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Title: Jump Then Fall

Chapter 1:

Bella POV:

I was sitting in my room reading my beat up copy of Wuthering Heights, trying to disengage myself from the Edward/Jacob battle when I heard something hit my window. I thought for sure I was a goner but when I heard someone yelling for me I couldn't stop myself from checking to see what was wrong.

"Swan get your skinny ass down here!" Leah whisper yelled, "Don't make me come up there, or you will be sorry!"

"What is it Leah? Gonna bitch me out?" I sassed back at her. I wasn't in the mood for her shit.

"I need you to come to La Push with me." She said meekly and shuffling her feet.

"Why?" I said crossing my arms over my chest.

"It's my brother okay? Can I explain on the way?" she huffed. I really don't see why she didn't just come inside. My dad wasn't home and Edward was hunting. Everyone knew where the hid-a-key was.

"Seth? Is he okay?" I questioned as I put on some shoes and grabbed a jacket.

"Get in the truck and I'll explain." She said jumping in the driver's seat, "Keys."

"Here," I handed them over, "Now speak." It sounded like a dog command and we both chuckled a bit.

"Listen you know about imprinting right?" I nodded, "Well what you don't know is that when a wolf is ready to imprint he dreams of her. Constantly."

I stared at her, "And what does this have to do with me?"

She scoffed, "I thought you were smart Swan. My brother has been dreaming about you since even before his first phase."

"What? Your kidding?" I blushed.

"No Swan apparently you are my brother's imprint, or so he thinks, but he's too chicken to do anything because he's too loyal to Jacob. But I think he needs you. He's been in pain and he's not sleeping right or eating. He's always offering to patrol around your house. It needs to stop. He needs you and sadly I think you need him too." She turned to me and gave me a real smile as we pulled in, "Come on let's go see if you are my new sister."

I just stared at her. Who the hell was this Leah Clearwater? Jake said she was a bitch and she was cold hearted. I knew she was hurt, but…..she's smiling and doing something for others and being….nice. Who knew?

"Leah….I can't." I was scared. "I can't go in there."

"Why not Swan?" she put her hand on my shoulder.

"Leah he's like fifteen, I'm eighteen. It's just…." I couldn't pick the word.

"And Quil is sixteen and Claire is two?" Leah challenged, "The Spirits know why they do these things, we shouldn't question it."

"Leah, does Jake know I'm here?" I asked slowly. This would kill him.

"Yeah, Sam ordered that we see all his thoughts pertaining to you and when Jake saw it, he couldn't fight it." Leah sighed, "It's going to be alright Bella. Remember Seth is going to be your perfect match. He's your soul mate."

Soul mate. The word hung in the air, I thought Edward was my soul mate. He wasn't though. He wouldn't have been able to leave me for that long. It would have torn him apart. I remember the one time that Emily's sister said that Claire was sick so she couldn't come over and it had already been a week since Quil had seen her. He lost it. He stayed phased until she was able to come down. He couldn't eat, couldn't sleep. That was a soul mate and she's only two. Something wasn't right with Edward's declaration of soul mates for us. As I sat here with Leah and contemplated the possibility that my actual soul mate was just in that room, I got excited. I hadn't really been excited for anything in a while. Well not since….Edward came back.

"You figured it out didn't you?" Leah smiled.

"I'm scared Leah. I'm gonna hurt Jake, I'm gonna hurt Edward. I'm always hurting someone." I cried. I stared at the house and saw the window curtain move.

"He's known you were here since we pulled up. He can feel when you are close. He knows you are freaking out and he wants to come and comfort you but Jake held him back." Leah said following my eyes.

"You really think I should go in there." I questioned.

"Would you rather he came out here?" she offered.

"Maybe…..no….I'll go in, okay?" I pulled down my visor and opened the mirror so I could wipe the tears from my eyes and fix my mess of a hair.

"He's not going to care what you look like, he already loves you." Leah whispered, I'm sure so the other's didn't hear her.

"Leah, what about you? Do you get those dreams?" I wanted her to be happy too, apparently we were going to be sisters.

"I will when I'm ready." She answered and pulled me from the truck, effectively putting a stop to my stalling.

"Seth close your eyes! I'm bringing Swan in." Leah bellowed.

"Leah we can hear you, ya know?" Jake yelled back just as loud which I didn't understand, "Hey Bells, you okay?" he greeted giving me a hug.

"Hey Jake, um….nervous I guess." I tried to cover it with a giggle but he saw right through me.

"I suggest that everyone leaves and we leave the love birds alone." Jake said to the room. I noticed that the whole pack was here. Why did they all come to watch? Is it like daytime TV for them?

Leah came up and gave me a hug, "Welcome to the family sister." And she left along with everyone else.

I turned and faced Seth as he stood in a corner of the house, his eyes still closed. He was shifting on his feet trying not to look nervous but I could tell her was, I could almost….feel it.

"Bella….I know you are still there. I'm…sorry about all this. I just want…." He started but I for some reason got brave and walked over to him and put my finger to his lips. Then I whispered, "Open your eyes Seth."

And I sealed my fate.

Seth POV:

I loved my sister, I really really did. She was my savor, well and a rat. She knew I had stopped sleeping lately and I could barely eat. So what does she do, she goes and tells Sam and Jacob. They were the ones I really didn't want to know what was going on.

"Sam, he needs her." Leah argued.

"Needs who?" Jake asked.

"Jake…" I whined. I didn't want to tell them. "Please don't make me."

"Leah do you know who it is?" Sam asked. She nodded and gave me a small apologetic smile.

"Well who's your imprint going to be Seth?" Jake asked excitedly.

I just shook my head and I wouldn't tell.

"Fine. Go phase now." Sam Alpha ordered.

I walked out of the house and phased and then that was it, as soon as they saw who it was, they ordered to see it all. The dreams, the nightmares, my patrols, everything.

It was quiet until we phased back. Jake sat on the ground, his hands in his hair, "My Bells, your imprint in my Bells?"

"I'm sorry Jake, I didn't want to hurt you, I just…." I was weak that was all.

"Your not weak Seth, I thank you for trying. I'd rather lose her to you than that bloodsucker. At least I'll still be able to be in her life." he sighed. "So what do we do Sam?"

"I think Leah went to get her." He sighed.

"But it's the middle of the night! She could have been asleep." I yelled out.

They just ignored my outburst and we all sat in the living room talking. Somehow the rest of the pack had showed up and found out about my imprint or soon to be imprint or whatever she was.

Twenty minutes went by before we heard the roar of a truck we all knew well. Bella was here. I jumped up and was stopped by Jake. "Let her come to you." He said.

"But….she's upset." I whined. "I can feel it."

"Already?" Jared spoke up. "Damn, you guys won't be able to be apart long if you can already feel her and it hasn't even happened yet."

I looked to Jake for help and he gave me a smile and said, "Leah's out there. How much do you trust your sister? She wouldn't let anything happen to Bells I promise. I bet Bells is just….nervous."

"Can I at least peek out the window?" I nearly begged.

"Go ahead pup." Jake laughed.

When I opened the curtain just a little to see her, I noticed she had seen it move. She had been crying that was sure and I didn't like it. I let the curtain go and heard the footsteps of my sister and my….well Bella. They were coming inside.

Jake and Leah yelled at each other and then Leah told me to close my eyes. So I went behind the rest of the pack and closed my eyes. Jake told everyone to leave, then I heard my sister whisper something to Bella but I couldn't make out what it was. When we were alone I started shifting on my feet. I was so nervous. What if I was just a psycho stalker and she's not even my imprint!

"Bella….I know you are still there. I'm…sorry about all this. I just want…." I started but I heard her footsteps start to get closer and her heartbeat started to race then she put a finger to my lips and whispered, "Open your eyes Seth."

When I did, I was disappointed. Those dark pools of chocolate were definitely the windows to Bella Swan's soul. I could see everything, feel everything she was feeling in the moment. I felt myself inching towards her and I whispered, "Beautiful." We stared for what felt like an eternity, I knew that she was my imprint. Every other person in my life didn't mean a thing. Not Leah, or my mom, not the pack. She would always be put first. I would take out anyone who tried to hurt her. I vowed to myself that I would never hurt her like other people had. I wrapped my arms around her waist and she didn't pull away.

"Seth," she whispered, "What are we going to do?"

"About what?" I whispered back. I wasn't sure why we were whispering since no one else was around. I was too busy still staring at her eyes.

"Seth, focus honey. Well first off, I'm eighteen and you're fifteen. I'm also dating a vampire and you turn into a giant wolf." She huffed.

I growled at the mention of her vampire boyfriend. "We'll just have to get rid of him."

"Sethhh" she drew my name out, "I know I need to….break up with him. But….I can't just…jump into this with you."

"Why not Bella? It would be so easy. We're soul mates Bella. We're perfect for each other." I argued.

"I don't know….can't we…be friends for now?" she whispered again.

"You know I'll be anything you want Bella." I kissed her cheek and she blushed a deep red.

"Just until this whole mess with Victoria is done with okay. Then we'll see what happens." She sighed and leaned up to kiss my cheek. "I gotta head home. I'm sure….Edward will be checking in soon."

I growled and refused to let her go. "Stay here. Please."

"Okay, it's pretty late." She said and finally hugged me back.

"You can stay in Leah's room if you want." Although I would much rather her be in my bed.

"Um…okay." She was getting nervous again.

"What is it Bella? You tell me and I'll do it." I offered.

"I don't want to be alone. Can I lay with you?" she asked shyly.

And since I was a newly imprinted wolf I just nodded with a giant grin on my face. "Go on up the steps, my room is the one on the right. I just gotta call Sam's and check in okay?"

"Sure, do me a favor, tell Embry to stay away from his house tonight. My dad said he was going to be out late so I would assume it was with Miss Call." Then she whispered like it was a big secret, "They're dating. I think that Em and I are going to be brother and sister." Then she giggled and went up the stairs.

I watched her until I couldn't see her anymore, then I went to the kitchen and called Sam's house. Emily answered with her cheery voice, "Seth! Did it happen? What's going on?"

"Um, Em, can I talk to my sister or Jake or Sam?" I said nervously.

"Sure Seth. Oh Leah's coming?" she squealed.

"Seth." Leah answered.

"Leah, it happened." I whispered so the others couldn't eavesdrop.

"Yes!" she hollered. "Oh yay! I got a sister!"

"Leah, oh sweet Jesus. Give me Jake." I huffed. She was too excited for her own good.

"Jake here." He answered.

"Jake, I need you to um…." I struggled for words, "Listen Bella is spending the night." I heard a few hoots and wolf whistles in the background. "Oh man, not like that. I didn't want her to go home and well….I think someone needs to go to Forks and tell the Cullen's that Bella is in La Push." I finally spit out.

"Okay. I'll go. Alice knows me." Jake sighed, "Anything else Seth? I know you wanna go up to Bells."

"Actually Bella said to tell Embry to stay away from his house tonight because her dad said they were going to be out late or something and that his mom and her dad are dating and that they are going to be brother and sister." I rushed out and hung up hearing the groaning in the background from Embry.

I walked up the steps and into my room to see Bella browsing through one of my sketchbooks. "I'm sorry, if you don't want me too."

"It's fine Bella. Promise. Are you tired? It's kinda late?" I said pointing at the clock.

"Yeah a little. You gonna come lay with me?" she giggled. I think she was more tired than she thought.

I climbed in bed and she snuggled into my side. I didn't want to go to sleep, I wanted to watch her but I was too comfortable and I passed out dreaming of our life together.

Bella POV:

I was warm, deliciously warm. I snuggled closer to the warmth and surprised myself when I saw that it was Seth I was laying next to. I went to pull away and he whimpered.

"Seth, Sethyyyy, come on wake up honey. I'll make you some food." I offered.

"Did I hear food future sister?" Leah popped her head in the door.

"Yeah help me untangle from him and I'll cook." I chuckled. She reached over and pulled me so hard I thought my shoulder would pop out.

I walked down to the kitchen to find Sue there staring at a picture of Harry, Leah and Seth. "Hey Bella."

"Hey Sue, I was just gonna make our wolves some food." I giggled.

"That's sweet dear. I think you are good for my Seth, as well as my Leah." She sighed and replaced the picture over the mantle in the living room.

Leah came down and sat at the table and watched me cook. "Did you know I can't cook to save my life? My imprint better be a super chef." She joked.

"I love to cook and bake. I only get to do it for Charlie, and Jake every once in a while." I sighed remembering how I could do one of the few things I was good at for the Cullen's.

As I started the bacon and eggs Seth came down and sat down and whimpered in pain. I whipped around, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing Bella, don't worry." He shrugged off.

"Seth you look like you did before you phased are you alright?" Leah commented from across the table.

He didn't respond but ate up as I soon as I placed the food on the table. He didn't say a word to me and I didn't like it. "Well I guess I'll just head home." I offered. I felt out of place.

"Don't go." Seth started to stand up and then fell right to the floor.

"Oh God Leah do something!" I screamed. "Seth, honey wake up." I put his head on my lap and brushed his hair back. "Please."

I heard Leah in the kitchen calling Sam and Sue came in and gasped, "I don't know what to do Sue. Help me." I cried.

"I'm not….I….what happened?" She asked looking between me and Leah.

Before we could answer Sam and Jake came in the door and looked frantically at Seth. When they did he let out more whimpers of pain and started to shake. "Bells get away from him. He might phase on accident."

"No he won't. He won't hurt me. I can't feel it. Don't take me away please." I looked to Leah, "Please don't let them take me away."

Jake sighed, "Bells, we need you to go to the Cullen's and get Carlisle down here to check out Seth."

"I can't go there. I can't see them. Then what am I supposed to say? Oh yeah sorry guys but my soul mate needs a doctor please help me?" I screeched.

They all stared at me and I felt a blush come up on my cheeks but they were already covered in tears so I really didn't care.

"Leah, will you come with me?" I sniffled.

"Yeah Bells, I will." She turned to Sam and Jake, "You keep an eye on him. We'll be back."

Leah and I piled into my truck, she drove because I was basically hysterical. I couldn't stop crying and I wasn't sure why. Some time during the night my feeling grew exponentially for Seth. I really did care about him and when he was better I wouldn't hold back anymore.

I didn't even realize we had made it into Fork's when we pulled up to the Cullen mansion. "Bella what are you doing here? And with that" Rosalie said from the porch.

"I need Carlisle." I whispered knowing she would still hear me.

"What is it Bella? Are you hurt?" He answered as he walked out the door.

"I need you to come to La Push. Seth is hurt. Please." I begged.

"What does Seth have to do with you Bella?" Jasper asked and I could tell he was monitoring my emotions. "I thought you stayed with Jake in La Push last night?"

"It doesn't matter, we have to go. Now." I demanded.

Carlisle looked surprised at my tone and Leah stood stock still not saying a word. She drove my truck back and I rode with Carlisle. "Bella what is going on, I need to know."

"I'm Seth's imprint Carlisle. We're soul mates." I said simply.

"I see. And what's wrong with him now?" he questioned.

"He passed out. He stood up and fell down on the ground after breakfast. While he slept he was making whimpering noises like he was in pain. Somethings wrong, I need you to fix it." I cried.

"Okay Bella. I will do my best." He offered.

We drove the rest of the way in silence and as soon as we reached the Clearwater house I was out of the car and inside next to Seth faster than I had ever moved and I didn't even trip.

"How is he Jake?" I asked picking up his hand and holding it in my own.

"Better now that your back. He's been yelling for you since you left." He ran a hand through his hair.

"Go take a run Jake. Carlisle's here. He'll fix him. He has to." I said not sure if I was convincing myself or him.

"No way am I leaving you with a bloodsucker." He huffed. Leah came in and patted him on the back and told him she would be here so it was fine.

Carlisle came in and checked Seth over. Every time he touched him I flinched. I didn't like him touching my Seth.

"Bella I can't find anything wrong with him, but do have a theory after speaking with Sam." Carlisle said looking at me with soft eyes. "Bella, you know how your friend Quil imprinted on little Claire and how he's not going to age until she's his age?" I nodded my head and he continued, "Well, Seth is younger than you, so his body is forcing itself to age to equal you."

"I'm hurting him?" I cried looking from Carlisle to Leah and Sam.

"No Bella, your not hurting him. He's going to be fine. It's just like the first phase. Later in the day when he wakes up, we'll make him phase and when he's human again….he will be older. I think that's what Carlisle is trying to get across here." Sam tried to assure me but it wasn't working.

Hours passed and Leah tried to get me to eat or take a walk but I wouldn't leave. I just sat with Seth holding his hand or I would lay in his bed with him. I listened to the sound of his heart beating and lulled myself to sleep.

Seth POV:

I ached all over but I was peaceful because Bella was laying with me. I groaned and sat up untangling her arms from me.

"Seth, your okay?" Leah exclaimed.

"No I'm not. I'm dying." I groaned again.

"You need to phase." She said pulling me from my bed.

"Don't wanna Le-Le" I whined.

"Don't care Sethy, let's go." She mocked.

"I can't phase. I'm too weak." I whispered.

"Then I'll piss you off." She taunted. "You know when we went to the Cullen's that blonde one he was checking Bells out. Said she was sexy." I growled. "Yeah and Jake, oh yeah he was allll over your girl, comforting her when she cried." I growled louder the more she taunted. "You know I heard Quil say that since he has to wait for Claire and Bells has to wait for you to be legal that they should hook up until then." Then I snapped. And I phased into my sandy colored wolf.

I instantly felt better. My bones felt like they were growing and stretching. When I phased human, I was naked but I felt taller, bigger, stronger. "Damn Seth, cover that shit up." Leah growled.

I walked up to my room and grabbed some sweat pants. They were too short, and only reached my knees. Apparently I did grow. I was confused but all I wanted was my mate. My wolf was demanding it really.

I nudged her with my hand on her shoulder, "Bella…"

"Go away. Want to sleep." She mumbled.

"Bella…wake up." I climbed into bed behind her and rolled her to face me.

"Jake, go to sleep." She patted my chest.

"I'm not Jake." I growled.

"Seth?" her eyes opened right up, "Sethy, what happened?" he eyes welled up with tears.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"Go look in the mirror Seth." She pointed toward the bathroom. When I walked in I noticed that I did look like Jake. It was creepy, we could probably pass for brothers. I felt….different. The other guys said they were sixteen, seventeen and eighteen year olds in a twenty five year olds body, but I didn't feel like my fifteen year old self anymore. I felt manly, strong.

I really, really wanted my mate but she wasn't ready so I was fighting my wolf. "Bella….." I called and she came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist and placed kisses on my back as far as she could reach.

"It's okay Sethy." She whispered. "I'm not going to run."

"You said you weren't ready to jump." I whispered.

"I'm more than ready to jump Sethy, I'm ready to jump then fall." I turned to face her, "I mean it Seth. We can do this. You and me. Let me fall for you Seth."

"Bella, I want nothing more than to take you right now." I growled and her arousal hit my nose and made me growl again, "Bella, I mean it."

"Then take me Sethy. I'm yours." She kissed my chest like she had done to my back and I picked her up so we were face to face. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I finally kissed her for the first time.

It was my first kiss. I was nervous, but my body and mind were telling me I was going to be fine. I felt her tongue flick out across my lips and I answered hungrily with my own going into her mouth. "Bella…..baby, I need you to get down and go to my bedroom. I need to talk to Sam, you go wait for me…." She turned to walk away and I whispered in her ear, "wait for me naked Bella."

She gasped and looked at me in disbelief then nodded and skipped off to my room, and I do mean skipped.

I ran down the stairs and grabbed the phone and dialed Sam's house. "Seth, are you okay now?"

"Yeah man, I'm fine. Although my mate did just think I was Jake waking her up." I groaned.

"Yeah Leah told us. Creepy man." He chuckled, "what's up."

"I need to claim my mate Sam." I said sternly.

"I know you do Seth. Don't worry. Your instincts will keep her safe." He assured me.

"You'll keep everyone away?" I asked.

"Of course I will. When you bite her, don't think you did something wrong okay? It's just marking her as your mate." Sam explained.

"What about Cullen?" I growled.

"Bella told Carlisle what is going on, and I'm sure Edward got it from his head. You'll have to deal with it soon." He warned.

"I know, but not tonight. Tonight I claim my mate. Warn anyone who steps foot near the house, I'll flip." I hung up not waiting for a response.

I walked up to my room and found my mate naked as I asked. "Bella…." I climbed into bed sitting behind her and placed kisses on her shoulders. "Are you okay?"

"Hmm…." She moaned, "But…um…are you okay?"

"Just need my mate baby." I growled against her skin and I smelled the wetness pooling in between her legs. "Tell me baby, has anyone ever taken you before?"

"No Sethy. You just kissed me more than I have ever been kissed before." She replied shyly.

"Oh baby, your mine. And no one else will ever, ever touch you." I growled again and moved to hover over her.

"Don't wanna anyone else Sethy." She moaned as I kissed down the valley of her breast and down to her wet core.

"You smell so good Bella, can I taste you?" I asked kissing the inside of her thighs.

"Please…" she moaned out.

I dove into her heat taken in everything I could. I felt her squirming and withering underneath me. She was yelling out my name and variants of "oh God" and when she released it was the most beautiful thing I could have ever seen.

I kissed my way back up her body and slowly aligned myself with her center. I slowly entered her, "Your mine now Bella." I growled breaking through her barrier, "always." I slowly moved in and out of her. She would get so close to another climax and then I would stop. I surprised myself by pulling out of her and flipping her onto her hands and knees.

I slipped inside her and grabbed her pony tail, "Your mine Bella, say it!" I growled.

"I'm yours Sethy." She moaned.

"Damn right you are." Then I found myself biting into the back of her neck effectively making her mine in the eyes of everyone else as we both reached our climaxes.

I pulled out of her and we cuddled together in the bed. I held her close and she placed her head on my chest, listening to my heartbeat. I heard her little snores and got a little cocky, knowing that I put my mate to sleep from my claiming.

"Good night Bella, I love you." I whispered and kissed her forehead before falling into a deep sleep myself where I didn't have to worry about vampire's coming after my mate.

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