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Notes/Content/Summary: This story picks up directly after the Wedding. During this time Rose has revealed that she and Vince married before Linda and Vince did and she and her daughter are entitled to the McMahon fortune and stocks. Stephanie has sued Rose for Slander and Libel when Rose went on "Good Morning America" and Announced that she was the wife of Vincent K. McMahon and her daughter should have the last name. No one has met this daughter yet. She also mentioned a few of the McMahon secrets that were not denied. This story begins right at the end of Stephanie and Jeff's Honeymoon in France.

Characters: Vince McMahon, Jeff Hardy, Stephanie McMahon (In Story she is known as Stephanie Hardy), Matt Hardy, Lita, Ronda (owns herself), Rose Parker (owned by me), Shane McMahon, Linda McMahon, Edge, Mighty Molly (or Nora Greenwald), Desire Parker. Anyone else I didn't mention hasn't appeared in my outline yet.

Shane McMahon stood at the door of the Hardyz locker room. Stephanie had made sure they could all be in one place since not one of the four could figure out who was friend or foe. He hoped she knew that he was friend now and more importantly brother. He held in his hands the laptop that contained Desire's files. Her plans her records. Her banking accounts access codes. Also her diary. He smiled her games were about to be over. Raising his hand he knocked on the door. He wasn't surprised when Jeff Hardy appeared at the door. Shane studied his brother in law's face. Something just wasn't right. He hadn't known Jeff a long time but felt like something was up. He shook off the notion the plan couldn't have taken place but just in case he had to tell his sister before it happened. He had to warn her of the hell that could still take place.

"What do you want Shane O?" Jeff asked. His voice was a cross between a country accent and a New York accent. Shane's eyes widened a bit. It wasn't Jeff. It couldn't be. Could it?

"I need to talk to my sister." He said firmly. He looked into the room to see Stephanie curled onto a couch. Her eyes weren't closed. She was resting. She winced when she took a deep breath and he mentally kicked himself for not knocking Desire with the chair harder. His eyes darted around the room and he saw Matt helping Lita to her seat. He looked at Jeff again. "Alone."

"Fine." Jeff shut the door in his face and walked to Stephanie. He patted her arm and nearly jerked her from the couch. He apologized and led her to the door he helped her to her brother and she blinked a couple times at him pain filled her eyes and Jeff disappeared into the room.

"How are you feeling?" Shane asked his sister as she leaned against the wall her arms curling protectively over her stomach where he could see bruises forming.

"Beaten, afraid, confused." She replied. "What's this all about Shane?"

"I can't explain now. There's not much time." Shane said. The urgency in his voice betrayed any thoughts of what he'd done in her mind a trick. " Desire had a plan. A plan to destroy you, Jeff, Matt, and Lita."

"Go on." Stephanie said. His voice was hushed and she realized this was no joke. He was telling the truth. She had to trust him or just wait for the plan to go through.

"There's this man she knows from New York. He looks almost identical to your husband." Shane said. She narrowed her eyes a bit and he continued. "He had a big crush on her. Even importantly he's obsessed with Jeff and you."

"And this has to do with what?" Stephanie shook her head confused. "So he's obsessed with me and Jeff he's a fan it happens everyday!"

"He's been studying Stephanie." Shane said and a slight chill ran through her. "He's been watching Jeff for the past 9 months basically since you two got married. He has everything down to an art. Her plan was to kidnap Jeff and replace him with David. That's the guy's name. David Blanks. Sooner or later David would kill you three. Jeff would slowly be killed via drugs in a mental hospital in California. He'd be watched by Rose."

Stephanie looked at him concerned for a second then burst out laughing. She doubled over with giggled pouring steadily from her mouth. Her body trembled when she stood up straight chuckles spilling forward she winced at every laugh because her stomach hurt. She laughed so hard and tried to stop when she saw the serious look on his face. He glared at her and she contained herself. "Oh what's next Desire will then take over my life?"

"Look has Davi-Jeff been distant from Matt lately." Shane asked her.

"Well yeah they're brothers but they don't need to be joined at the hip." Stephanie responded.

"What the hell is wrong with you Jeff you've been acting weird lately?" Matt shouted at his younger brother whom stared him straight in the face. He'd made a derogatory comment towards Lita after Matt told him that he and Lita would be going on their honeymoon trip. They never had one seeing as they returned to work immediately after the wedding. Jeff was pissed because he didn't want Matt to go. It just wasn't like him to be that way. Especially after he and Stephanie got married.

"Sorry you're so uptight man." Jeff yelled back. "Oh and have a nice trip!" Jeff yelled again grabbing his stuff.

"He has a tattoo on his back it's of a dragon holding a glass ball in its mouth with the words Hell is Heaven written inside." Shane explained to her. Jeff opened the door and slammed it behind him and tossed her a pink duffel bag.

"C'mon we're going back to the hotel. NOW!" Jeff grumbled and proceeded to drag her down the hallway to the parking garage.

I don't understand You look just like the man In the picture by our bed

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~*~* *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ *~*~*~*

When they arrived at the hotel Stephanie was really quiet. David stared at her while they were in the elevator. She seemed to be contemplating something. It wasn't odd to him. Her mind wandered often. Or so it that's how it was when he first took her to bed with him. He thought about the plan that was about to go down within the next month. He studied her carefully. Her glowing skin and her delicate blue eyes. She was like a porcelain doll to him. Sooner or later he'd break her in half and have her sister in the wake. What had happened with Matt almost destroyed the plan. He couldn't fool Matt. Matt looked at him like a stranger and he'd have to be the first to die. He and his wife wouldn't come home safe from their honeymoon in Greece. The bell dinged signaling that they were on their floor. Floor 9 at the Bellhamp hotel. He shook his head and placed his palm on the small of his "Wife's" back. They got to the hotel room and she insisted on taking a shower. He lay on the bed thinking of his old life before he met Desire Parker. Before he faked his death and gained a new life. When he was a simple man with one bullet and a paycheck. He laughed.

Stephanie contemplated things while brushing her teeth. She'd long since showered and dressed. She looked from the open bathroom to the man lying on the bed shirtless. Shane's words swam inside her mind. Who was that man in her room? Was it even possible that HE couldn't be Jeff? She rinsed her mouth and decided to find out asking for forgiveness. She wondered why she prayed for it. HE was her husband wasn't he?

The suspense is pounding and clouding up my head I'm checkin' your clothes And you wear the same size You sleep in his spot

"Penny for your thoughts?" David asked his so-called wife. She was wearing a pair of silk pj's that buttoned down in the front. And they were his favorite color a deep dark blue. She kneeled on the bed next to him and smiled.

"Why don't you guess?" She asked him and kissed his lips and then moved to his neck.

There's a stranger in my house It took a while to figure out There's no way you could be who you say you are You gotta be someone else

"MMhmm" His arms encircled her waist as he pulled her closer. "Do I have to?"

She quickly rolled him over on his stomach. She kissed the back of his neck and began rubbing his shoulders. She looked down at his back and her eyes widened. His back coated with sweat was covered in make-up. It looked like concealer. Why the hell was he wearing makeup on his back of all places? How the hell did he get it there? Moving her hands lower she kneaded some knots in his lower back while rubbing the makeup away. She almost gasped at was being shown.

Cuz he wouldn't touch me like that And he wouldn't treat me like you do He would adore me, he wouldn't ignore me So I'm convinced there's a stranger in my house

"Stephanie what are you doing?" David asked her. Stephanie nearly jumped when he turned her over on her back. He pinned her to the bed his hands holding hers and she smiled up at him. He kissed her forehead and then her lips. "I love you Stephanie."

"I love you too Jeff Hardy." Stephanie replied as he kissed her lips again. Electricity trickled down his spine as he moved his lips lower to the nape of her neck. The grip he had on her hands tightened and he bit at her flesh. Moving down her chest he unbuttoned his pants.

I'm not sure who you are Don't see your shadow around when you walk Ain't leavin' no kisses Goodbye with no words If these walls could talk They would have nothing to tell

Hour's later Stephanie lay next to David tears pooling her eyes and threatening to spill over. David's arm was draped heavily over her bruised stomach his head in the pillow behind her. Sharp pain stabbed at her from almost every limb. She closed her eyes and stifled a sob. It was sinking in. The man next to her the man she just made love to wasn't Jeff Hardy. She felt worse than she ever did. Virtually she cheated on her husband with his..look-alike. She couldn't tell her husband apart from the freak next to her. Thoughts crossed her mind. If she hadn't been so caught up in the whole drug thing then she probably would have noticed sooner. And with Matt and Lita gone who the hell did she have to turn to. Shane's words struck her like a bucket of cold water. At that moment Matt and Lita would be in Greece. If the plane hadn't gone down already. Or if they hadn't been shot in the airport. No she would know by now.

Pushing his arm off her she sat up wincing and trying not to make a sound. Slipping from the bed she walked to her duffel bag and pulled out some jeans and a sweatshirt to combat the cooling weather. Strange to think it was already October. She wrote a quick note on the table and left it there for him to find. Pulling all her stuff together she crept out of the door not bothering to take the key with her. Pulling out her cell she called Lita's mobile number. Stepping into the women's bathroom she hitched up on the counter and waited. When the phone kept ringing she began to really worry. Suddenly a sleepy voice came over the line.

"lo?" Lita said exhaustedly.

"LITA!" Stephanie yelled. "Oh my god I'm so glad you're alright!"

"Why wouldn't I be?" Lita asked unable to sit up due to Matt laying his head on her shoulder. " Is something wrong?"

"Yes.. No.. I mean you're in danger." Stephanie blurted out after a second or two of hesitation.

"What?" Lita asked getting concerned.

"Jeff isn't Jeff he's David Blanks." Stephanie said urgently. "Just don't come home until I tell you to ok? And be careful."

"What wait Stephanie what's going on?" Lita asked fully alert.

"Did Jeff ever talk about getting a tattoo on his back. Have you noticed his accent?" Stephanie asked.

"Well he has been talking about it since last week and I'm sure it's just the way we travel that's changing his accent one time Matt sounded like he was from California once. To me it's just the same old Jeff." Lita said. She could hear Stephanie sigh on the other line. "But Me and Matt will be careful and will be alert. And we'll wait until your call." Lita reasurred her.

"Good. Girl I miss you and take care ok." Stephanie said and Lita turned off the phone.

So what could it be? Is there someone immitating me? Could she be taking my place? Look me in the face And tell me that I'm wrong When I say...

Stephanie called Shane's cell next while stepping into the elevator he was in the hotel across the street. They were full that night at Bellhamp so he stayed at the Ramada Inn. The phone continued to ring. Shane's voice mail picked up. She left a message and kept going to his hotel room. Fear instilled her as she broke out into a run. Racing up to the Elevator she all but dove inside. As soon as it hit his floor she bolted out and walked hurriedly down the hall. She tried to remember the door number as she was pulled inside a door. She almost yelped then she saw who it was.

"Chris what the hell?" Stephanie grumbled.

There's a stranger in my house It took a while to figure out There's no way you could be who you say you are You gotta be someone else

"They've got him." Chris whispered.

"Why the hell are you whispering?" Stephanie asked him. "And they got who?"

"Shane your Mother. Soon they'll have Matt and Lita two." Chris said walking away from her.

You gotta be someone else Cuz he wouldn't touch me like that And he wouldn't treat me like you do He would adore me, he wouldn't ignore me So I'm convinced there's a stranger in my house

"What when?!?" She shouted angrily.

"Just before you got here they took Shane and said Linda was next." He said tossing his bag on his bed and shoving his belongings inside it.

"Shane called me 20 minutes ago when he found out the entire plan." Chris said zipping the bag up and turning back to her.

"We're going to get them. That mean's we're going to LA." Chris told her.

David rolled over the next morning to find the space next to him bare and cold. He sat up straight and looked to the bathroom which was wide open and empty. Stephanie's bag was gone along with her purse and cell. Getting out of bed he noticed she also left her key card. Next to it was a note. He read it and stiffened.

It read: Pop quiz Tell me where we first kissed Tell me where my spot is Tell me if I liked it, loved it Or could it be That the stranger is me Have I changed so drastically? Is it I want more for me? And you remain the same There's a stranger in my house It took a while to figure out There's no way you could be who you say you are You gotta be someone else Cuz he wouldn't touch me like that And he wouldn't treat me like you do He would adore me, he wouldn't ignore me So I'm convinced there's a stranger in my house

End final chapter