It felt like eons as the prime laid with his optics closed.

'Optimus?' A familiar autobot's voice called.

'Mother?' The prime questioned, his optics closed.

'What happened this time?' Blaze asked in the motherly tone she had always used with Optimus before she died.

'Battle, Sam, Megatron.' He voiced opening his optics to found that it was Blaze's barrack from before the war started. He glanced around taking note of the two sparkling beds. His and Megatrons of eons ago. He then look to his right to see the green femme leaning against the metal wall with a warm smile on her lip plates.

'It's not your time yet and be here.' She scolded lightly raising an optic ridge. She looked up and smiled again.

'Time for you to go kid.' She spoke as she and the room began to fade of Optimus' vision.