AN: This is an idea I've had going through my head since the final. It's a kind of worse case scenario on what could have happened after the family's coming out. If you read it I'd love to know what you think. My hope is to have it all done before the show starts back on the 16th. Enjoy

Summary: Bill knew there would be backlash, people who wouldn't be happy with him or approve of his life choices but he never thought anyone would come after his family. He didn't think they could actually get hurt.


Slowly Margene pushed a trolley down the aisle of the supermarket, she had a love hate relationship with the task. She used to love getting out of the house but this last week had been different. She could feel people staring at her and it gave her an uneasy feeling.

Today there was a couple, a man and a woman who were walking the same aisles as her in the opposite direction. This in itself wasn't unusual it often happened but the woman made a point of smiling at her every time she past. It seemed just a little too friendly.

"That's a beautiful little girl you have there." The woman said speaking to her for the first time.

"Thanks," Margene smiled back, she tried to push the trolley forward but at the last moment the woman grabbed her arm.

"You don't deserve such a beautiful girl." The woman whispered to her. "I know who you are."


Slowly Ben turned the car off the main road and began making his way towards their street. He'd ducked over to the store to buy ice-cream and milk. They didn't need either of them but he'd wanted an excuse to get out of the house and buying the supplies to make milkshakes was the best he could come up with. It has been tense in the house all day, all week really but worse today.

The family's coming out hadn't had the impact his father had hoped for, people were not welcoming the openness or even stopping to look at the family to see they really were quite normal. No the shear majority of people went straight to the stereotype, straight to hate. The family's businesses were starting to flounder and it was stressing everyone out.

Nikki had run away to The Compound two days ago, she said it was to help her mother and that was partly true but everyone knew she just wanted to get away from it all. His mom was spending most of her time at the casino. It was supposed to be their safety net but it wasn't safe, it had been under threat even before the coming out, now she was doing her best to stop it sinking but there was only so much she could do. His dad had been playing mediation with the media, he was trying to get their image right but it wasn't working and as a result he wasn't home. He many have been elected to the Utah state senate but their story had quickly gone national. Ben wasn't quite sure where he was now, New York he thought, or maybe LA, where was irrelevant really all that mattered was he wasn't there.

The only people holding up the fort at home were him and Margene. She'd put her business on hold and was doing her best to take care of the children while he filtered through threatening phone calls and letters. Some of them were pretty scary but the police didn't seem to think there was any substance to them. He was inclined to think the same but there had been an incident this afternoon which had really freaked Margene out. They'd had a fight about it before he'd left, she'd said she didn't want him going out by himself but he was pretty sure what she really meant was she didn't want him leaving her at the house by herself because he'd taken Teeny with him but it hadn't made her any happier.

"Please Benny don't go." She'd said to him. "We don't need milkshakes."

But then Wayne, Raymond, Lester and Aaron, had all started jumping up and down chanting, "milkshakes, milkshakes, milkshakes" and she'd had no choice but to say ok.

He rounded the final corner into their street.

"Ben, what's going on down there?" Teeny asked. He stared ahead and saw a mass of flashing lights.

"I don't know." He said driving closer. He squinted trying to work out what it was, police, fire, ambulance, all three?

"Ben they're in front of our house." Teeny said saying what he'd just realised himself.

"I know," He pulled the car over to the side of the road unable to drive any closer. "Stay in the car." He told her, he climbed out and began walking as fast as he could towards the house.

As he got closer he saw a stretcher push out the front door, he couldn't see who was on it, they moved too fast and there were too many people around it. The door to the ambulance slammed shut, and the serine flicked on as it sped away.

The bad feeling he had grew stronger and he kept moving forward, eyes focused on the front door. There were people walking out of it now people he didn't recognize.

"Sir you can't come any closer." Someone said trying to stop him.

"This is my house." He said trying to move past them then he saw Wayne step into the doorway.

"Ben!" Wayne cried pushing away from the woman beside him. He started running towards him and as his younger brother got closer he saw the blood. His brother's clothes were covered in blood.