The first time Damon found himself outside the witch's home without knowing why, he thought nothing of it. The second time was a month later; the third, two weeks after that. He mentioned it to no one – each time, he zipped off at vampire speed without pausing to question it; although each time it was more difficult to leave than the last. It made him anxious every time he left, as if he was forgetting something very important.

Again – the witch's house. Damon frowned when he realized where he was: the second time this week, he was outside of Bennett's house with no idea of why he got there. He wanted to turn to leave, but found himself walking towards it. Her dad's car was not in the driveway; all the lights were out except a dull lamp in the living room. He walked up the porch steps, and found himself poising to knock before he shook his head to snap himself out of it. What was he doing? He had no reason to see Bonnie – he didn't exactly enjoy her company, and even if he could take a quick sip from her neck - she wouldn't invite him in to try. Besides, he didn't want to risk another aneurysm or Bon-fire.

Two weeks later, it happened again: Damon found himself inexplicably outside of Bennett's house, making his way towards her door, and all the way up the porch steps before he realized where he was. Either Damon was subconsciously taking this whole protection business too seriously, or something was up. He spun on his heel, facing his back to her front door, brows knotted pensively: did he sense danger for her? Damon focused, listened closely for any sounds that would explain his presence, when he heard her.

From the other side of the door, Bonnie was repeating a soft song. Damon turned to the window and saw her sitting cross-legged on the living room floor, her hair pulled back in a ponytail. She was waving her hands over flickering candle light and what he assumed was Emily's grimoire.

So, it's the magic. She's up to her witchy-juju ways again – she's doing something that is making him show up slow witted at her door step. Well, he'll be damned if he'll let her know that it worked. Before she can finish her tune, he dashes back into the night.

After a quick wave to Caroline and Elena, Bonnie left school that day focused on her phone – skimming it for any texts or missed calls from her dad. She was reading his latest "just checking in" text with a smile as she walked absentmindedly to her car and bumped into someone, dropping her books.

"Oh!" She uttered, surprised, as she bent to gather them, "I'm sorry." She looked up to offer a smile, but it quickly dissolved from her face to be replaced with a pretty scowl. "Damon."

He leaned down to her level with a smirk, "Bonnie." He didn't even move to help her gather her books – just kept looking at her. She refused to make eye contact. "Try any new spells lately?"

"What do you want, Damon? Trying the old know thy enemy bit?" She said his name as strangely as he'd said hers. Forcing herself to hold eye contact with the vampire, she walked past him to her car. In the time it took for her to fumble with her keys in her pocket, he was in front of her again, leaning casually against her driver's door.

"Does that mean you haven't been doing a little hocus pocus while daddy dearest was away?" He said, gesturing to emphasize his words, "No flickering candles, no centuries-old spell books, no pink pajamas and weird songs?"

If Bonnie's face fell – for even a second – she was quick to pull it back to a practiced glare: "Wow, the centuries old vampire resorting to stalking high school girls. Little sad, don't you think?"

Oh, yes – and there it was – that strange face he made where he could managed to appear psychotic and ridiculously sexy all at the same time. "First, I'm hardly at the two century mark yet," He flashed her a smile as she pushed the button to unlock her car, "Second, as boring as this town is with my blood sucking rights being trampled on, I wouldn't stoop so low as to stalking you."

"So, lucky guess about the pink pajamas then?" She challenged with an arched eyebrow. She opened the door and slid into the driver's seat.

"Well, I wouldn't call it stalking exactly." His face was suddenly at the driver's door window. He leaned in with narrowed, searching eyes. "You're up to something, witch."

Bonnie repressed a shudder under his glare. "It's none of your business," She cleared her throat, put the keys in the ignition to start. "If Elena or Stefan needs me, they can come find me. But you," now she glared at him "you stay away."

Damon snatched his hand back as it stung with the (unfortunately) familiar sting of fire. He let her drive off; let her make her way safely back to her home thinking she'd won – thinking this was over. Something was pulling him towards her, and even if he wasn't remotely interested in anything Bonnie Bennett related, he was desperate to find out what it was. And he was desperate to make it stop.

Bonnie didn't stop her hurried movements until she got inside her door, even panicking for a second before she slipped the key in the lock and turned. She wasn't exactly scared of Damon himself – but she was a little nervous about what he could do. Not only was he powerful, blood thirsty, and quick as lightening – the guy had, let's face it, a one-track mind – especially when it come to women. Not that she thought he thought of her as a woman – to him, she was nothing but a bit part on the Damon Show where it was All Katherine All The Time (except when it was All Elena All The Time). Not that she minded having a minor role in the vampire's life – but it was exactly why, when he began to intrude – when he began to push boundaries, that she felt compelled to return to the one sphere she felt safe: her home.

There was no way he could reach her here. In fact, there was no way any of them could reach her here, Bonnie thought, as she leaned her back against the front door. No Stefan, no Elena, no Caroline drama now that she was preoccupied with Tyler. No Katherine now that she actually was locked in the tomb. So for the few moments she got to herself – outside being manipulated for her powers – she just had to use them for something good: for something her own.

Bonnie clenched her eyes shut in frustration, taking a deep breath and refusing to let any tears fall. Just because the spell hadn't worked yet, she reminded herself, doesn't mean it never well. Ok, sure, it was kind of sort of maybe a dark art! It was, maybe, the kind of thing she probably shouldn't be playing with right now, right away when she was still so young and her powers still a bit out of her control. But if there was one thing she had learned from the misadventures of Stefan and Damon, it was that sometimes the end justifies the means.

She nodded resolutely and made her way to the living room where her familiar set up of candles and photographs remained in her circle. If not tonight, then tomorrow. If not tomorrow, then next week. Whatever it took out of her, Bonne Bennett was absolutely determined to use the summoning spell to bring Grams' spirit back to her – if only for one last moment with her grandmother.

And if Damon thought he was taking that away from her again, well, she'd like to see him try.