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It never snowed on Christmas.

Being located in the center of Fire Country, Konoha didn't really get cold weather. Fire Country, as it's name implied, was a hot country. Not as hot like the desert-lands of Sand Country, but hot nonetheless. As result, it never snowed.

Tenten had always dreamed of a white Christmas, but considering the coldest it ever got in Konoha was some scattered thunderstorms during the rainy season, it was looking like she would never see snow on Christmas. Of course she could always go somewhere where it did snow, but what would the point in that be? Christmas was about spending the time with friends and family. If Tenten left, just to search for some snow, she'd still be missing a part of that white Christmas that she dreamed of.

"haaah," the kunoichi sighed. "It's just never going to snow on Christmas."

Though it was considerably cold outside, on this Christmas eve, as Tenten sat in the center of the village square, waiting for her Hyuga to show up, it was not nearly cold enough for snow. It would be a miracle if it even rained. Though, she didn't want that either. Rain would ruin her and Neji's plan to spend the day together before both of them celebrated Christmas day with their families.

"Just once..." Tenten sighed again, looking up into the cloudless sky. "Just once I'd like to see snow on Christmas."

It was a beautiful day, all things considered. The sky was a bright blue. Birds were singing noisily at all corners of the village. Children laughed, bells rung, music echoed. The air was full of excitement. And a faint chilly breeze whistled through the rooftops, adding just the right touch of the winter season to make the day feel like Christmas. Over all, it looked to be a wonderful day. And as she glanced down at the crinkled lavender colored paper, with white snowflake pattern, wrapped around the small box she held in her hand, Tenten was certain she would have a good time out on her date. But still, she longed for that soft white fluttery fluff to fall from the sky over Konoha and complete her perfect Christmas. But alas, she knew that would never happen.

"Ten," the deep baritone voice of the one and only Hyuga prodigy called out from behind the kunoichi.

"Neji," she turned and smiled at him, standing up from the bench where she had been waiting for the white-eyed boy for the last fifteen minutes.

"You haven't been waiting too long, have you?"

Tenten shook her head, still smiling as she walked over to him. "No, I just got here a little while ago."

He smiled in response, taking her hand in his as they began walking towards the artificial ice rink in the center of the village. "You look very beautiful, Tenten."

Though it wasn't their first date, the kunoichi had been rather excited about going out on Christmas Eve with Neji, and had spent hours deciding what to wear. In the end, she'd picked something relatively simple. Since they were going ice skating, and she'd never been, she had opted for something comfortable to move in rather than anything too fancy. A flowing skirt had seemed the best option, but having heard that falling on the ice could get cold and painful, the bun-haired girl had decided on some thick tights for both the warmth and the extra padding in case her butt did end up meeting the ice. Bundled up in a heavy winter coat, and scarf, she'd wondered if she even looked cute. Her hair, let down from it's usual buns, had seemed somewhat pretty. She was glad to hear, though, that he at least thought she looked good.

"Thank you," Tenten replied, blushing from the compliment as she tucked a strand of her loose hair behind her right ear. "Oh!" she suddenly remembered she was still holding on to the Hyuga's gift. "Here," smiling excitedly she handed Neji his gift, hoping he'd like it.

He thanked her as he took the gift with his free hand and guided them over to a lone bench at one end of the ice rink. There, he pulled a smaller box from his pocket, wrapped in bright red packaging, and handed it to her. She waited for him to open his gift, eager to see his reaction to the homemade scarf she had painstakingly knitted for him. He seemed to be quite pleased and touched by the gesture, immediately putting it on, before waiting for her to open her own gift.

Holding the small red box in her hand, Tenten wondered what it could be. It certainly wasn't a weapon, which was what most people generally thought to give her. It was surprisingly heavier than she would have imagined, but nothing in it's shape or size gave anything away about what might be hidden inside. Deciding she would never guess what it was, Tenten immediately went about to opening the small package. She tried to be careful in unwrapping it, since it had looked so pretty and she didn't want to just tear it open. Slowly, she pulled the paper aside and then used her nails to cut open the box.

Reaching into the box to pull out her gift and get a better look, Tenten's eyes just about burst into tears as she held up a tiny little orb with a miniscule replica of Konoha inside. Smiling, she turned to Neji and threw her arms over his shoulders, hugging him tightly.

"Thank you Neji," she emotionally whispered, before pulling away and giving her new gift a gentle shake. Inside the globe, fluttery little white fluffs drifted down upon the miniature Konoha. "Snow on Christmas..."