This is my first foray into fanfiction so hopefully it's not complete shit. It's kind of hilarious to me that the only fanfiction I ever read is from the harry potter fandom and now here I am writing glee fic. Life is weird.

Warning: This fic is lemony and contains elements of dubcon. Kurtofsky does that to me. Consider yourself warned.

Chapter 1

"This isn't a joke Karofsky! Let. me. go!"

"Oh but it is Hummel" His mouth was now ghosting over the sensitive skin just behind Kurt's ear. "it is."

"And you want to know why?" Dave adjusted his hold on Kurt's hands, his grip keeping the struggling boy securely bound to the wall. "It's because I know you want this. You can't hide that from me. You can't hide this." Kurt gasped in shock as Dave's hand palmed his hardening cock. "You. want. me."

And with a smirk Dave emphasized his last thought with three thrusts of his hips into the smaller boy's rapidly growing erection. Kurt was slowly losing the battle to maintain his better judgment and sense as he fought to keep his baser instincts at bay. While part of him longed to wipe that stupid grin off with a swift slap to the face another part of him could not deny there were many other appealing options that were now whizzing through his head.

No! I won't give him the satisfaction! Kurt averted his eyes as he willed his body to ward off the natural reactions he was having as Dave's free hand came into contact with the soft skin of Kurt's navel. Soft and tentative and ever so slowly Dave began to unbutton Kurt's button-up. Kurt's face was hot and flushed as he felt Karofsky withdraw his hand completely from his body and felt his eyes taking in his small wiry build. Kurt heard him as he muttered "Fuck." underneath his breathe but still held against the temptation to gauge his reaction with his eyes.

A few awkward seconds of silence past before Kurt was surprised to feel Dave's mouth at the juncture between his neck and shoulders. This sudden contact caught Kurt off guard and he was unable to fight back the tiniest whimper. Unfortunately for Kurt this did not go unnoticed by the bigger boy and Dave made this immediately known to Kurt as Dave's mouth enthusiastically sought out Kurt's nipples. Kurt could swear he heard a muffled "Finally" as the jock nipped and tongued at his nipples. At this point Kurt could no longer keep his moans from meeting Karofsky's ears. He began to tilt his hips, seeking contact with Dave's equally aroused prick. "Oh. Fucking. God. YES." Kurt was heaving with exertion as Dave hissed with each tilt of Kurt's hips and when Kurt sought out Dave's mouth and began kissing him ruthlessly Dave let out a groan and dropped his hands to caress Kurt's jawline. And as Dave's hands fell so did his defenses and Kurt could suddenly feel freedom from this madness within his grasp; freedom to end whatever fucked up universe he had entered where he was actually considering letting Dave Karofsky have his way with him. So he made his next move and with one last fierce kiss made his best effort at extricating himself from the pawing boy. He managed to put a few feet of distance between them but due to the their previous activities and the effort it took to push the chubby boy off of him Kurt could do little more than lean against a desk as he concentrated on controlling his breathe.

Out of the corner of his eye he could see Dave's movement towards him and automatically Kurt held up his hand in supplication. Tears were welling up in his eyes as he desperately tried to hold on to whatever little dignity he thought he had left. "Please." he whispered "Please I'm not ready for this."

Dave did not heed the warning and instead gently turned Kurt's head so that he had no choice but to look at him. "Why do you fight it? Am I that hideous to you?"

Kurt stared wide eyed at the bigger boy and after a few seconds of being struck speechless licked his lips in preparation to speak causing Dave's eyes to drop hungrily to his puffy abused lips flustering Kurt even further. "I don't think... it is completely irrelevant what I think about your looks Karofsky! The point is that I have no desire to accept your...advances and even if I was so inclined I am not at liberty to do so."

"You're wrong" Dave's voice was low and steady and his eyes unnerved Kurt as they continued to concentrate solely on Kurt's mouth.


"I said, you're wrong."

"Enlighten me, Karofsky. What am I wrong about now so that I can add it to my list of many faults and failures?"

Dave tilted his head and moved in just mere inches away from Kurt's mouth. Kurt could feel his heart rate accelerate and his breathe hitched in his throat. His eyes closed involuntarily as he felt Dave's fingers stroking featherlight against his neck until they pressed gently but firmly to his skin.

"So a bird." Dave murmured as he chastely brushed his lips once and then twice more against Kurt's lips. It was these heart achingly sweet kisses that finally did Kurt in. He couldn't help but tentatively push back against Dave's mouth. Dave immediately stilled when he felt Kurt's soft timid kisses. He wanted so much to push the smaller boy onto his back and kiss every single inch of his beautiful little body but he knew that would insure he would never get another chance with Kurt and even though he knew he wasn't ready to come out to the whole world he did know that he wanted as much of Kurt Hummel as he could possibly get.

The intensity of the moment was suddenly shattered as Kurt's cell phone started vibrating. He pulled it out to check who was calling but before he could even fully pull it out of his pocket Dave had snatched the phone out of his hand.

"Give that back! It's probably my dad wondering why the hell I haven't made it home yet!"

"Who's Blaine?"

Kurt's faced turned bright red. He had completely forgotten that he had promised to meet up with Blaine at Breadstix after school. "I have to go. I was supposed to be somewhere twenty minutes ago." Kurt jumped up and walked across the room to grab his satchel.

When he made his way to the door Dave was standing directly in front of it. "You're not going to leave without saying goodbye, are you?"

"Karofsky I really need to go." Kurt sidestepped the jock and prayed to gaga that he would be allowed to finally leave in peace.


No such luck. Kurt let out a sigh and looked back. Dave's hand was outstretched as he held Kurt's cellphone aloft. "You might need this."

"Oh...yes thank you" Kurt made to take the phone but as soon as Kurt's hand made contact Dave's closed around it. He brought the confused boy's hand to his lips and kissed it. "Goodbye beautiful" and before Kurt could even react Dave was already half way down the hall.

So what do y'all think? I already have an idea of where I want this to go if people are interested.