It's been while and I'm sorry for that. I'm working on kinds of stuff ranging from South Park, Danny Phantom, Biker Mice from Mars, Naruto, Fairy Tale, Joker clover, Sonic exct. And on top of that I'm sitting with my grandmother.

She's in her final days and my mom still can't seem to put her on Hospice. It just seems cruel to let them put her to sleep and keep her like that until she starves to death even though she is more or less starving herself anyways.

Anywho- enough depressing stuff let me get on to the story.


Leo returned to the room several minutes later carrying a tray of food, flowers, and two different types of juice for Shayera and had just stepped inside of the door when he saw her sitting at the little silvery colored vanity a few feet from the bed, holding a perfume bottle and looking as if her world had just been torn apart.

He shifted his hold on the tray a little bit and freed one hand so that he could knock on the wall beside the door and watched her jump.

Startled by the soft sound as she hastily put the perfume bottle down and turned and looked at him wide eyed. He forced himself to give her a friendly smile despite his curiosity and walked over to the lounge chair and sat down and set the try across his lap and waited for her to join him.

"I hope that your hungry, Shayera. Between my father and brothers cooking to show their graditude for what you did for Cody; you have quite a feast here." He said in amusement as she got up from the vanity and walked over and took the empty space beside him and looked at the tray.

Good lord there was all sorts of stuff piled on the plates!

Freshly cut fruit. Pancakes. Cookies- How the devil did those get on there? She wondered before her eyes drifted to the three slices of pizza with the side dish of bacon piled on a smaller plate with half a piece of toasted bread next to a bowl of what looked like home made vegetable soup.

She looked at Leo and pointed to the cookies and pizza, a questioning look on her face and he rubbed the nape of her neck almost nervously before saying. "Mike and Ralph. They aren't so good at showing their feelings so they try and establish bonds in odd and sometimes funny ways."

Shayera got an 'oh' look then reached out and picked up the flowers and Leo chuckled. "You can thank Cody and Don for those. Since Cody still can't get out of bed he asked Don to find and get the flowers for you."

"That was very sweet of them." She said softly as she noted that the flowers were her favorite rare sky blue and lavender colored lilies that could only grow in certain places. Cody must have been secretly growing them somewhere in his building ever since she was taken from him.

"Yeah well, Don would have done it anyways...ya know, since you saved Cody." Leo said awkwardly. Shayera smiled a little bit and set the flowers aside and asked.

"What should I start with?"

"I say start with anything that looks remotely eatable."

"But it's all eatable." Shayera pointed out with a soft laugh. Leo looked down at the food again and shrugged his shoulders, unsure of what else to say.

"Then eat what your in the mood for. You should hurry too. It's getting cold."

"Oh alright then-" Shayera said as she picked up the small bowl of soup that Master Splinter had made for her and picked up the spoon sitting on the tray and took her time eating inbetween asking questions about Cody's condition. She seemed worried that he might relapse and this worried Leo as well, though he refused to speak his fears.

Once she finished the soup she set the bowl aside and more or less picked at the rest of the food. Something that Leo found odd. Then again maybe not so much since there was a lot of food on the tray. That and maybe she simply wasn't as hungry as she had first thought. Then there was the fact that she might be trying to force herself- Finally after a few minutes once she'd taken a bite or two of everything he sighed. "Okay. Enough. You don't have to force yourself to eat it all in one sitting."

She set what she'd been nibbling on aside and looked up at him with a worried look on her pretty face. "But, won't your brothers feel insulted that I didn't eat what they put on the tray for me?" Leo felt the oddest impulse to call his brothers into the room and kick them.

Of course she would think that when she didn't know them. "No. They'll be happy that you ate even a little bit." He said and she gave him a relieved look and put one hand over her stomach and started to rub it through her shirt.

"Thank god, I wasn't sure how much more I could eat before I got sick."

"Then I'll put this away for you for later. Do you want to lay down a while longer- until your stomach stops hurting?"

" I think I'll just find a nice cozy place and get myself a book and read for a bit." Leo shrugged his shoulders and got to his feet. Shayera got to her feet next to him and fell into step behind him as he walked out of the room.