The Great Rescue

Chapter 1

I am 19 year old Kagome Higurashi. I travel the country side of Japan with my friends a half demon named Inuyasha, a perverted Monk named Miroku, a demon slayer named Sango, a fox demon named Shippo and a two tailed fire cat named Kirarra. We are quit a unusual group.

At the moment there is a fresh layer of snow on Japan since it is only a little over a week until Christmas. At the thought of Christmas being so close it makes a smile come over my face.

Christmas is my favorite holiday and this year I want to show everyone what Christmas is, I need to go back to my time before then so that I can get everyone presents.

I follow behind Inuyasha right now, we have heard rumors of Naraku being towards the Western Lands, Sesshoumaru's lands. When Sesshoumaru's name comes to mind my heart speeds up.

If Inuyasha ever found out that I like his older brother he would never let me live it down and to top it all of if Sesshoumaru found out I do not know what he would think of it.

I stop and gasp when I feel a very powerful and very framiler aura heading towards us. ' Sesshoumaru'

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