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The snow is so pretty here, you would love it. I know how much you loved the snow, even with how many times you denied it. When it snowed, your eyes would always glaze over and for the tiniest of seconds, you would have the sweetest smile on your face. And by tiny, I mean tiny, before that stupid scowl of yours would take over again. Like I always tell you, you should definitely smile more often. You look nice when you smile. Very nice, actually.

I know you mentioned that it doesn't snow out there, and that's really too bad. That means your half-a-second smile wont be appearing anytime soon.

To be honest, I'm not sure what to say anymore. I can talk a mile a minute (you know that for a fact) but it's so much harder writing (or should I say, typing?). You actually have to think of what to say, whereas, most of what I spoke was just something that was already sitting on the tip of my tongue.

I miss you. A lot. I miss you so much that sometimes I wish that I didn't care about you this much. I know, it sounds awful, huh? Sorry, but that's how I feel. I probably miss you a billion times more than you miss me. Then again, maybe you don't miss me at all. You always did say that it was a hassle just to be near me, and you always did list off the many annoying traits that you found in me. Jerk.

Well, I guess I'll just stop here. Sango thinks that I spend too much time inside, so today we're going shopping for outfits to wear tonight at some party she's dragging me to.

And before you go berserk, I promise I wont dance with any guys tonight. After all, the only guy that I want to dance with is practically a million miles away. (Hint, hint, that's you dummy).

I love you.


"I love you too," Inuyasha whispered, his lips tilting up into a smile. I miss you so much that sometimes I wish that I didn't care about you this much. Could he really blame her? After all, he couldn't deny that sometimes he felt the exact same way.


No matter how many miles separated them, he could never care any less about her. It was hard, of course, to adjust to her absence. It was difficult not hearing her laugh everyday, not seeing her smile everyday, and especially not having the pleasure of holding her everyday.

Everything just went wrong after highschool.

He didn't plan his life, he just wasn't the type, but he did have a vague idea on where his life would go after highschool ended. He was ready to go to a prestigious university in Tokyo, and continue living his nearly perfect life with close friends and a devoted girlfriend.

What he wasn't expecting was learning a few weeks after his highschool graduation that his father was shipping him off to continue his studies several thousand miles away at Stanford University.

Yup, definitely wasn't expecting it.

Needless to say, he was pissed after finding out. But, if he wanted to inherit the family business, he had to follow his father's wishes. And he had to inherit the business, it would be a definite way of supporting his future family (preferably with Kagome). Sure, he could have rebelled; truth be told, he did dabble with the idea for awhile. That is - before his father threatened to cut off all financial support. Thus, cementing that studying abroad would be the only option for little ol' him.

Life just sucked sometimes.

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