Story Title: Breathe (Sequel to Addiction.)

Characters: Vince McMahon, Jeff Hardy, Stephanie McMahon (In Story she is known as Stephanie Hardy), Matt Hardy, Lita, Ronda(owns herself ), Rose Parker(owned by me), Shane McMahon, Linda McMahon, Edge, Mighty Molly(or Nora Greenwald), Desire Parker. Anyone else I didn't mention hasn't appeared in my outline.

Story notes: This story picks up directly after the Wedding. During this time Rose has revealed that she and Vince married before Linda and Vince did and she and her daughter are entitled to the McMahon fortune and stocks. Stephanie has sued Rose for Slander and Libel when Rose went on "Good Morning America" and Announced that she was the wife of Vincent K. McMahon and her daughter should have the last name. No one has met this daughter yet. She also mentioned a few of the McMahon secrets that were not denied. This story begins right at the end of Stephanie and Jeff's Honeymoon in France.

A long white rose can mean many things. The color undoubtedly meant pure innocence; the smell could tickle the senses to happiness and like a spell it can lead you to sins greater than man could think of. This rose in particular was in full bloom the white petals soft and lush. The rose was being run up and down an arm. Down to the finger tips which held a golden band with a small diamond on it. The fingers moved with the rose as it slowly dew an invisible line back up the arm and to the neck. The rose caressed the neck up to the chin. The path continued down each eye, down the nose, around the cheeks. Finally it crossed the lips. The rose was soon replaced by hands and nimble fingers cupping the face. The eyes fluttered open to reveal a shade of blue. The lips curved into a smile as lips touched lips.

"Good morning…." Jeff murmured drawing a line over her lower lip with his tounge.

"A very good morning." Stephanie replied kissing him again. They'd spent three glorious weeks in three different countries. First Egypt, then Spain, and finally France. She inhaled the scent left by the rose which mixed with Jeff's scent of soap and sweat.

"You can say that again." Jeff said pulling away to look at her. "God I love you…"

"I love you too more than words can say." She replied nestling her head in the crook of his neck. "I don't ever want to leave you, this place, I don't want you to leave me either.

"You'll never have to worry about that Mrs. Stephanie Hardy your stuck with me for life." He laughed and pushed a lock of freshly dyed blonde hair out of Stephanie's face.

" I like that Mr. Jeff Hardy." She pressed her lips to his neck and smiled. Before he could respond Stephanie's cell phone rang and she sat up reluctantly and grabbed it hitting the on button.

" Hello?" She asked keeping the annoyance out of her voice.

"Stephanie it's your mother your real one." The voice said.

"What?" Stephanie asked her body going rigid.

"It's me it's Linda." Linda waited hesitantly for her daughter's answer.

"Mommy?" Stephanie gasped and Linda could hear the phone being taken away from Stephanie.

"What do you want?" A male voice that could only be Jeff's sounded over the phone with a menacing tone.

"Jeff I'd like to speak to my daughter…I need to speak to her." Linda pleaded with him. "She needs to know I'm still her mother."

"If this is some kind of sick plot set up by Rose then I swear…" He said again malice in his voice.

"No I am in no way associated with that…that…..WENCH!" Linda raged over the phone.

"Alright but if you're lying then you'll be very sorry…very sorry…"Jeff handed the phone to a very shocked Stephanie. Running his hand down her back he could feel the sobs already starting. Wrapping his arms around her as her tears began to fall he let her lay her head back on his shoulder while talking to Linda. He called her Linda because he didn't know what she was. She'd avoided he and Stephanie since the wedding when Rose showed up and attempted to end the wedding with news that Stephanie shouldn't be gifted with the McMahon money that her daughter..her and vince's daughter was the eldest and should be subject to become heir to the company and the fortune. She also said that there was no reason for Jeff to marry Stephanie because at that moment she had no money. This had only postponed the wedding the words had brought back memories of her first marriage and the reasons behind it. (a.n. : that is my own speculation.) Normally he'd been outraged that she'd compared him to paul but he knew in his heart that she hadn't meant it. At the time her entire world of pillars had collapsed except one and that was him. He'd be damned if he ever let her down.

"Mom I love you too…" Stephanie sobbed again. "I'll meet you at the court house tomarrow. Bye." Stephanie turned to him tears streaking her face. She wiped them away and squared her shoulders

"She said she loves me and I'll always be her daughter no matter what happens and no matter what ANYONE says.." Stephanie smiled brightly. "I hope she's not lying to me because I just couldn't take it if she was."

"I know baby…" Jeff craddled her feeling useless. "I know.. "

"We gotta get up c'mon let's take a shower." Stephanie pulled him out of bed and to the bathroom. Jeff slammed the door shut behind them.

2 hours later (they've been traveling high profile as in private jet)

"Jeff!!! Stephanie!!!!!!!" Lita ran up to her two friends at the airport. "Oh God how are you?"

"Great!!!" Stephanie laughed at her friend's excited expression and took note to the ring on her finger. "Lita is there something you aren't telling me?"

"I'll tell you when we get to the arena." Lita smiled. "Right now we have to get you ready for you first match as Stephanie Hardy."

"HELL YEA!" Stephanie pumped her fist in the air and receive a strange look from her husband and Matt. "Ok a little too excited and random.. I get it I get it!"

At the Arena.

"Lita are you sure about this I mean seriously." Stephanie stepped out of the dressing room wearing a pair of khaki cargo pants and a black cut off Hardy Girlz t-shirt with Hardy on the window and a smashed part where Boyz should have been that said Girlz. She had a newly made Steph H. pendant. Her blonde hair was pulled back in a pony tail.

"Wait until Jeff see's you." Lita laughed as the camera turned off and they headed down the hall to the Hardyz locker room. "We've got a first ever Women's tag team Championship match tonight against Jazz and Stacey."

"Let's bring the gold to where it belongs." Stephanie said knocking on the door. "Jeffy open up!!!"

"Stephy!!! Wait a minute!." Jeff said laughing he could almost hear her impatiently sigh and put her hands on her hips. Swinging open the door his jaw dropped at what he saw.

"Hey baby…" Stephanie laughed when his expression didn't waiver.

"Stephanie I think you've shocked him into a trance." Lita grined moving past the married couple to Matt who sat on the couch pulling on his boots. He looked up at her and placed her hands on her waist.

"Hey sweetie." Matt's grin matched hers as he pulled her down and kissed her.When she responded he flipped her over and began to mercilessly tickle her.

"MATT…..OH…..MY…….GOD……STOP……AH…..I'M….. GONNA…..PISS……..MY…….PANTS……!!!!!" Lita managed to get out as he sat back on his haunches.

"Gotcha…" He laughed as she playfully swatted his arm as he pulled her up close to him. "Good luck tonight babes…"

"Thanks… you know I'll do fine.." Lita said kissing him.

"You know I worry about you especially when you're out there with Jazz." Matt replied nibbling on her lower lip. "She's viscous and…"

"Shh…" Lita quieted him. "I'll be fine don't worry."

"Stephanie you sure you're ready?" Jeff asked his wife as she stretched.

"You guys taught me well Matt, Lita, Jeffy." Stephanie acknowledged them all. "I've never been more ready in my life plus I'm a McMahon and also a Hardy I was born ready."

Jeff smiled at his wife's determination. "Great good luck and kick some ass."

"Alright guys we gotta go like now." Lita said hopping out of Matt's embrace and pulling Stephanie away from Jeff.

"Stephy…." Jeff mock whined.

"Jeffy…." Stephanie Mimicked him.

"Oh God." Both Matt and Lita groaned and then laughed.

"We're ready if you need back up." Jeff called as they left. "If those dudleyz try anyhing they'll be dead men walking.

"Lets rock and roll Steph." Lita said as their brand new music hit the song was a remix of the Hardy Boyz entrance music and showed Lita in the ring and Stephanie in training. Lita and Stephanie did theirown little dance and ran to the ring each sliding in. They each got up on the turnbuckles and the guns and hopped down preparing for what was to come.

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