I've just been terribly offended by a review that i got for What do you know-the other side.

I know that there are a lot of people out there who like twilight, but i'm not one of them. And even though i suck at spelling some things in my naruto stories, i hate being told that i would be better off writing something for boy crazy teeny's.

First of all-we all know that i suck at spelling.

And second of all, who the hell does anyone think they are telling me what i should do or not do when it comes to writing? If i like something enough to try writing about it, then no one has the right to tell me to try something that is totally against my personality, my creativity, and my religion.

I like monster stories and ninjas.

Not that simpering 'Oh Edward I love you" bullshit.

And if some of you are offended by this-well that's you're problem cause I do not care.


It all started with a party that Cody's uncle Darius invited them all too.

The inside of the large building glittered like a polished gem. Everything was gold and peach hues with glittering crystal and lights. And inside were people all of whom were dressed in expensive tuxes and gowns, all from different planets, countries, and origins. They were no exception. Their little group was decked out in their favorite colors.

Mikey-in his custom orange. Donny, in his purple. Raph, in his vivid red. Leo in his deep royal blue. And Splinter in his...crimson kimono style shirt.

"Wow, look at this place!" Mikey said excitedly as he looked around the room. Cody said nothing, he just smiled and stepped back to allow his friends a better view of the room, and grabbed a crystal cup off fo a tray being carried by a waiter as he passed them.

"This is amazing." Donny said as he checked out the room. Everything looked so cool.

Cody took a small drink from his cup and put on a blank expression as he scanned the room. He hadn't wanted to come to this function. But had decided too once his uncle told him that she would be here. And she was, some where, he could feel it in his bones.

It took several minutes but he finally managed to spot her, standing across the room wearing a beautiful form fitting amythest colored halter style backless dress with a flowing floor length skirt, her jet black hair was piled high at the back of her head in an intricate knot, some of the silken strands escaping to hang down around her pretty face in soft curls.

He straitened a little bit where he stood as she smiled at the man that she was speaking with and turned her head slightly. Violet eyes met and held his own deep stormy green, and he suddenly found it hard to breath.

He dropped his glass and might have broken it if one of the turtles hadn't seen what had happened and caught it before it could hit the floor and shatter. He glanced away from her for a second unsure of what to do other than thank his friend for catching the expensive crystal and carefully took it from (was it Leo or Raph?) He didn't really know since he wasn't paying attention to anything or anyone but her.

She smiled slightly and bowed to man that she had been talking with and he felt his heart speed up in his chest as she started to weave her way towards him, her violet eyes staring at him as boldly as he was staring at her. He felt the air around him stir and turned his head to his left and found Splinter and Raph standing next to him staring at her too.

"See something that you like Cody?" Raph whispered teasingly in Cody's ear and the teen had to resist the urge to snarl at him for implying something so crude. Even if it was just a joke and Raph didn't know who she was, it still bothered Cody greatly.

She stopped just in front of him and he couldn't help but notice that all the noise that Mikey and the others had been making a second ago, had died down to total silence. Were they all watching him? He wondered with a small shake of his head. That was a stupid question to ask himself since he could practically feel their eyes on him.

But he couldn't worry about appeasing them or their curiosity right now. Not when he had only a short time to spend with her. "Hi." She said in an almost breathy tone of voice that made him want to put his hand over her mouth and drag her somewhere where only he could hear her speak.

He cleared his throat and muttered an almost shy greeting back at her and she smiled at him and held out her hand. He didn't bother hesitating, he handed his glass to whoever ws the closest to him and took her delicate hand in his and led her away from the turtles before they could start asking for an introduction. Ignoring the curious looks from his friends, he led her to the corner of the dance floor and wrapped an arm around her slender, curvy body and dragged her as close to him as he dared considering their connections to one another and started to waltz with her.

"You look beautiful, little sister." He said as he waltzed with her across the dance floor. She gave him a shy smile and his heart clenched painfully in his chest. God he'd missed that smile.

He had missed it and her so damn much in these past years. He had missed her. How long had it been since she had been dragged from his home and forced to sign a contract stating that she would serve the prestigious foot clan in all it's evil endeavors-as the new Shredder or she would have to watch him die? Seven years? It felt like a damn lifetime to him.

Did she have any idea how much he hated the fact that in seven years, he had tried time and time again to save her and failed and every time? Did she know how much he hated himself for not being able to bring her home? "Thank you. You're looking well brother." She said softly, the sound of her voice pulling him from his dark thoughts.

"I am." He said with assured her with small grin.

"I noticed that you had friends with you tonight-" He cringed a little bit. God she must hate him for bringing friends with him when she had no one.

"Yeah... Do you remember the stories in April's journal?" She nodded her head a little bit, causing several small curls to slip from their place and frame her pale face. Cody let go of her hand for a second and carefully tucked the soft strands back into place behind her ear.

"You mean the stories that she and great grand father both wrote? Yes. I recall. Are they the ones?" She asked curiously as she made to turn her head to look at them, Cody made a small sound of irritation and put the palm of his hand against the small of her back and held her in place against him.

"Yes." He said as the music stopped, ending the dance as the orchestra started a new song. Reluctant to give up what little time he had with his baby sister, Cody kept a strong hold on her hand and waited for the next song to start, then pulled his sister back into his arms and started to dance with her again.

"They seem very intrested in our dance." She pointed out with a smile as they swept by the small group. Cody glanced at the turtles and their adoptive father and mumbled something about nosy turtles and shot them a less than good natured glare.

"They're not so much interested in our dance as they are ammunition to use against me." Cody growled as the second dance ended and the next one started. She giggled and pressed her face against his shoulder to hide her amusment.

It didn't really work. But at least she tried. "They sound like fun." She said after a minute or so, once she was back under control. Cody snorted.

"They are... Wait. You're not planning to try anything weird with them are you?" Cody asked with a small hint of jealousy in his voice despite the fact that he was smiling. Something about the thought of her messing with the turtles even a little bit, both amused and irked the hell out of him.

Maybe it was his over protective nature. "No. But I did want to warn you about some things." She said. Cody gave her his undivided attention knowing that if he didn't he'd miss something important.

"Alright. Fire away."

"First of all, in two days there will be an kidnapping attempt. Youare the target. I think that the Foot clan means to use you as bait to get into a fight with the turtles since they found out about their existence in our time line several months ago-" Cody nodded his head in understanding. "And next week I'll be breaking into O'Neal Tech, personally-."

"What day?"


"Alright. I'll make a point to be there and have the building cleared out, just in case." Cody said smoothly as he ran a quick simulation in his head to make sure that there would be no casualties. His sister was many things.

Ruthless, cutthroat, and sometimes cruel.

But she wasn't a cold blooded killer unless she felt that she had absolutely no choice in the matter.

She was the type of girl that responded better to kind words and a firm but gentle hand. But since he doubted that she was treated very gently by the Foot clan, it was little wonder that she often lashed out. The third dance ended, and his time with his sister came to an abrupt end, forcing Cody to walk her off of the dance floor and over to one of the tables that had been set up for the party guests to sit down and ea if they got hungry.

"I had fun." She said with a sad smile, her eyes down cast to hide the fact that she was probably very close to tears. He smiled a little bit and lifted the delicate hand still in his grasp to his lips and kissed her knuckles, his long red bangs falling over his forehead into his face and hiding his eyes.

He let go of her hand and leaned in close and kissed her cheek, whispering that he would see her soon, then straitened to his full height and turned and walked away from her feeling like the worst person in the world for not being better able to protect her.


Cody walked back to them with his head down, his bangs hiding his eyes, his hands stuffed in his pants pockets. "Hey Cody! Did you have fun?" Mikey all but shouted at him as he ran over to the teen. Cody looked up for a second, his expression shuttered, and Mikey stopped just shy of tackling him, his expression confused as he stared at the teen.

"Yeah... I had fun." Cody said slowly, his eyes were slightly unfocused and for a second Mikey thought that maybe Cody wasn't feeling well as the teen pulled one of his hands out of his pocket and rubbed the bridge of his nose with his finger tips like he usually did when he was getting a headache or something.

"That's...nice." Mikey said stupidly as Raph and the others walked up.

"So, Cody, when are you going to introduce you're pretty dance partner?" Donny asked teasingly. Cody gave him a blank look then turned his head to look over his shoulder. He could clearly see his Uncle speaking with his sister, their discussion was rather animated, indicating anger and perhaps a touch of frustration.

He looked back at the turtles and noticed that they were now watching the two and couldn't help himself from growling at them. It was no secret that the four brothers were suspicious of his uncle Darius because of several incidents that had occurred since they had come to the future. And they hadn't exactly been subtle in making their thoughts about his uncle known to him. "She's not trying to kill me."

Something about his tone must have caught their attention, because now they were looking at him. Their expressions carefully blank, their dark eyes boring into him as if they were trying to see his very soul. "We never said that she was Cody."

Cody snorted. Did they think he was stupid? He could practically read their minds. Could almost hear their minds screaming-She could be up to something threatening to our family! Watch her!

"No. You didn't say it. But you're definitely thinking it very loudly." Cody said in a lighter tone, knowing that he had just brought suspicion on his sister with his careless words.

Leo gave him a calculating look but said nothing. It was pointless to argue with Cody because he was simply seemed too close to the girl to listen to reason. He'd just reject everything that they tried to warn him about, just like he had rejected everything that they had tried to tell him about his uncle.

"We're only thinking it because we worry about you kid." Raph said as he put his hand on Cody's head and ruffled his hair affectionately. Cody gave a small dry, rough sounding laugh.

"Yeah I know. But I want you guys to trust me a little bit when I say that she wouldn't do something like that. It just isn't in her... I'm not feeling very well. I'm heading home." Cody said as he pushed Raph's hand off of his head and walked towards the door not really caring if they followed him or not.