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The first Christmas the Leaf had ever seen, was entirely located inside a ballroom within the Hyuga Compound. In years to come, it would spread and grow into a festival that would cover from one end of Fire Country, to the opposite end of Sand Country. It would be a time full of joy and merriment; laughter and excitement. Family and friends would gather and spend the day together. Lovers would embrace one another. The world would be a magical place. All for one night...

But the first night, was just as magical to the fifteen shinobi who gathered in the ballroom to celebrate this once unknown holiday.

"Everything looks very pretty, Ino-chan," the timid Hyuga heiress complimented from besides her uncharacteristically nervous looking boyfriend.

Standing between her two teammates, the pink-haired medic nodded in agreement. "The boys did a good job putting up all the decorations you made," she patted her teammate's arms encouragingly.

"Yeah, good job guys," Ino smiled, congratulating the three boys that had been in charge of decorating the hall.

"Hey!" Naruto, who had been busy stuffing his face all night, turned up from his plate in protest. "That jerk ditched us!" he pointed across the room to where Neji was busy dancing along side the weapons mistress.

Next to the Hyuga and his teammate, was their spandex-wearing friend and Kazekage. The pair were also dancing together, much to the annoyance of the red-head, who had been about to ask Tenten to dance with him, when Lee jumped in and 'innocently' requested that the Sand Kage accompany him in a youthful display of rhythm. Gaara, who everyone knew was weak against the enthusiasm of the bowl-haired boy, had reluctantly agreed. He really hadn't had much choice in the matter though, as the older shinobi had all but bonked him over the head and dragged him to the center of the room to dance.

Also dancing along side them, though much more clumsily, to the amusement of a certain bun-haired girl, were the Kazekage's older sister and her long-time boyfriend. To say it had shocked more than a few of the guest to see Shikamaru not only dance with Temari, but actually be the one to invite her out onto the floor, would have been an understatement. But as most of them would learn on that night and in years to come, Christmas was a time of miracles.

Miracles and wonderfully pleasant surprises.

One such surprise would come to them later that night, when the fang-faced boy and his timid princess would simultaneously confessed their desire to be together forever. The most surprising part about it though, would be the fact that despite having the ring in his pocket the whole night, and nervously fiddling with it to the point that it would wear a hole at the bottom of the pocket and cause the box with the ring to fall, later to be discovered by some overly excited bugs, it would not be Kiba who proposed to Hinata, but the other way around.

Equally as exciting, though not nearly as surprising, would be the passionate kiss shared by the white-eyed prodigy and his bun-haired best friend, who would 'accidently' find themselves under the mistletoe that a certain bushy-browed boy had decided to set up immediately before the party. The same bushy-browed boy who would 'accidently' end up bumping into the pair during his dancing, and end up pushing them in that direction.

It would certainly be a night to remember. A night of magic and love, and joyful celebration with family and friends.