Disclaimer: Don't own Laverine and Shirley

Disclaimer: What if Randy never died. Shirley was somehow at the fire and jumped into the building to save Randy so Laverine wouldn't have to lose him. This takes place six months later

Lavirine walks into the room.

"Hey Shirl, got a minute"

Shirley looks at her friend


She takes a pepsi cola out of the fridge and tosses it to Lavirine

"What's on your mind Vernie

Lavirine sits down next to Shirley

I just want to let you know that you're the best friend

Shirley brushes it off

It was nothing.

Lavirine looks at her like she's crazy

Nothing? Shirl you climb into the rubbles of a fire just to save my boyfriend. That ain't nothing.

:: Enter Lenny and Squiggy::

Lenny and Squiggy speak at the same time.


Lavirine is obviously angry with them for some reason.

Goodbye. I'm having a private conversation with Shirl.

Squiggy looks sad.

Are you still mad at us?

Lavirine refuses to answer the question:

I'm having a private conversation with Shirl

:: Exit Lenny and Squiggy::

Shirley speak gently to Laverine.

Vernie don't you think you were too hard on Lenny and Squiggy?

Laverine rolls her eyes.

Let me think about that for a minute… no

Shirley remembers the day Randy was taken into the hospital after she stupidly ran into the fire to save him.

Come on. Even I had my doubt he'd survive but you weren't mad at me.

Laverine nods :

You never tried to convince me to let them pull the plug.

Shirley sighs. She wants Laverine and the guys to make up and frankly she could understand where they were coming from.

They apologized didn't that?

Lavirine spoke angrily.

They wanted Randy dead!

Shirley understood Lavirnes point but still wanted them to make up.

Vernie please forgive them

Lavirine sighs deeply as a memory stirs.

"Shirl when I was a little girl… maybe about 12 or 13 pop and I got into a fight. He was being really tough with me for some reason and I didn't understand why. I started thinking maybe he didn't love me no more. So one day I confronted him and I asked him what was going on. I asked him why he was so hard on me and did he still love me. He looked at me like I was crazy. "OF COURSE I LOVE YA," he said, "What are ya NUTS or something!" When I asked him why he was so hard on me he explained that he knew I was better then I've been acting lately. He had faith and he had hope. He wasn't going to let me give up. SURE the method was not the best but the message really sunk in to never quit. I was so greatful for his message and pop and I had been closer then ever since then. Lenny and Squiggy wanted me to give up on Randy. They didn't think he would survive but he's alive now. If I had listened to them he would have been dead. How can I forgive them for that?

Shirley looks wisely at her friend.

Did I tell you that Carman got mad at me for running into the building to save Randy? He said it was dangerous and he ought to whack some sense into me. But do you know why I did it?

Laverine rushed her through the lecture.

Yeah I know why you did it. It was because you cared about me.

Shirley nods slowly.

Yes and I didn't want you to live in pain.

Laverine sighs

Yeah I get that

Shirlwy had a wise look in her eyes.

Well maybe Lenny and Squiggy didn't want Randy to live in pain.