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Chapter 2 First Day

SPOV (Seth)

I was awake before my alarm went off. My friends and I were being transferred to Forks High School. I was pretty nervous though, I had hoped to ask Bella out this year, but with us changing schools there were even more boys that she could choose from, and she could pick anyone with the way she looked.

I looked in the mirror after my shower and saw a muscled youth with black hair to his chin and whiskey coloured eyes, I was 6'3" tall but really, I didn't think there was to much that special about me.

Jake pulled up to my house shortly after, around 7:45. I asked him if he could wait and pick Bella up last. Because with the size of Jake's Rabbit, someone had to sit on someone else's lap and well I wanted Bella to sit on mine. Jake was the only one I'd ever told about my crush on Bella, he agreed to wait.

We got to Bella's at 8:15, she came out and looked almost disappointed that she was the one to sit on a lap. I open my door calling for her to come on. She settled onto my lap and God I nearly died when she did. I wrapped my arms around her wishing she would lean back against me.

We got to the school and we went to get our time sheets, I quickly found out that I only had one class with Bella Chemistry go figure. I also have French with Quil, Geography with Embry and Jake and Geography with Danielle, then, I have Art.

I head off in the opposite direction then Bella to my Art class. While I was walking I was bombarded by two girls, one was short with curly brown hair while the other had blonde hair, both looked like two-cent whores, short skirts, tight revealing tops and a ton of make-up, it was rather disgusting really.

"Hello. I'm Lauren. What's your first class?" The blonde asked in what I guess she thought was a seductive voice, really it was quite nasally and not really pleasant at all.

"Ah…Art." I answer hoping that she'll leave. No such luck though.

"Pooh, that's too bad if only you had Government first, we could have…sat together" She said stroking my arm. I pull out of her grip totally freaked. I don't respond at all, I just left as fast as I could, I could hear a few people laughing behind me.

Art was easy, we didn't really do anything we just did random games to get to know everyone. I found out that we were going to be dong painting, sketching, calligraphy and sculptures through out the semester as well as book work.

I was walking to Bella's English class once the bell rang only for her to come running up to me throwing her arms around me.

"Oh, thank god. I thought that period would never end. I missed you." she said louder then she really needed to.

I looked down at her curious until she leaned towards my ear and whispered "Play along. Please!"

I was more then happy to even if it didn't mean anything to Bella, so I said "I know hun, at least we have next period together." And I smiled at her taking her hand and pulling her to our next class. Once we'd left the immediate area, I asked "So, why did that happen?"

"Because I didn't think Dad, or any of you guys, would be too happy if I was suspended on the first day of school for punching a guy in the face!"

"Well maybe, but I'd be even more surprised if you didn't." I said laughing.

"Ha ha, let's just go please." We reach our chemistry class without incident, thankfully. This class was more boring then my Art class. I was glad Bella was going to be my lab partner. We sat and talk through most of the period.

When the bell rang, I walked Bella to her Spanish class thinking. I stopped her outside the classroom door. "Bella, if you want people to think you have a boyfriend in order for them to stop bugging you, you need to do something drastic."

Before she could question me, I closed the distance between us, and gently pressed my lips to her. God, she tasted divine. The kiss started soft and innocent, but I soon probed my tongue against her lips asking to be let in. When she let me in I explored her mouth and taste, until we both needed to breathe. I looked at her and smiled quickly.

"See you at lunch." I said as I walked to my next class which was Geography. I sat with Danielle. For most of the class she pestered me about my crush on Bella, even though she didn't really know that it was true, she just thought she was bugging me about something innocent. If only.

Once the bell rang, Seth went out to find Bella. When he found her though he felt crushed, there she was, hanging off some other guy's arm.

"What is she doing?"

"Not to be too obvious" I jumped when Jake spoke from behind me, "but it would seem as though she's eating her lunch with the Cullen clan."

"Who's she with?"

"Edward Cullen, the only one who's single in that group. See Alice Cullen the small black haired pixie is dating Jasper Hale the tall blonde boy, and Rosalie Hale the blonde girl is dating Emmett McCarthy, the huge buff guy, then of course there's Edward. All of them are adopted by Dr. & Mrs. Cullen though the two Hales are actually brother and sister and I think that Edward and Alice are siblings as well."

"They're all so beautiful." I said almost in a daze.

"Better not let anyone else hears you say that. They might wonder about which team you're batting for." I blushed as Jake snickered. "Don't worry though I know who you're batting for, though it would seam ad though she's taken. To bad man, guess you moved to slow."

That comment caused me to get mad though I wasn't sure who I was mad at precisely. Jake for making the comment, or myself because I knew it was true.

After that though, I couldn't seem to be able to focus on anything. The few things I managed to focus on just caused me to become mad all over again. Finally the bell tang for the end of school.

I could hear the guys joking as we walked to the Rabbit. I see Bella coming over with Jake and Danielle and I hear her say that she wasn't going to sit on anyone's lap on the way home.

I was the last one Jake dropped off. Instead of going in the house, I go to the woods behind and head to 'my spot' a place I go to when I'm upset. When I got there though, the quiet that usually calmed me down just made me even madder. Soon I was shaking with it. Suddenly I give a roar and it feels like I explode.

~Who's this?~

'Oh great...Oh great... Not only do I explode but now I have voices in my head.

~Ah... No. No voices. But again, who is this?~

~Ah... Seth. Seth Clearwater. Who's this?~

~Oh. Right it's Sam Uley. Seth were are you?~

~Behind my house a ways in the forest. Sam? What happened?~

~Seth you have to promise me that you'll stay calm until I get to you. When I do, I'll explain everything ok?~


~I'm almost there. Ok Seth. You're going to see a large black wolf come in on your left. Don't panic. It's me. If you don't believe me... Look down.~

I looked to my left and saw a huge, no ginoramuses, black wolf come out of the trees. Before I can start panicking, I did as Sam told me and looked down.

What I saw confused me. Instead of my chest and the rest of my body, I saw a pair of long sandy coloured legs and paws? I look behind me as well and see a sandy fur back and a tail. OMG.

~Seth calm down. Yes, you're a wolf. So am I. Remember the legends we all heard as kids? Well they're all true. The shifter-warriors, vampires everything.~

~Are we the only ones that this has happened to?~

~Yes, though I'm sure your friends will be following you soon. I wasn't really expecting you to phase for a while.~


~Because normally when someone's about to phase they get a high temperature, they shake when they're mad and about two days before they first phase they feel deathly ill, so sore they can't move and . You though had none of the symptoms. It just happened.~

~Do you think this will happen to Bella?~

~No. She's a female. Also, you'll have to pretend to be sick for a few days so you can work on your anger control. Now would you like to change back?~

I nod.

~Ok. Think of something calming and at the same time think of what it's like to be human.~

I think of Bella and what it's like being her friend. Soon I found myself standing in front of wolf Sam... Completely naked. I don't bother trying to cover up though cause I'm sure if he had wanted to he could had already gotten a good look.

"Sam? Can I go home now? I wantta get some sleep."

I watch as Sam nods and then turn and walk away. Almost as soon as my head hits the pillow, I'm out. I only remembering thinking about what could happen tomorrow.

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