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Enveloped in his arms and curled up with against him, Kagome was sure that there was no where else she'd rather be. "Hey, Inuyasha?"

"Hm?" He responded as he combed his fingers through her velvet mane.

"What did you mean in that message? I couldn't figure it out, all it said was, 'no'."

He snickered as his head bent to murmur in her ear, "You really have gotten dumber, huh?"

That earned him a good smack.

"It was simple really. It meant, no, and that was that." His hands glided down soft skin as he indulged himself with the silkiness of his fiance.

Kagome sighed, her mouth drawn into a winsome smile as she snuggled even closer to his body. "But, 'no' to what exactly?"

"No, to everything you said. No, to letting you go. No, to ending everything. Basically," his head sloped forward to place a chaste kiss against her ear, "I was telling you no, I'm gonna keep loving you, and nothing you say could ever keep me away. So, no."

She was a puddle now, a melted mass of goo. She was play-doh in his presence. "Inu," was all she managed to say, before she twisted her body to face her soon to be husband. Her hands lifted to stroke his cheeks,"I'm sorry, I thought I was doing the right thing, but it was so hard. I love you too much not to be selfish."

"You nearly killed me with that stunt of yours Kagome. Don't you ever do that again. What's 'best' for me is having you in my life as mine. Be as selfish as you need to be, 'cause baby, I'm damn near psychotic with how much I love you."

"That was way too corny," Kagome giggled, "How'd you even get to Japan so fast?"

"The plane, duh stupid," he answered lightly with a teasing roll of his eyes, "before my parents advised me to stay put in California, I already had a flight booked to go to Japan to give you this ring," he gestured towards the shimmering band, "I decided that I didn't give a fuck what anyone had to say, I had to see you to knock some sense in that empty head of yours, and to finally make you mine completely."

Bestowing him with another tender smile, Kagome twined his arms tighter around her waist. "My stupid, sexy, little Inuyasha."

"I'm sexy, eh?" He sniggered as his fingers tangled in her hair once more to engage himself to another kiss. "My stupid, sexy, little Kagome."

"Gross, too much PDA." Souta wailed, his nose wrinkled in disdain. "Mom, make them stop!"

Mrs. Higurashi merely chuckled, patting her son's head affectionately, "just let them be, dear. They're soon to be newlyweds after all."

"Ya know, Souta, one day you'll be just like us," Kagome lectured with a saucy wink before cooing in a baby voice, "and I can't wait to see the day my little-wittle-wittle brother falls in love."

"Ew!" Souta scowled, "that's never going to happen."

"Trust me," Inutashio began as he directed a fond smile towards his wife, "it'll happen."

"Mhm!" Miroku chimed in while he hauled a flushing Sango onto his lap, "definitely goin' to happen."

And everyone else chorused along, "It'll happen!"

Souta pouted, "can we just open presents now? You're all just gross!"

Outside, ivory pelted the shrine, and the opalescence of the moon frosted the land. It's glorious glow intensified the warmth of the home and the lively laughter of its inhabitants.

Merry Christmas indeed.

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