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Previously On: Jump Then Fall

Charlie and Miss Call walked hand in hand to find a seat and Bella and Embry groaned simultaneously.

Billy clapped his hands together, his normal sign of getting started, "Tonight is a very special night, we are celebrating the graduation of one of our family and we are welcoming someone new into our secrets. Charlie Swan, listen carefully, tonight is for you, Welcome to the La Push Pack…."

Chapter 3:

Leah POV:

I sat next to Seth and Bella at the bonfire. I know we were all on edge today, but those two were in their own happy little world. I was so proud of my brother, he was becoming stronger and the man he was supposed to be.

When Billy told Charlie to listen carefully, he let go of Miss Call's hand and leaned forward on his log. He was ready to hear what was about to be said, but the only problem was, would he try to take Bella away from us after he knew the truth?

Billy told the stories just like he had at every other bonfire we had for a new member of the pack. When the stories were finished Charlie's eyes were wide and all the wolves could hear his heartbeat quicken.

"You mean, Jake, Sam and the guys are wolves?" Charlie started, "Because of the Cold Ones?"

Sam stood and nodded his head, "Yes Charlie, the boys, and Leah, are wolves. I am the pack leader or Alpha."

"Even Drew? Drew are you a wolf too?" Charlie stared at his daughter wrapped around a wolf and was starting to freak out.

"Actually Charlie, see about that…." Seth replied, "I'm actually not Drew Young. I'm Seth."

"The only Seth I know is Seth Clearwater, and you are not him. I just saw him a few weeks ago. Stop lying boy. Bella get your things. We're going." Charlie ordered. My brother growled low in his chest.

"Charlie, Bella will not be going anywhere without me." He snarled.

"And why is that?" Charlie challenged.

"Because she's my wife." He responded with a cocky smile.

"What? If you are Seth, then you are only fifteen." Charlie recoiled, "Dammit Bella, let's go."

I noticed Seth started to shake as Charlie grabbed Bella's arm. "Dad, ow, you're hurting me." She cried.

"Let go of her Charlie." Jake warned, "We don't want Seth to hurt you."

"Why would he hurt me?" Charlie was scanning the whole circle for a threat and he almost looked like a vampire following his senses.

"Because you heard the legend of imprinting Charlie, Bella is my imprint and you are hurting her. I will do anything to stop that from happening, no matter the cost." Seth said proudly.

"Seth I'm fine, he just had my arm too tight." She tried to appease him but we all could see the bruise forming where his hand was.

I guess Seth finally saw the mark on her upper arm and started to shake uncontrollably. "Seth, calm down. You can't phase." Bella grabbed his face to help him calm down.

"Well isn't that sweet." We heard the sickeningly sweet voice say from the woods. "Catch me if you can! But one day I'll get that stupid human girl." Victoria cackled out a laugh and took off running into the woods. How did that vampire bitch just sneak up on ten werewolves?

"Everyone phase and let's catch her. Leah, imprint duty." Sam assigned. I really hated imprint duty.

Seth looked longingly at Bella and she just blew him a kiss, "I'll wait for you at home." She whispered. He gave her a smile and a lengthy kiss followed by a smack on her ass.

"Come on little sister, let's get outta here." I said pulling her toward the house.

I walked Bella home and then went to run the perimeter from Sam and Emily's to Kim's and then back home. The thoughts of my pack brothers were all jumbled. They were focused on the chase especially Seth. All I heard from him was "protect Bella."

Sam finally came home around midnight and Jared followed right after him, so that only left me with the house to watch. I decided I could go inside and shower and get ready for bed. I would hear anything that threatened the house. I passed by Seth's (well and Bella's) room and saw Bella laying in the bed with one of Seth's sweatshirts on and she was covered in blankets. She was asleep so I decided not to bother her.

The next morning, I found Bella in the kitchen. She looked sickly, like she hadn't slept well at all and I knew then that Seth had not come home. She made me some breakfast and then said she was going back to bed. I didn't push her but I was starting to worry. She was shivering and it was summer time.

I went out for my normal patrol and asked Jake to check on Bella when he came off. I knew Seth probably wouldn't approve but I wanted to make sure she was okay. She looked half dead.

No one had heard from Seth, the last they saw he was in Canada. The rest of the pack, like me, only heard, "protect Bella" coming from his mind. On the second day of no Seth, I wanted to go find his furry ass and drag him back.

Bella was constantly in the bath or the shower. The heat was helping and I was starting to wonder if this was a side effect of the imprint bond they shared. Bella still cooked for us in the mornings and for lunch and even for dinner, but I hadn't seen her eat anything since the bonfire. She wasn't her normally bubbly self, she looked like I guess what she looked like before when the leech left her. I caught Sam and Jake's eyes and gave them a look that said I wanted to talk.

"What's up Leah?" Jake asked. What an idiot.

"We need to find Seth. Something is wrong with Bella." I answered.

"What do you mean wrong with her?" Sam said full of curiosity.

"She's always so damn cold and look at her, I haven't seen her eat or smile in almost three days." I sneered at them. They took a step back at my tone.

"Leah?" Bella called from the kitchen, "Leah somethings wrong. I don't feel soo…." She trailed off and passed out. Luckily Embry was close enough to catch her.

"Find Seth and Alpha command him home, now." I pointed toward the door and hoped they would hurry. I went up the bathroom and started another warm bath for her. She was passed out but still shivering.

Embry carried her upstairs but handed her to be to take her clothes off. I placed her into the tub and waited. I just hope Seth got here quick enough.

Seth POV:

I had been running for who knows how long. I wanted to catch that bitch, but it was like she always knew where I was coming from. I was solely focused on the hunt.

I finally heard the thoughts of Sam and Jake yelling for me. Something about Bella. I didn't stop to listen before I was running home. I arrived at the house almost a full five minutes before the others as I walked in I glared at the rest of the pack. "Where's Bella?" I asked the room.

"Upstairs in the tub. Leah has her, she passed out." Jared said and he gave me a sympathetic look.

I climbed the stairs taking them three at a time. I walked into the bathroom and growled at Leah, "Get out."

"Don't you grow at me Seth, I've been the one taking care of her. All she's done is sleep and fucking freeze to death. She hasn't eaten in almost three days!" my sister yelled back at me.

"Three days?" I whispered.

"Yeah, three days. Real nice treatment of your wife." Leah sneered. She left quickly and I fell to my knees next to my Bella.

"Bella baby, come on wake up. I'm home." I whispered in her ear, "I love you Bella."

"Love you too Sethy." I heard a small voice answer.

"Oh God you're okay." I sobbed. I picked her up out of the tub and hugged her to me.

"I was so cold. Just so cold." She mumbled. "You're so warm."

"Baby what is it?" I asked tilting her head to look at me.

"Don't leave me like that again. I don't think I can take it." she cried.

"Oh baby, I'm so sorry." I peppered kisses all over her face. "Let me make it up to you."

"No Seth, I'm fine. We need to go talk to my dad, and I'm sure you need to do something about this Victoria thing." Bella sighed, "Can I just have you for a little while. I need to be close to you."

"How close?" I waggled my eyebrows at her.

"I need to know I'm yours." She looked me straight in the eye and knew what that was going to do to me.

"Bella don't say things like that." I warned.

"Why Seth, don't I belong to you?" she taunted me and kissed along my neck and behind my ear. I let out a content growl and walked her buck ass naked to the bedroom. I threw her on the bed and stripped my shorts.

"Is this what you want Bella?" I growled as I kissed along her thighs and smelled her arousal as soon as it hit my nose.

"Oh Seth." She moaned.

"I'm going to take you." I kissed up her tummy to the valley of her breasts, "Is that what you want? You want me to lay my claim on you?"

"Please. I'm yours." Before she got anything else out I slipped inside her and was slamming into her. I wasn't easy or carful, I was full of raw lust and demand from my wolf.

"Say it again Bella."

"I belong to you Seth." She moaned and arched her back pushing me even further into her. I almost lost it then.

"Again Bella." I growled so close to my release.

"I love you Seth." And that was my undoing. She had cupped my face and her eyes shined with love. It was real and it was beyond anything I had ever felt.

"I love you baby, so much." I rolled off of her and just held her.

At least thirty minutes passed before either of us said a word, but Bella kept herself close to me, cuddling closer and closer every time I tried to separate us a bit. I was scared. They said she passed out. So what the hell happened?

I cleared my throat, "Bella what happened?"

I smelled the salt from her forming tears, "You were gone for so long and I felt dead. I couldn't function. I slept, but had nightmares, I was always so cold. I cooked for the pack that was about all I did, I just….couldn't"

"And when you passed out?" I pulled her closer fearing that she might disappear if I wasn't touching her.

"I don't know. I was so dizzy, I didn't feel right so I called for Leah and then I blacked out. I'm sorry." She ducked her head in shame but I put a stop to that.

"There are lots of things we don't know about imprinting, we need to tell the pack…it's not your fault." I reassured her with kisses all along her face. Suddenly I rolled back on top of her and was aroused again, "Pack can wait, I need you again."

An hour and half later we were making calls to the pack and the elders to join us for a meeting. Bella busied herself in the kitchen and Leah sighed with relief when she saw Bella basically skip into the kitchen.

"She looks better." She observed.

"I'm glad." I said with a smug smile.

"Don't be so cocky, you asshole. You made her that way." Leah smacked me upside the head.

I ignored her when the pack showed up and gathered in my living room. Jake looked in the kitchen, "She's humming? She's okay?"

"Yeah she's fine." I nodded.

Bella brought out sandwiches for everyone and they dug right in. After stuffing their faces Sam turned to me and said, "Alright Seth, what's going on."

"Well we all know I was gone for like three days?" everyone nodded and Bella flinched, I took her hand and continued, "Well while I was gone, Bella felt some of the effects of the imprint that I think everyone should be aware of."

"You mean she was like that because of the imprint?" Jake stood up shaking, "You made her suffer like that and you didn't know? You're instincts didn't tell you to come back?"

"All they said was protect Bella and that's what I thought I was doing by chasing Victoria." I hung my head.

"Seth, it's fine, we didn't know." Bella whispered.

"It's not fine. When I come back and you're passed out!" I growled at her. She flinched back and the tears started to show in her eyes.

"Guys, what kind of effects?" Sam asked.

"Seth, I…." Bella stuttered. "I gotta go clean up my mess." She ran to the kitchen and I knew she didn't want to go over it again.

I sighed and looked to my pack. I lowered my voice so she didn't have to hear me if she came back, "She told me once that when she's away from me she's always cold. So she was freezing while I was gone. She didn't eat, it was like, well I assumed it was like when Edward left her before, she didn't function."

"So basically they are empty without us." Sam whispered and then whimpered. "I'm gonna go call Emily."

"Yeah…I think I'll run to Kim's real quick. We need to know if all the imprints have the same….symptoms." He swallowed hard and ran out the door.

"What about Claire?" Quil said full of concern. "She's just a baby, do you think it counts for her too?"

"Maybe it's just mated imprints." Billy tried to assure him. "Why don't you go to my house and call her parents just in case."

I looked around to the others, "I'm sorry, I didn't know."

"No one did Seth, you can't blame yourself." Billy assured me, "Now we'll just have to put it in the books so future generations know."

Bella came back from the kitchen with fresh tear stains down her face, "Everything okay?" she asked.

"It's fine Bells." Jake nodded in her direction but was shooting glares at me.

"Are you guys going to let the Cullen's know about your Victoria chase?" Bella asked the room.

Sam reemerged from the kitchen with a smile on his face, "Emily's fine, but she said that um the cold thing is the same for her but we haven't been apart like you guys have so she couldn't help on that part."

Quil walked in with a smile on his face, "She's fine. She counted to twelve for me. She's two and counts that high, I swear she's gonna be a genius."

"Bella just asked if we were going to tell the Cullen's." I caught them up.

"Why should we?" Paul scoffed, "Fuck them, we don't need their help."

"Hey Paul, if they help catch Victoria faster, well they leave faster remember." Bella tried to persuade him but he just huffed at her, which caused me to growl menacingly at him.

"Sorry Seth, Bella." He muttered.

Jared came in the door with Kim in toe looking like someone ran over his dog, "She didn't tell me, why didn't I notice?"

He kept talking to himself and had Kim tucked into his lap and she was rubbing his hair trying to calm him down.

"What's he going on about?" Embry asked.

"I tried to keep the imprint effects to myself. I never told him. I didn't want him to worry. Sometimes we don't see each other for over a day and I get kinda like Bella did. Or if my mom makes me go out of town with them, it's never been as bad as what he told me about Bella…." Kim nuzzled her head into Jared's neck and we all realized she was trying to protect him, but it was normal, so I felt better.

"So we can't go over a day without seeing our imprints, our imprints are freezing if we aren't around even in the middle of the summer, anything else?" Sam questioned both Bella and Kim and they shook their heads.

"Well I say we vote on the Cullen issue?" Sam assessed the group.

We ended up calling the Cullen's and letting them know about our run, but didn't go too far into details and declined meeting with them. Another week went by before we had anymore issues. Charlie wanted to know what happened and where I disappeared to for three days. He threatened to shoot me if Bella ended up catatonic like before. I wanted to laugh but held it in and nodded my head.

Bella and I hadn't been on a real date and I hated it, I mean we were married for heaven's sake and we hadn't even been to the movies. I covered shifts for Jared so that I could have the whole weekend off and he would be on, but somehow he switched with Jake. I was walking in from my last patrol before we started our weekend when I saw that a picture was hanging by a knife on my front door. I took me a minute but I noticed that it was Bella asleep in our bed. Under the picture it read, "You should be more careful wolf."

I growled loud enough to shake the pictures on the walls. I ran upstairs to check on Bella and sure enough she was still passed out. I noticed the leech smell all over our room and her clothing. I nudged Bella in the shoulder trying to wake her, "Bella, baby wake up."

"Seth?" she said with a husky voice that awakened other parts of my body, "What's wrong?"

"Baby someone's been here, come on." I picked her up and carried her downstairs and out the door towards Billy's. When we reached the yard I placed her down and told her to head inside. I ran towards the woods next to Jake's and let out a howl alerting the whole pack. When I explained what I found they were all pissed too.

Bella and my mom were sitting in the living room with Billy when I came back in. I quirked an eyebrow towards my mom's pajamas and she just shrugged it off. "Get over it Seth, I don't pick on you and Bella being all goo-goo eyed at each other."

I ignored her comment as the guys came in and looked at Bella to see if she was okay. "She was in the fucking house." I growled to the room. "Taking pictures of my wife while she was sleeping. I want her dead. ASAFP."

That was the general consensus of the room. It was set up for a wolf to be with Bella at all times. I looked around the room and noticed my sister was missing from the meeting as well as the house. "Where is Leah?"

Everyone decided to look at something else that wasn't me, even Bella. "Well?" I growled.

"Sethy, she's fine." Bella patted my arm, "She just….met someone."

"Met someone?" I sneered, "Like an imprint someone or someone else that's going to break her heart."

"Seth," Sam started but I growled at him. I felt out of control and walked out of the house and into the woods.

I ran and ran but didn't let myself get to far because I was aware of Bella's reactions now. Suddenly I was hit in the side and I don't know what caught me but when I got back on all fours I was looking into the eyes of someone I hadn't planned on attacking me.

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