Nobita was walking out of his house and saw a poster saying "23 dogs missing if you find them you will get 90 thousand Yen, With picture of the dogs"

Nobita said "I think I saw them before, but I don't remeber"

Nobita went in his house and said "Doraemon!"

Doraemon asked "What is it"

Nobita told him the whole story

Doraemon said "Wow, 90 Thousand Yen, One Doracake is for 20 yen then in 90 thousand Yen I would get 4500 Doracakes, I will help you, Nobita" and took out a gadget, Animal Caller"

Nobita asked "What is this?"

Doraemon said, "If you call the name of any animal in this, Then that animal will get attracted to you for only 15 minutes."

Nobita said "Wow, This is an amazing gadget" and ran away with it

Doraemon said, "Wait Nobita it is 11 p.m and no one is home!"

~15 minutes later~

Nobita was thinking "I should go to a place where nobody will see me" and went in the park but fell in a deep hole

Gian and Suneo said "You got trapped, Nobita is an idiot" and went away in a happy mood happily

Nobita said "You act like dogs and what are you doing here at this hour?!" which activated the machine

Nobita said "Yes, Finally the dogs will come!"

~5 minutes later~

Nobita got out of the hole and stood up and saw the dogs as they came.

When they came then Nobita said "Oh no, These are the ones who I teased or threw a stone or a can and escaped"

One of the dog tried to bite him in the butt but he started to run but tripped over a stone and fell on his stomach.

The dogs rammed towards Nobita and had a tug of with his shorts

Nobita said "Leave my pants Aaaaah!" but they ripped it off

Nobita said "Leave my underwear at least Aaaaaaah!" as they gave him a wedgie from his underwear and ripped it off

Nobita cried and said, "Someone stop this!" as he covered his bare butt but the dogs managed to bite him there as sharp as a shark

~15 minutes later~

They were gone

Nobita said "Ow! Doraemon"

Doraemon found him and said "Oh no what happened to you?, I forgot to tell you that poster was from 1969"

Nobita started crying

Doraemon said, "Let's take you home"