Chapter 9

Christmas Day

I open my eyes and smile, I cuddle into Sesshoumaru's chest and giggle. Today is Christmas and I am so excited, I can not stop thinking of what Sesshoumaru got me as a present.

I feel his arms tighten around my waist and I smile into our chest and I hear a low growl rumble in his chest.

"Good morning mate!" He says.

"Morning my lovely Mate." I say back.

Last night Sesshoumaru and I officially became mates which we are both very happy about. I now have his lifespan and his matting mark on my neck showing all other males who I belong to.

We both hear knocks at the door and before we know it the door to our room flys open and Rin and Shippo come running in and jump up onto the bed and onto us.

We all start laughing ntil Rin and Shippo stop. "Merry Christmas Mama and Papa." Thy say in unison.

"Merry Christmas guys." We both say.

"Come on we want to go open our presents." They says.

"Can you guys wait for your Mother and I while we get dressed. Why don't you go wake everyone else up." Sesshoumaru says.


With that they jump off of our bed and run out of our room to go wake everyone else up. We both set up in bed and Sesshoumaru and I both climb out of bed both of us totally naked and walk across the room to our separate wardrobes.

I grab some clean underclothes and pull them on then I pull out my favorite blue jeans and slip them on and then grab my red and green t shirt with a Christmas tree on the front of it and put it on.

I shut my wardrobe and turn around and find Sesshoumaru dressed in all red, I smile cause he is so gonna enjoy my gift.

He comes over and takes my hand and we walk out of our room and head down to the living room where the tree is. We go in and set down on the couch.

We wait a few moments and soon enough everyone else comes into the room rubbing the sleep out of their eyes but Rin and Shippo are as they were a little bit ago, cherry.

"Rin and Shippo will you please pass out everyone's gifts for me, they are all marked." I ask.


So with that they start grabbing presents and handing them out, once Rin hands Sesshoumaru his I get a smirk on my face as I watch him open it up.

He lets out a gasp as his eyes go wide when he reaches the necklace. He picks it up outta the box and looks over at me and a smile spreads across his face.

"Thank you so much my mate." He says as he leans over and kisses my cheek.

"Your welcome."

He puts the necklace on without a second thought then he pulls something out of his sleeve and I gasp when I seen a crescent moon necklace but its different then his. I can not believe we thought so much alike.

He puts the necklace on my and I hold it in my hands and smile. This has to be the best Christmas that I have ever had!

Hello everyone! Sorry for this be a little late but I was not able to get to the computer yesterday! I hope you enjoyed reading this story and hope you all had a awesome Christmas!