WTF is happening to me?

Summary: When Rose goes to bed at the age of eighteen with a day away from graduation. She finds herself the next morning in bed beside Dimitri and has two kids. What is happening? Adopted from "Dimka'sGirlforlife" story "WTF is happening?"!


God it had been a long day, so much hard training with my teachers and extra training with Dimitri badass Russian. Ah all that would be over tomorrow. That's right I'm graduating tomorrow and that means I get to leave old annoying Stan. The only bad thing is that it means there is less time for me and Dimitri to fix what's wrong. See we are still in a mix. I don't know what's happening with us or what's going to happen to us.

Rrrrrrr I'm so tired. I'm going to kill Stan and Dimitri the next time I see them. I quietly lay down on my hard single bed leaving my working clothes and shoes on. I feel to sleep almost instantaneously.

I woke up what felt like a few hours later. To my surprise I was in my pyjama's. What pyjama's?. I looked down to see that my shoes were also off. Rather frightened I felt around my bed. It was way bigger then my usual bed. As I felt around the bed I hit a large muscular body. "AHHHHHHH" I screamed.

Whoever was in bed beside me turned around and looked at me. Dimitri? What was he doing in my bed"

"Roza shhhhh, you'll wake up Tristan and Midnight" He moaned. Okay, so I didn't mind having Dimitri in bed next to me, but where am I, and who the hell are Tristan and Midnight?.

"Who the hell is Tristan and Midnight?" I shouted at him "And where the hell am I?"

"Shhhhhh, and what the hell do you mean by who are Tristan and Midnight? There our kids remember, you know you had twins when you were nineteen, and they are three years old, and to answer your other question which may I add is stupid we are in our house, IN OUR BED" Dimitri answered rather tired and pissed off.

"What? No, I but. Just..But I and…You.." I stuttered.

"Rose, What's wrong?" Dimitri asked worriedly.

"I went tot bed eighteen and woke up 22 years old in bed here with two kids!" I whispered panicky.

"MOMMY" I heard a little boy wail.

"There is no way that I have children" I said to myself.

"Well, they are definitely your's" Dimitri whispered to me.

"But.." I was cut off by a little girl.

"DADDY" She screamed.

"Not possible!" I said to him.

"That's what we all said, so unless you slept with Adrian this is definitely one of those shadow kiss affect" Dimitri told me ruffling my hair.

"I would never ever do that" I shouted at him.

"I know" He kissed my lips and got up, to go get the little girl. Hopefully as well as to get the little boy too, "Rose, come see your children" He said holding out his hand.

I got out of bed slowly and grabbed his hand wanting to see who was calling my name. I got to the room, which Dimitri led me too, and holy shit did those kids look like us. The little boy Tristan, I think, had some of my features, well most of them, high cheek bones and plump lips. Then he had Dimitri's long hair but he had my beautiful eye's as well as my colour eyes.

While the little girl, Midnight I think, had long black hair that flowed beautifully (amd when I said black hair I mean like full on gothic black). She had paleish skin like mine and had Dimitri's eyes. She had a heart shaped face like mine but also think that when she's older she'll have a body like mine too.

"Mommy!" Tristan said gleefully, as he ran into my arms which made me fall over with a humph. Caught off guard badly. This made the little girl say something in a foreign language probably Russian knowing Dimitri.

"Midnight that wasn't very nice and it was very rude I told you never to say that!" He scolded her. This actually made me jealous knowing she said something that I probably would never learn.

"I WANNA SEE UNCLE CHRISSIE NOW!" She wailed randomly.

"Seriously?" I asked Dimitri raising an eyebrow as he picked up Tristan.

"All she's ever wanted to do since she could walk was Uncle Chrissie, You know that roza" Dimitri replied.

'No no I didn't thank-you very much' I said to myself.

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