let me talk to that oversized hollow." Now Naruto looked puzzled.

"Father, what is a hollow?" he asked. Ulquiorra sighed.

"Let's just say for now that it is something I was once and something that you are going to be for a short time." Ulquiorra placed a hand on top of Naruto's fragile head and with a push of Reiatsu; Ulquiorra was in his son's mind.

Naruto's Mindscape

Ulquiorra walked alone through the boiler room like mind of his son. For several minutes he walked wit his hands in his pockets, lazily looking around for the giant fox. He finally stumbled upon a large cage with the kanji for "seal" on it.

"Kyuubi wake up!" he shouted. Suddenly there was a feeling of malice in the air.

"WHO DARES DISTURBE MY SLUMBER!" shouted a giant red fox with nine tails. Ulquiorra just gave the fox an unimpressed look.

"So this is the mighty Kyuubi. You're just a giant hollow. Maybe mid class adjuchas hollow." Kyuubi looked at Ulquiorra in anger.

"How dare you! I have toppled over the strongest vasto lordes, I am no mere adjuchas!" the fox shouted.

"Look Kyuubi I'm gonna be honest with you. You have 1 of 2 choices. 1. You can willing give my son your power and in return you can have a way to experience the outside world. 2. When I kill Naruto we can forcefully pull your power from you, leaving the once great Kyuubi left in a hollow shell of what he once was. Your choice." Kyuubi seemed to think it over for a second.

"Fine you insolent arrancar, the boy can have my power when you take him away form this world." The fox sighed.

"Good" was the last thing Kyuubi heard before Ulquiorra left.

Outside World

Ulquiorra took his hand off of Naruto's head.

"Okay son, Kyuubi and I have decided that you will get his powers when you die."

Naruto seemed to think this over.

"Okay then, but can we get started now?"

"Fine, but this will hurt so make sure you don't scream." Without hesitation, Ulquiorra impaled his hand into Naruto's body and out his back holding a backbone. Naruto died instantly. Two seconds later, Naruto appeared, but with a chain attached to his chest that was already starting to erode.

"Now, time for the second part of your change into an arrancar." Ulquiorra pulled out the chain as quickly as possible. Naruto's body dispersed into spirit particles and reformed into a body. Naruto's hollow body was cat-like. He had a sleek body, a long thin tail came out of his body, and two big bat like wings sprung out of his back. Then Naruto's mask formed. On the forehead there were two curved horns, his tear marks were still present, and his hollow hole was located in the same place as his father's, but bigger in size. In all, he looked like a griffin. Just then a red mist came out of his stomach and surrounded him. Once the mist was properly absorbed Kyuubi's power, the young adjuchas's body changed again. Spikes jutted out of his arms and legs, the tip of his wings were dripping a purple liquid, and his hollow hole closed a slight more.

(Note Naruto is NOT a vasto lorde)

Ulquiorra was amazed how Naruto's power practically SKYROCKETED when he absorbed the Kyuubi. Right now, he could probably beat the Eight Espada, Szayel Aporro Granz. Shaking out of his stupor, Ulquiorra leaned down and looked his son in the eye.

"Son, are you still there?" he asked. If he could see it, Naruto grinned.

"Yeah dad, but how am I gonna become an arranca?" Ulquiorra sighed

"Arrancar son, and we will have to get back to my master, Sosuke Aizen via Garganta." He explained.

"Oh, dad can I do it?" Ulquiorra nodded. Naruto walked forward and used one of the claws on his paws to rip the air. A black portal opened and the Schiffers jumped in. Ulquiorra landed on a green path while Naruto used his wings for flight. For a few minutes they flew until they saw the exit. They quickly jumped out and came face to face with a man, but this was no ordinary man. He had slicked back brown hair, he wore the same thing as Ulquiorra, but with a pink sash, and his smile, it strange that even Naruto (who was good at reading emotions) couldn't figure out what he was thinking. The man had his eyes closed but he quickly opened them when Ulquiorra and his son touched ground. His rested form sat on a throne of granite. (That is what it's made of right?)

"Ulquiorra, welcome back. I sensed your presence leave Hueco Mundo, and I was wondering where you went. So who is this young hollow?" he asked. Ulquiorra bowed on one knee and spoke, "Lord Aizen, this is my son Naruto Schiffer and he has recently died and became a hollow, would it be to much to ask if you could turn him into an arrancar?" the arrancar asked. Aizen smiled and nodded, pulling out a purple gem.

"Anything for my most trusted subordinate. Young Naruto step in front of me and we can begin the process." Naruto complied, stepping forward in front of Aizen's throne. Sosuke put his hand on the gem and flared his Reiryoku. Naruto's body then shined red and green and in no time flat he was back to his original self except he had a katana on his back. The hilt was red, the guard took the form of a yellow half moon, and the sheath was purple. His POWER is what increased the most. Before he could have taken on the Eight Espada and won, but now he could probably tie with Zommari Rureaux, the 8th Espada.

"Thank you lord Aizen, I will see to it that my son gets clothing and then we can begin training." Ulquiorra said taking Naruto to the clothing section.

Once there Naruto picked out the same thing as his father, but with the sleeves going down to his elbows and with the sash blood red. Ulquiorra grabbed Naruto's shoulder and with a quick Sonido they were off.

Time Skip Six Months Later

Naruto walked down the halls of Los Noches, enjoying the silence. He liked these times. No fighting, arguing or anything and the best thing of all was that he didn't have to deal with him. If you want to know, the he was Grimmjow. Ever since the blue haired Espada found out that he was Ulquiorra's son, the man would not leave him alone. Always "Hey Ulquiorra's kid, fight me!" or "Hey fight me you little brat!" Little did he know, Naruto could kick his ass. The young man had gone through some serious training. If he didn't perfect what ever he was taught the first time, he would have to "fight" his father in his released mode. He wasn't the only one who knew this, his father, the 1st, the 2nd, 3rd, and Aizen knew of his power. Because of his power Aizen gave him the title of "Versado Guerrero" which meant "skilled warrior" he was basically an Espada that on the 4th and up could command.

"All Espada come down to the meeting hall." Came out Aizen's voice. Naruto wasn't sure how he did it, but what ever it was, it was impressive. Naruto sonidoed in front of the door to the meeting hall and watched as the respective Espada appeared the same way. Once all of them were there, Naruto pushed open the door and the arrancar walked in. Naruto took his place near his father and the rest of them sat down. Two minutes later, Aizen, Gin, and Tosen walked into the room and Aizen sat while Gin stood to his left and Tosen on his right.

"My comrades, I have decided that it is time that for the war to start. I will be sending three of you Espada to investigate the power of the people protecting Karakura Town. The three I will be sending are Ulquiorra, Naruto, and Yammy. Ulquiorra you will be the leader of this mission. The main person I want you to look for has a black Bankai and orange hair." With that Aizen walked off. Also if you don't know, Yammy is the tenth Espada, he wears the regular Espada jacket and the standard hakama. He had a black ponytail in the back of his head, and he wore his zanpakuto.

Karakura Town Evening

The three Espada (or should I say two) walked out of the Garganta and hovered above a park. Yammy looked down at all the smiling humans.

"Hey Ulquiorra do you mind if I use Gozui on them." Asked the big Espada. Ulquiorra didn't even bat an eyelash at the question.

"It does not matter and none of them are the target eliminate the trash." Yammy complied sucking in a huge amount of air and with it, the souls of the people below him. Yammy looked disgusted at the meal.

"Gah that was horrible!" he shouted. Naruto, who had been silent the whole trip answered him.

"What did you think would happen, they were weak souls with almost zero to none spirit awareness." Yammy nodded. The arrancar dropped to the grass as two beings approached them. One was a brown haired boy with a tan complexion, he wore a purple t-shirt and khaki pants. His right arm was normal, but his left was black with purple lines going through it and two spikes jugging out where his shoulder was. The other was an orange haired girl. She wore a white shirt and a brown skirt.

"Who are you?" asked the brown haired boy. (I forgot how this went in the anime so just roll with it)

Yammy pointed a thumb at himself.

"I'm Yammy" he said. The boy didn't seem like talking too much and rushed Yammy. The attempt was failed as Yammy backhanded him, leaving the boy severely bleeding.

"Chad!" shouted the orange haired girl. She ran over to the now named Chad. Yammy reared his fist back and just as he was about to punch Chad he heard, "Saten Kesshun.

A yellow shield appeared in front of the girl but it was easily shattered by the huge Espada's punch.

"Santen Kesshun" and once again, the yellow shield appeared again, but this time over Chad's body. Over time, the bleeding stopped and Chad was fully healed. Yammy looked stunned.

"You healed him!" Despite what they heard, both Naruto and Ulquiorra knew that what they just saw was not healing.

"Something similar to time reversal" they both thought. Their gazes caught each others and they nodded to one and other.

"Koten Zanshun" shouted the orange haired girl. A yellow disk flew straight at Yammy, but he easily shattered it with a finger.

"Tsubaki, no." whispered the girl. Yammy proceeded to reel back a punch and as it ran forward it was… stopped. The thing that stopped Yammy's hand was a giant cleaver. Holding the cleaver's hilt was a hand and the hand led to a body. This body had messy orange hair, amber eyes, and wore a shinigami uniform. This was Ichigo Kurosaki.

"Ichigo." Whispered the girl.

"How did you stop my fist" questioned the Espada. Instead of answering, Ichigo merely said, "It's all over for you." Before Yammy could respond Ichigo used his left hand and grabbed his right. The string at the end of his sword twirled around his arm and blue Reiryoku surrounded him.

"BANKAI!" he shouted. Dust rose up and covered Ichigo's still form. Suddenly a black daito cut the dust and it scattered away. Now Bankai Ichigo had sported a long sleeved, ankle length, black coat. He wasn't the only one who changed though. His sword had actually shrunk and took the form of an all black daito with a bent up cross for a guard.

"Tensa Zangetsu." He said. Yammy looked at the orange haired boy and laughed.

"THAT PUNY THING, YOU THINK THAT THAT SMALL BLADE CAN CUT ME! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE JOKING!" he shouted. Ichigo looked up with a strange glint in his eye.

"Wanna bet?" he asked. The young shinigami did a front flip over Yammy and landed on one knee. Two seconds later, Yammy's right arm came sliding down from his body and landed with a sickening THUD. Yammy grabbed the stump that was left of his arm and screamed.

"You worm! You cut off my arm; I'll kill you!" he shouted. Ichigo didn't respond but merely went in for another attack. Ichigo disappeared and reappeared behind the giant Espada and raised Tensa Zangetsu high in the air, but he stopped. He dropped his sword and fell to one knee. He held the right side of his face as if he was going to rip it off. Naruto looked at the shinigami. That soul reaper was off. He looked as if he was… suppressing something. Yammy smiled a horrible smile and started beating the crap out of him. One punch, two punches, a third punch, and a backhand to the face. That girl with the strange powers tried to defend this Ichigo, but was also backhanded. Yammy reared his fist back once more to deliver the final blow. As the fist headed for the near unconscious Ichigo it upturned the ground but was stopped by, no not a blade or a yellow shield but a triangular red shield. Behind the shield was a dark skinned woman with yellow eyes, and she wore an orange top and black tights and she was with a yellow color haired man with gray eyes. He wore a bucket hat, a green shirt and pants, with a black jacket with white diamonds on the end. He was the one to speak first.

"Hi, I'm Kisuke Urahara, nice to make your acquaintance." He said with a bubbly smile. The dark skinned woman rolled her eyes at the behavior.

"Kisuke, I'll handle this." She sighed. The woman jumped up and kicked Yammy in the face; she landed crouched on her feet and delivered a sweep kick that knocked Yammy right off of his feet, but his ass didn't land on the floor thanks to the uppercut that the woman just dealt to the giant Espada. The woman did several back flips and landed back next to Kisuke.

"Ah Yoruichi, can I finish him off?" He asked. Yoruichi nodded. Kisuke held up his zanpakuto which was medium length blade. At the end of the pommel was red tassel, the guard was U shaped, and had a red string wrapped around it.

"Scream, Benihime!" he shouted. He swung his zanpakuto and a crimson colored blast ran forward. Just as it was about to hit Yammy, Naruto sonidoed in front of him and deflected the blast high into the sky.

"That was a very impressive blast, if that had hit Yammy, he might have been dead." Said Naruto's cold and emotionless voice. He turned and backhanded Yammy right in the stomach. He skidded a few feet before coming to a stop next to Ulquiorra.

"Why… why did you do that?" he gasped out, obviously he got the wind knocked out of him. Naruto stared at him.

"Because, the move you just pulled was idiotic. I know that your not the best at sensing Reiryoku, but you would have sensed that both of them were stronger than you at the level your at." Naruto then looked at his father.

"Father, I think that it is best if we made a tactical retreat, don't you agree." He asked. Ulquiorra nodded and turned around walking back a few feet. Kisuke smirked.

"Well then, you guys seem scared. You hiding something?" He questioned. Naruto shook his head at the statement.

"No, I'll have you know that I and my father are stronger than that oaf. Speaking of which, Yammy we are leaving." With that, the young arrancar waked away with the 10th Espada walking behind us. Naruto poked air causing a Garganta to open.

"Wait, why did you come here?" Kisuke asked, but the arrancar jus kept walking. Soon the Garganta closed and the Espada left.