Chapter 6

When Dave awoke the next morning the first thing he noticed was the painful digging of metal into his wrists and the uncomfortable angle his arms were in that left them completely immobile against his back. His attempt to sit up brought about another revelation. He couldn't move his feet. He strained down only to find that knotted around his ankles were a pair of jumper cables. What the hell is going on? And that's when Dave realized that a certain naked boy he'd fallen asleep spooning was no where in sight.

With a loud grunt Dave made an effort to break through his bonds that only resulted in him nearly toppling off the edge of the bed.

"Careful. Last thing I need is a neanderthal with a concussion on my hands."

Dave looked up just in time to see Kurt walk into his room fully dressed with not even a glance in Dave's direction as he made a beeline to his vanity.

"Never knew you were so resourceful, Fancy. Jumper cables and handcuffs though? I would have expected something a little more creative coming from you." He punctuated the end of his sentence with a loud grunt as he made another attempt to break free.

"Well one has to make due and go for practicality at times." With a bored expression Kurt lent over to check his reflection and began to apply product to his tousled hair completely oblivious to the fact that Dave had stopped struggling because he couldn't take his eyes off Kurt's skinny jeans. Dave licked his dry lips. "Practical. Sure. Although I gotta admit the handcuffs don't quite strike me as your style."

Kurt merely shrugged his shoulders. "What can I say, I'm full of surprises. Well that and Brittany doesn't realize that handcuffs are kind of a freaky birthday present to give to a friend. Then again it also seems to have escaped her notice that just because she still plays with barbie dolls doesn't mean I still spend my free time playing Cops and Robbers."

"Whatever. If you were looking for an excuse to handcuff me, Fancy, you could have at least asked. Not that it would have gotten you far." A half smile played at the corner of Dave's lips.

Kurt let out a snort of derision as he stood upright to straighten his bow tie and to give himself a final once over in front of the mirror. As Kurt looked critically at himself from different angles Dave couldn't help but stare openly at the smaller boy. Dave felt his hand twitch restlessly against his back as he imagined untucking the form fitting black collared shirt from Kurt's tight jeans and exposing all that flawless skin that he knew lay just beneath begging to be touched. Dave could feel himself getting hard at the thought and he let out another strangled grunt when he grit his teeth and tried to rearrange himself underneath Kurt's comforter.

Dave had done his best the night before to not take advantage of sleeping Kurt when he had no other option but to carry the sopping wet boy to his bedroom. However he could not deny that he had been sorely tempted after grabbing Kurt's forgotten towel on the bed in an effort to dry him off. It nearly killed him to abstain from lingering over certain areas longer than absolutely necessary so after he had finished his painfully innocent task he had wrapped Kurt in his comforter and made his way back to the bathroom where he relieved his stiff cock with a few quick jerks. The last thing Dave remembered was slipping back into his jeans before returning to the bedroom to snuggle up against Kurt's small warm body. Now, however, Dave was beginning to regret his chivalrous behavior as the aching pull on his arms intensified.

When Kurt turned around to finally address the existence of the bound boy on his bed Dave had to give himself a mental shake to pay attention to the words that were spilling out of Kurt's mouth at an alarmingly fast rate as if he had just spent the better part of an hour rehearsing exactly what he was going to say.

"Alright, here's how this is going to work, Karofsky. I have plans. Plans that I am not willing to compromise just because some sex-crazed buffoon is hell bent on invading my life and generally driving me crazy. So you are going to be a good boy for me and exit my home willingly or I will not hesitate to have the authorities make you with some rather unfortunate ramifications awaiting you as well. Am I being perfectly clear?"

Dave watched as Kurt made his best attempt at assuming an imposing stance. "You're getting awful brave on me, Fancy." An amused grin flit across his face. "It's kinda hot."

Kurt ignored Dave's reply and grabbed his phone from his back pocket. He held the phone in front of him as he kept a steady gaze on Dave. "Answer the question."

Dave's eyes widened for a fraction of a second and then narrowed as he looked accusingly at Kurt. "Taking a lot of liberties aren't you Kurt? Going through my pockets."

Kurt let out a short barking laugh. "And you would know all about taking liberties, wouldn't you? It seems to be some sort of calling card for you these days."

"Denial is fun isn't it, Fancy? It's so easy to play the victim and blame me but sooner or later you're going to have to own up to the fact that you love what I do to you. You want me to admit I've taken liberties? No shit. I want you. And maybe you don't say it with words Fancy but I know that you want me too. Every time I touch you. I know. Now how about you try for a little honesty? Because you sure as hell aren't fooling me."

"So what, you think it's some kind of phenomenal feat to turn on a horny sixteen year old,is that it? Like it somehow means something because you can get me off? Newsflash Karofsky I'm not interested in being your piece of secret gay ass even if you can give a passable blow job. I want a relationship. A healthy normal relationship that doesn't involve one of the biggest closet cases in Ohio."

Dave clenched his jaw as the sting of Kurt's words caused a slow burn to rise up to his reddening cheeks. His reply was so soft Kurt doesn't hear him the first time.

"I don't read lips, Karofsky."

Dave does his best to maintain eye contact with Kurt but he can feel himself reacting further to Kurt's painful words when his eyes start to have the itch associated with holding back tears. He looks down in an effort to remain in control of his emotions. "I said give me a chance. I could...I would be good to you, Kurt, if you let me. I know that I would." Dave's voice tapers out at the end and a few moments pass by as silence reigns.

Kurt is stunned by the emotion behind Dave's words. He had been convinced that Dave's preoccupation with him had been purely sexual but it was starting to occur to Kurt that maybe there was more to Dave's feelings than just raw lust. The tears that were threatening to fall from Dave's eyes had not escaped Kurt's notice and the break in Dave's voice had resulted in a small sharp twinge of remorse in Kurt's stomach. Kurt shook his head. This is ridiculous. Dave Karofsky is a manipulative, bullying sexual deviant. He doesn't know anything about you beyond how much force is needed to make you fall to your knees when he pushes you into a locker. Now stop getting sidetracked and get your butt to Dalton where it belongs.

Kurt rolls his shoulders and moves quickly to the foot of his bed and begins to undo the cables that bind Dave's feet. Dave jumps at Kurt's touch and looks over at the smaller boy who is working determinedly to free his legs. "W-what are you doing?"

"You don't need to focus on what I'm doing. All you need to know is that I'm giving you a way out and if you're smart you'll take it. My dad will be coming home tonight and trust me when I say you don't want to be here when he does. Besides it will be in both our best interests if you just leave and we put this all behind us."

"And where will you be, princess?" Dave's voice is still low but now with a gruffness that it lacked earlier.

Kurt pauses for only a moment. "You saw the texts. You know where I'll be."

Dave doesn't respond but Kurt can tell by the tenseness in his body that he is not at all pleased with his answer.

When Kurt is finally finished he taps the side of Dave's leg. "Stand up." Dave moves mechanically his face turned away from Kurt as the smaller boy stands only a few feet in from of him.

Kurt blushes when he realizes that he'd forgotten that Dave was shirtless underneath his comforter. His eyes are immediately drawn to Dave's arms and Kurt can't help but watch the hypnotic way that Dave is indirectly flexing his muscles as he curls his hands into fists every other second. "So I - uh - I think it's best if I leave first. The key to the cuffs is on the kitchen counter adjacent to the pantry. Give me about ten minutes after I'm gone and then it should be fine for you to leave too. Ok?"


"Are you listening?"

More silence.

Kurt ignores the strange feeling of disappointment that surfaces at Dave's cold shoulder treatment and moves to exit his room. "I don't have time for this."

Kurt's hand has barely made contact with the doorknob before the force of Dave's chest against his back has him pinned flat against his door.

"Of course you don't have time for this. Wouldn't want to keep pretty boy waiting, would we?" Kurt lets out a whimper as he pushes halfheartedly against Dave's chest. Dave's breath is coming out short and fast against Kurt's neck causing goosebumps to rise and a slight shiver to course through his frame. Dave immediately lessens the pressure between their bodies and with a heavy sigh rests his forehead against Kurt's shoulder and whispers, "I'm sorry I don't want to scare you." He turns to nuzzle Kurt's neck. "I want to touch you." Dave can't keep the frustration and bitterness from tinging his words.

Kurt manages to find his voice. "I have to go."

And just like that Dave moves away. Kurt turns around breathing hard as he looks at the dejected boy now slumped on the side of his bed, staring listlessly down at the floor. "I'm never gonna get over you, am I Kurt?"

In that moment Kurt is filled with regret. He wants to cross the room and give in to Dave and show him just how badly he affects him. He wants to forgo common sense and let Dave prove how good he can be for him. He wants to show Dave just how much he wants him despite everything that he has done to him and despite all the different ways he has tried to deny his attraction. But he doesn't because he knows that no matter how flamboyantly out he may be with his sexuality there was no way he could ever be out about his feelings for Dave Karofsky.