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Arthur opened his eyes to a white washed room, the steady sound of a heart monitor echoing across the small space. His eyelids bore heavily against his emerald orbs, only allowing him to fleetingly glimpse the rhythmic mist of the oxygen mask placed on his face. Glancing both left and right through half opened lids, the teen wearily examined his surrounding, looking over the pale walls and metal equipment. Beside the door stood several chairs, all empty, except for one. A brown haired man, in his late thirties or early forties occupied a seat, flipping through the pages of an English newspaper. Arthur stared at the man for moment before attempting to speak.

" ...where...am I? "

His voice came out low and raspy, the volume soft and weak compared to the hiss of the oxygen mask. The man didn't seem to hear, his attention still on the papers in front of him. Arthur repeated the question, but when his voice went unheard for a second, he began to reach for the oxygen mask, feebly trying to remove it. His attempt caused the mask to clatter to the ground, earning the man's attention with the sudden noise. He looked up from his paper, eyes widening at the sight of the awakened boy.

" Arthur? Holy shit, you're awake! "

The man shot out of seat excitedly, rushing towards the teenage boy. Arthur flinched slightly at the energy, staring at the brown haired man incredulously.

" ...who are you? How do you know my name? "

The man' s expression dropped in confusion at the questions for a moment before he righted himself, standing straight at facing the emerald and mock saluting.

" I'm the security guard assigned to Arthur Kirkland, The representative for England! " The man dropped the salute, examining the teen with a small smile. " Since no one else is here, maybe I should call you the personification..."

Arthur widened his eyes at the man's answer, his jaw dropping. " How'd you...? "

Scratching his head nervously, the man glanced away for a moment. After the moment he stared back at the sandy blond, his eyes sad. " Alfred told me. I mean, if your friend suddenly went coma and stopped ageing you'd want answers too, right?"

The emerald orbed male furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. " Friend? What? "

Chuckling softly at the other male's confusion, the man answered. " It's me, Brian. You really didn't recognize me? "

Brian reached over to pat the sandy blond's head. " It's been a long time, Arthur. You've been asleep for the last twenty years... "

Alfred was stooped over a pile of documents, a serious expression on his face as he glanced at the phone. Picking it up, he place the receiver by his ear, waiting for the receptionist to pick up.

" Mr. Jones? Can I help you? "

America immediately answered at the female voice, giving his request. " Can you connect me to Scott Kirkland ? There's some questions I need to ask him. "

The receptionist gave an affirmative as a short silence entered the line, soon replaced by an irritated Scottish voice.

" What the bloomin' hell do you want, America? "

Scotland's annoyance rang clear on the other side of the phone, but it went unheard as the American ignored it, beginning to speak. " Hey, Scotland! I was just calling to see how how the restoration efforts are goin' at your place. "

There was a sigh on the other side of the line as the Scot answered. " You called five hours ago! Nothing changed! Isn't it almost midnight there? Stop calling me and go to sleep! "

Alfred pouted at the older male's harsh answer. " ...but ..."

Another sigh entered the line, slightly louder than the first. " Look, Wales went to meet with England's prime minister, Ireland's with him too. They'll go see the brat when their done with their meeting, alright? It's been twenty years America, no one's going to call in the next five minutes to tell you England's going to wake up. "

Biting his lip despondently, Alfred nodded. " Fine...Just tell Wales to call me when he visits Iggy, kay? "

Instead of an answer, a quiet ring made it's way to the blue eyed male's ear, Scotland's voice entering right after it. " Hold on, America. It's Wales. "

From the other side of the line, the American could hear indistinguishable words as he waited, finger still tapping for the Scot to answer. After several moments, he did. " Well, fuck..."

" Did something happen to Iggy ? " Alfred yelled into the phone, panicked at the Scot's words, his answer arrived shortly.

" I take back what I said earlier... England just woke up. "

Arthur stood by bed nervously, his arms outstretched as the doctor examined every inch of his body, checking for any signs of abnormality. Glancing to the door, the teen frowned at the sight of both Wales and Ireland, as well as Brian staring at his from the entrance way.

" Would you three stop bloody staring at me ? ! "

All three men didn't bother to answer, every one of them continuing to stare at as if was an interesting exhibit piece. Wales stepped forward first, handing the younger male a newspaper as the doctor finished his examination.

" You should keep up to date to what's happening. It's a pain to us if you remain ignorant to your own events. "

Falling onto his hospital bed, Arthur scoffed, taking the newspaper. " Looks like you haven't changed in the last centuries. Still an asshole, I see. "

Wales quirked his eyebrows at the response. " You remember? "

Flipping a page, the sandy blond answered. " Not everything yet. I suppose there were quirks in staying asleep for two decades. I dreamt a lot. "

" Dreams, huh? " the Welsh nation glanced behind him, gesturing to Ireland roughly. " Hurry up and get in here Ireland! "

The Irish nation scowled at his younger brothers but decided to enter regardless. " Shut your mouth, Wales. I was coming in anyways "

Stepping into the room, Ireland walked closer to the blond, though he stayed an arms length away, frowning.

" Just because you're back doesn't mean I'm going to give you Northern Ireland! We're not the U.K anymore. "

The two sibling nations stared at each other for a moment, the silence only broke when Arthur sighed, rolling his eyes. " Are you daft? I'm back after being dead for what? Two hundred years? Then I went into a coma for another two decades. Did you really think that the first thing on my mind would be to get back Northern Ireland? Arrogant arse. "

Ireland smirked at the younger male's condescension, taking the last step towards him and violently ruffling his brother's hair. " High handed brat! Don't think we'll go easy on you just because you finally woke up! "

Wales joined into the attack, pinning the sandy blond to the bed as Ireland hands to the smaller male's sides and began to tickle him. Hysterical laughter entered the room as Brian stood by the door with a small smile on his face. After a minute, he turned to the doctor who was reading his clipboard.

" So, is he alright now? "

The doctor looked up from his documents, nodding. " For someone who just woke up from a come, he's doing great. He's going to have stay a few days to make sure everying is okay, though. " He stared at the three siblings on the hospital bed. " Nations, huh? If I hadn't been that kid's doctor for the last twenty years, I wouldn't have believed it. "

Brian nodded, smiling. " Weird, ain't it? Back then I wouldn't thought that my best friend wasn't even human. "

Returning his attention back to the room, the brown haired American walked closer to the bed, grinning.

" So, Arthur! You're gonna need some catchin' up to do, huh? "

All three nations paused in their assaults, Wales releasing England just enough to let him sit up. The emerald eyed male glanced away from the American nervously. " Yeah... " He paused. " You've grown. "

Arthur's expression became downcast as he finally comprehended the amount of time that actually past. " It's been a long time..."

Brian allowed a moment for Arthur to wallow in his memories before he spoke up again, breaking the teen's dark stupor.

" Y'know, me an' Marie got married! "

Snapping out of his depression, Arthur spluttered at the new information, staring at the brown haired male in shock. " What ? ! You and her ? ! "

Brian nodded, grinning. " Yup! We've got a kid too. Named her Alice. She's beautiful. Got brown eyes an blond hair. " Noticing that he had the sandy blond's attention, the brown haired American continued on, listing a few events that had past in the last two decades. " Your dad's Prime Minister now, and Alex got married too! Got hitched to some broad in America. Nice girl. They named their son after you. "

Arthur was now staring, his jaw dropped. " Son? "

" Yeah, he's- "

Before the American had the chance to complete his sentence, Scotland walked in, examining the sandy blond as he inched closer towards the bed.

" So, you finally woke up, huh Nyaff ? "

Arthur answered with his own stare and frown. " I'm not going to thank you just because you were nice to me. "

Taking another step forward, Scotland smirked at his younger brother. " What are you talking about, Nyaff? Nice? What kind of dreams were you having if I was nice? "

Reaching out, the Scot ruffled the smaller male's hair roughly, earning a groan from the English nation. " Tch! Stop bloody doing that! "

Scoffing, Scotland continued his hair assault with a grin on his face. " Why should I listedn to you, brat ? I have to make you look horrible for when that idiot America gets here.

At the sound of Alfred's name, the emerald eyed male paused, his face taking on an unsure expression. As if he didn't know whether to be happy or sad that the American was on his way.

" Alfred's coming? "

Spotting the smaller male's change in demeanour, Scotland dropped his arm.

" Oi. Shouldn't you be happy? "

Biting his lip, the sandy blonde allowed a moment to pass before answering. " I should...but haven't I already caused him too much trouble? "

" Is that all you're worried about? ", Scotland laughed jeeringly, resuming his attack on England's head. " You probably fuelled his stupid his stupid hero ego by being in trouble all the time! "

Scotland grinned. " Anyways, the kid was practically screaming in joy when he found out you woke up. " He paused for a moment. " You know, he might still be screaming. "


Screaming into his cellphone, Alfred rushed towards the airplane doors, ignoring all the strange glances from all the passerbys in the airport. The moment he had found out that Arthur had woken up, he had threw down the phone, pissing off the Scot, and booked an immediate flight to London. Now, he was destroying his brother's eardrum in his excitement.

" That's great, eh! " Canada responded ecstatically over the line, his voice almost matching the American's in excitement, though it seemed that he was holding the phone an arms length from his ear. " Did you call anyone else yet? "

Alfred shook his head. " NUH UH! "

" Then I'll - "


Confused at the sudden objection, the Canadian questioned his brother. " Why? "

Alfred grinned sheepishly in response, even knowing that the other male couldn't see the grin. " Cause I wanna be the first one to see Iggy! " He scratched his chin. " Well, I know Scotland and those other guys probably already saw him...but they don't count! And France is closer that I am, so if you call him, he'll get there first! SO DON"T CALL ANYONE! "

Sighing at the American's Childish behaviour, Canada reluctantly agreed. " I'll come over to London before I call them. Say hi to England for me, eh. "

" Sure! " Nodding his head, the blue eyed nation quickly agreed, hanging up his phone and entering the plane, his expression one of pure excitement and determination. " Just a few more hours left, Iggy! "

By the time America arrived at the hospital it was already early evening with the sun just coming down and visiting hours already over. But, being a well known visitor and government official, Alfred was readily welcomed into the building, easily striding towards the direction of the English nation's room. Standing in front of the door, Alfred too a deep breath as he opened the last barrier towards Arthur. A scene that he had hoped for finally revealed itself to him after twenty long years.

" Iggy! "

Stepping into the room, Alfred was greeted by the sight of Arthur chatting with a now elderly Mr. Davis along with the now thirty - one Alex, with a soft, yet sad expression on his face. The moment the golden haired male entered the room, all eyes fell towards the door, Arthur's expression, once more returning unsure. Alfred wasted no time in rushing towards the smaller male, surprising the English nation and obviously content and overjoyed the the other was awake.

" Ha ha! Iggy! You're really awake! "

Sweeping Arthur up in a bear hug, despite all protest, Alfred gripped onto the emerald eyed male tightly, almost as if he was going to disappear again. Of course, he didn't seem to notice the male's purpling face, nor hear the small cracks that entered the small hospital room.

" GIT! ...Let go...! My back...! Can't breath...! "

Finally noticing the other male's expression, Alfred released his grip. " Oh! Sorry, Artie! Got too excited there! "

Dropping back down onto the bed, Arthur straightened himself up, a hand on his back and sour expression on his face. Sighing and making sure that nothing was broken, he gazed back at the smiling American.

Then he did something no one expected him to do, at that moment in time.

He smacked Alfred on the upside of his face.

" Wha-? What was was that for ? "

Huffing with a scowl on his face, Arthur answered. " That's for sticking me in the body of a bloody eighteen years old! "

" That-! But you look sexy! And -" Alfred began to protest against the teen's accusation, but, before he could finish, he received another hit, this time on the left side of his face.

" THAT is for molesting me when I didn't remember anything! "

The sandy blond didn't even give time for the American to respond as he raised his arm for a strike to the right of Alfred's face. " That's for acting like a bloody stalker when I didn't remember everything...AND THIS..."

Alfred braced himself for another hit, expecting a blow to his head. The strike never came.

Instead. Arthur patted Alfred on the head, embarrassingly glancing away. " This is for staying with me when I didn't remember everything..."

Smiling, both happily and in slight surprise, America reached towards the Brit for another embrace, one that wasn't denied.

" What can I say, I'm the Hero! "

The two remained in the hug for a good, quiet moment, until America, of course, being himself decided to break it. " Y'know...those hits didn't really hurt. "

"...belt up..."

Despite himself, Arthur continued to rest his head on America's shoulder, unmoving. And, away from the sight of everyone in the room...he smiled.


Arthur sprinted into the hallway, flinging his bag over his shoulder, his emerald orbs shooting both left and right for ay sign of a blue eyed American. Standing straight at attention, the teen nation sighed, relaxing when no shot of blond hair could be seen. Slowing down in his escape, England swung the door open, and, deeming himself safe, he called out behind him into the empty hallway.

" America! I'm going out now! "

The sandy blond straightened his coat, taking his first step into the bright morning sun, not expecting the golden blond to barrel into him, screaming.

" Nooooo! You can't go yet! It's Friday! It's the only day I'm not working! "

Tackled to the ground and pulled into the American's tight hold, Arthur groaned, rubbing the back of his head. " Bloody hell, Alfred ! Stop acting like a blasted child and let go! "

Pouting at the criticism, Alfred only tightened his grip, still whining. " NO! Why do you have to go to SCHOOL! You're like a super, super old man! You shouldn't have to go to school! "

Shoving the other nation off, England scowled, brushing off the dirt on his pants. " Git! I have to bloody learn about everything that happened in the last two hundred years! My da...boss said that going to college was the easiest way! "

" I could've taught you! I'm a Hero! I know everything! "

Glowering at the American's protest, Arthur grabbed his fallen bag, swinging it over his shoulder.

" Telling me ' sooo...everyone got new bosses and uhhh...technology is a whole lot better and there's been a bunch of cool new discoveries' -" Arthur glared at the blue eyed male decisively. " is NOT teaching"

" But that summed everything up! "

Clinging onto the Englishman's leg, Alfred finally let go when Arthur threatened to kick him in the face. The American opted to earn pity points from the other male by pouting and hugging his knees on the ground. " ...but we never see each other anymore! I'm always busy! "

England froze in his spot, turning back to glance at the American and resisting the urge to pat the taller male on the head. " We bloody live together! We see each other everyday! "

America responded to the answer by deepening his pout and burying his head into his knees. " B-but only for like five minutes! I always have to go to work in the morning and when I get back you're already asleep! "

Frozen in his spot, Arthur's body twitched as it looked like he was fighting off a difficult decision. " Ame-"

" And we never have SEX. You've been out of the hospital for two months and we've never had any sexy times!"

England's face blanked, any pity points for the American obviously gone. He turned back away from him, heading towards the driveway. " Classes end at five. I'll meet you at the hotel with all the other nations at seven. Don't be late. "

Sensing that his attempt was failing, Alfred shot up, going after the sandy blond. " I could drive you! "

Shaking his head, Arthur gestured towards a blue minivan in the driveway. " Alex already offered to drive me. The school is right by Arthur's elementary. " He sighed. And last time I let you drive me, you took an hour for a trip that should have taken ten minutes. "

" But I wanted to spend time with you! "

" That's fine but I was la-"

Before Arthur could finish his sentence, the back door to the blue minivan flew open, a small six year old with blue eyes and red hair rushing out.

" Uncle! "

Smiling, England caught the young boy in his arms, swinging him in the air. " Arthur! How are you today? "

The blue eyed child grinned toothily, responding excitedly. " Great! Dad promised that he'd buy me ice cream if I was good at school today! And grandpa is flying from London to visit today! "

England smiled at the child's energy. " That's swell! Be good then, alright! "

Nodding, the redhead boy jumped out of the emerald eyed male's arms, rushing towards the taller American for a hug. " Al! Gimme ice cream next time I'm here, alright? "

Picking up the child, Alfred grinned. " 'Course! The Hero always has ice cream! "

Giving a satisfied nod, Arthur jumped out of the American's hold, rushing back to the van. " Dad says we gotta go now, Uncle! "

Following the energetic child, the teen made his way toward the vehicle, opening the passenger seat door and greeting the older looking driver., awkwardly " Hello, Alex. "

Alex smiled at his older brother, gesturing him in. " Well, hurry up, Arthur! You're going to be late! "

Obeying, England climbed into the seat, buckling his seat belt and shutting the door behind him. He glanced out the clear window back at the driveway at lone American and rolling the window open halfway, he gave a small wave goodbye, smiling. " I'll see you in a few hours, luv! "

Alfred grinned at the goodbye, especially at the pet name that the English nation barely used. Arthur only ever used it when he felt that the American needed some cheering up, and ninety percent of the time it it did. The other ten percent it turned him on. So, heading back into the house, a smile on his face, Alfred reentered counting down the time until he would see the sandy blond again.

" Soooo, luv was it? "

Alex smiled over at his older brother, smirking at how the sandy blond reddened at the question. Arthur rushed to defend his position. " I only said it so he wouldn't be annoying later! That's all! "

Alex laughed at the other male's poor attempt to defend himself. " Suure! If you say so, brother. "

Freezing at the word 'brother' Arthur gazed down at his knees, avoiding the other male's eyes, awkward. Alex, seeing this, just smiled. " Y'know , even if I look older than you, you're still my older brother. " Arthur just continued to focus on his knees, not answering. " And Dad is still dad. And everyone else is still everyone else. "

Frowning, the teen looked up at his brother, finally answering. " I know that. It's just bloody strange that you're thirteen years older than me now! You even have son. " His frown deepened. " It just makes me realize that in fifty years from now, I'll still be the same, while everyone else will be..."

" Fifty years from now, my son will have a kid that you'll have to babysit all the time. Then they'll have a kid that you'll have to look after too. " Alex grinned. " That's not a bad deal, right? You get to see how all our kids will look like. Anyways, you like kids, right? "

Arthur's frown lightened up slightly, though it didn't disappear. " Don't make me sound like a bloody pedophile! "

Laughing, Alex nodded out the window towards the school where a blond haired woman was waiting. " We're here. Looks like Marie came to pick you up again. "

England's expression twisted in annoyance at the sight, though the emotion didn't reach his eyes. " Tch. I don't understand why she does that! I don't even take any of her blasted classes! "

Stopping in front of the building, Alex waved his brother goodbye as the Englishman got out,, thanking his driver. " Thank you for driving me. I'll see you in a few days then?"

" Sure, that'd be great. " Alex turned to the back seat. " Say goodbye to uncle, Arthur. "

The six year old jumped from his seat, peeking out the window. " Bye, uncle! "

Smiling at his nephew, England waved goodbye, turning to the French woman in front of the college, the frown on his face reappearing. Marie just stood there, tutting at the Englishman. " It really seems like your face is stuck like that, sourcils. "

" I told you to stop waiting for me! "

Making their way to the building, Arthur continued to glower at Marie, who was sporting a grin the entire way. " Why would I waste an opportunity to annoy you ? "

The English nation grumbled at the question though he made no move to leave the girl where behind. Marie skipped slightly past the teen, glancing back. " So, you'll be seeing the rest of the nations tonight?"

Sighing, Arthur sped up his pace to match the other's. " Yeah. I'll see them this evening. "

America entered the hotel building, heading up towards the room where everyone was meeting. Nations had visited England at the hospital several times, but it was first time everyone was actually getting together to finally celebrate the island nation's return. Even though it had already been two months since his release, Arthur hadn't seen every nation again yet. So, being a hero he was, America had decided to host a get together, just for the English man.

Continuing toward the room, America was met by the sight of Prussia crouching just outside the door.

" Hey, Prussia! What'cha doin' ? "

Noticing the younger male, the white haired nation turned his attention towards the approaching body, revealing a bruise to the right side of his face. He grinned, pretending that the bruise wasn't there.

" The awesome me is making an awesome strategy! I'm waiting until England gets tired before I attack! "

America frowned, inching closer towards the door and staring at the black and blue spot on the former nation's face. " Sooo...did something happen? "

Prussia laughed. " Nothing. Me, France and Spain were just messing with him that's all! " His eye twitched a bit. " Y'know he looks exactly like he did when he was an Empire, right? "

Tilting his head thoughtfully, America twisted open the door handle. " He does? That's kinda hot." Swinging open the door, the American peeked inside the room, expecting chaos. If it wasn't for the French nation's arms and legs tied behind him with a belt and Spain shivering at the far end of the room, Alfred would have believed that nothing happened. Especially since England was calmly sipping tea, contently chatting with the Japanese nation at the table. Arthur immediately spoted him at the door, frowning.

" Git! You're late! "

" Yeah, by like two minutes! ", he protested, turning his attention away from the fallen nations, deeming them unimportant. " So, what're you and Kiku talkin' about? "

" He wants to know if we want to come over for a visit next month. Is it alright?"

" Yeah, that'd be great! "

Taking a seat beside the English nation, Alfred grabbed a cup of coffee from the refreshments on the table, joining in their conversation. " So, you're boss is wondering if you want to come with him to England for a while. "

Arthur immediately agreed. " Sure. That's fine. "

Pouting at the quick agreement, Alfred took a sip of his coffee. " Why'd you have to go though? Can't he just stay over here for a while instead of you going? "

England rolled his eyes at the complaint taking a sip of his own drink. " The only reason I'm living with you and even going to college here is because you wouldn't shut up and stop whining. You can handle a few days without me. "

Continuing to sulk, Al gulped at his coffee. " buuut..."

Arthur sighed, looking at the American. " how about this? If you don't whine, then we'll do something you like tonight. "

Alfred perked up at the proposition, grinning. " Anything? "

Sighing again, England nodded. " Anything."

Once they returned to the American's house, Arthur immediately went up to the bedroom to change. He loosened his tie, opening the closet to see if there were a change of clean clothes while America flopped down onto the bed behind him.

" Hey, hey! I forgot to ask! What'd you to Prussia an' those other guys? "

Glancing back, England smirked. " They were bothering me, so I played with them a bit. "

" Hmmm..." Alfred smiled. " We get to do anything I want now, right? "

The teen nodded. " Right. "

" Sooo...d'you know what I want? ", staring at the undressing male, Alfred smirked knowing that England knew full well what he wanted.

" I had an inkling. ", he glanced back fleetingly before returning his gaze back to the closet, obviously teasing.

America's grin just widened. " Then what? "

Instead of answering, Arthur just strided to the bed, suddenly shoving the sitting American down onto the bed, and straddling him.

Alfred's grin widened even more at the action. " Correct! "

Expecting Arthur to make his move, Alfred frowned slightly slightly when the teen stayed still , continuing to do nothing but sit on the American.

" Something wrong? "

Leaning forward, Arthur examined the taller male, answering. " You really do look older than me now, don't you? "

America's grin resurrected itself. " What about it? "

Leaning closer to the American, a feral grin formed it's way on the English man's lips. " Can you keep up? "


Arthur stood straight. allowing himself to be examined once more by the doctor. This time though, he was staring straight at the American with a scrutinizing glare.

" Hey, Iggy...? Why are you staring at me like that ? "

Ignoring the question, Arthur gestured over to the taller male, motioning Alfred to stand in front of him. Confused, Alfred obeyed. "What is it? "

Instead of answering, Arthur placed his hand over his own head, and in one swift movement propelled it forward. Right into Alfred's neck.

" OW! What the hell? "

Ignoring the American once more, the teen just alternated his stare between his hand and America's neck, mumbling with a despondent look on his face.

" ...bloody hell...eight centimetres. " He raised his head to look back at the American. " Could you get me some tea? "

Pouting at the question, Alfred rubbed at his neck, looking like he wanted to protest , but still heading towards the door. Instead, he complained. " Geez. You just randomly hit me, then tell me to get tea? Is this you being hormonal? "

Not taking the American's words into notice, Arthur called after him. " Make it MILK tea! "

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