I woke up to feeling groggy and light headed. I suddenly released I could see. I looked around and saw I was in my school dorm in my work shoes and clothes and in my bed. I looked around not really believing where I was. I could feel the bond. I was alive!

'KNOCK, KNOCK' I heard the door go.

"Err" I groaned getting up.

"Roza open the door" I heard Dimitri say, " I'm so for everything I did please just let me in"

'Wait what did he do?' I thought to myself.

"Please Roza" He whispered but I still heard him.

I walked over to the door and pulling out my hair tie and then waving my head around to make my hair look okay and slipped off my shoes. I opened the door to no one. I moved my head side to side when I saw him.

"DIMITRI" I shouted. He turned around and ran back to me. I quickly ushered him inside.

"I thought you weren't going to let me" He said telling me what he was thinking.

"Yeah sorry I was just really tied and with Graduation today and all" I replied smiling slowly remembering what today was.

"Yeah I know" He replied, I smiled at him, "I just wanted to come see and you and tell you I'm sorry for everything I've done and that I'm going to guard Christian now well because well in-case we want to get back together that way we'll still see each other especially since Christian proposed to Lissa last night" He stated happily.

"I had already forgiven you" I replied smiling at him remembering the house we lived in with our two children Midnight and Tristan.

He slowly stood up and walked over to me. He lift my chin up then slowly lowered his head. I moved upwards and closed the gaps. I have never felt so much passion in a kiss before as we molted* together getting quite heated. I was the one to pull away.

"You have to go, I'm sorry" I stated. He looked upset.

"Why?" He asked puzzled by my outburst.

"Because Lissa's coming to see me to get ready and she's just got up to the stairs" I replied. He nodded quickly pecking my lips then dashing out of my door.

Knowing that Lissa would let herself in I hopped into the shower and washed my hair. It wanted it to be silky smooth. Today we would just like have a ball where we would get to celebrate our graduation. Then tomorrow before everyone disappeared to where every. The dhapmirs would wear their uniforms and get their moroi assignment.

Once I got out of the shower I rapped a fluffy white towel around myself and walked out into my room. "Hi Lis" I said as I walked into my room grabbing a pair of shorts and undies (panties, knickers what ever YOU call them) and a sport short bra that kind of looked like a crop top, and putting them on.

"So, do you notice anything different about me?" She asked smirking.

"Are you put a fresh lot of make-up on?" I asked, she frowned, "You put on a new pair of shorts and top?" I asked, she frowned again, "You bought a new dress in that bag beside you to wear to graduation"

"Yes that too but something else" She replied eagerly.

"YOUR ENGAGED TO FIREBOY!" I screamed. She nodded vigorously.

"AHHHHHHH, congratulations!" I stated hugging her tightly.

"He proposed to me last night!" She told me showing her ring. The ring was a gold band with a big diamond in the middle with two smaller diamonds on either sides.

"It's beautiful" I replied "Even if it is gold" I muttered the last bit. She whacked me. "Hey" I yelled playfully.

She just giggled.

"So what are we doing first?" I asked her.

"Going to breakfast silly" She replied grabbing my arm.

We ran down to the cafeteria where we went in line and got our breakfast. Well me my normal breakfast of four doughnuts. Fireboy and Eddie were already seated.

"Where's Adrian?" I asked Fireboy.

"He's helping with the guardians and teachers to set up the gym for our king and queen graduation ball" He replied smiling at me batting his eyelids.

"I don't love him you idiot" I replied smirking as I hit him over the head.

"What's with the dress choice though?" He asked me grinning.

"Oh it's just what I decided to wear so I can bit your sorry ass" I remarked.

"hahaha" Lissa laughed as she imagined Christian getting his ass kick by me " Sorry Honey" She replied as he glared at her. He just smiled and pulled her into his arms.

"So I heard your getting married" Eddie said.

"What whose getting married?" Mia asked as she sat down beside Eddie and snuggled into his one arm. Yeah it was weird how I had let her into the group but then again when you go through a massive fight/abduction/running for your life situation you learn to appreciate life. Also because Mia and Eddie are now dating.

"Lissa and Christian!" I told her boredly.

"OH, CONGRAULATIONS!" Mia shouted at them in fully happiness.

"Thanks" Lissa and Christian said in union. Mia then went rambling on and on.

I however ignored them and ate my doughnuts. I kept remembering what had happened. Jailbait being a Dragomir and having a daughter. Lissa and Christian having a son named Alexander. I also thought about how me and Dimitri living in a house at court and Lissa being queen. Hmmm I wonder if that will happen.

"ROSE" Lissa shouted at me.

"Huh" I said.

"We've got to go and start getting ready it will takes us half a day anyway" She stated. I followed her and notice that Mia had a bag beside her and was walking beside me. We walked to my dorm. Where we started blow drying my hair. After it was dry we all started painting our nails and then doing each others facials.

We had spent three hours doing our facials and they were now complete. Our faces looked fresh and new. We then went down for a quick lunch of a salad before going back upto my room where we started on our hair. Lissa put my hair up in a messy bun on the side. With a whole can of hairspray used on it to keep it up. We straightened Mia's hair and let it hang down. Why Lissa did her own hair. Putting it up in with a plate crown, then bun with hair dangling down everywhere.

After that we got out our dress out. My was a black sleeveless knee high puffy dress that look like a top that went below the chest then a toto skirt. It also had a white one shoulder strap that looked wonderful. Under the dress I wore a pair of black short's that you couldn't see when you looked at me, just in case when we were dancing that if my dress came up I wouldn't be embarrassed.

Lissa chose a blue floor length dress. That was beaded and had one should stap too. Mia wore a red clingy dress that went to the knees. We all look fabulous. Then we quickly added makeup and then put on our matching heels. My heels where Black with a white strip that were 8inichs high.

We quickly did a check up. Then sprayed our faces with hairspray so that our make-up wouldn't run no matter what we were doing. After that we walked to the fountain on the premises where we waited for the boys. It was already 6:30 at night so the boys would be here soon to take us to the party.

The party was going to just be graduates, then guarding guardians and the teachers who would judge and name the kind and queen of the night, style/fashion wise.

Later That Night!

It was now midnight so night was in full swing. We had danced and danced and had loads of fun. It was nearly time for the ball to end. Which was going to be good because me and Mia were going to have a sleepover at Lissa's. Our stuff had been kindly dropped off for us by Dimitri. (since I begged him).

"All Right Settle down" Alberta said getting on stage.

We all turned to her and quieted down. She smiled and started her speech.

"What marvalous years it has been for us" She started.

"One of the hard things for everyone is that when people graduate we miss everyone. There will be some of you who are missed by teachers and some who will be missed by friends, people who die protecting the moroi and some who start a family. Tonight I have a few things to say though that aren't too boring but meaningful. Firstly though is to one person who has been here the longest out this group, although she has left many times over the last couple of years, she's still managed to keep up and beat most of your asses, is Rose Hathaway" She said. Everyone laughed. Alberta motioned me to the stage which I walked up to happily to.

"Now everyone thinks that Rose has been as long as they have been here at this academy, don't they?" Alberta asked. There was a chorus of yes.

"Well your wrong" She smiled, "Rose here has been at this academy since she was 3, which she has loved ever since she got here, she's kept us all on our toes hasn't she, well she just one, but this is not the reason why she's up here, it's because of her style and fashion she has shown over the years, because she's our QUEEN OF THE BALL!" I received a crown and flowers.

After that I blocked everything out. Even the other speech about our king who was of course jackass Jesse Zeklos. After that i had a few more drinks and then went and hit the sack, of course after kissing Comrade and just told me i was drunk and then i hit the sack for night. I fell to sleep like a baby in Lissa's room all in the one double bed which had been purchased by Tasha Ozera of course.