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A/N: I do hope you remember me, Flerzy-Artistic, the author of 因为喜欢你, (who is currently having the pen name i Flerzy), is hereby to announce a somewhat happy news to all of my reviewers, favorite-ers and followers of this story - This story is decided to be rewrote with the new title 'Because'.

The reason I chose to rewrite this story is because of my dear supportive friends and fans, and also to prove if my grammar improved - of course, and the last reason is not to disappoint the fans of this story. I have to say this story had brought me many heart-warming feelings (I never thought of getting this much of reviews, although the story look sucks when I re-read it), and to delete it? No. I wouldn't do that.


the story '因为喜欢你' will be reborn as 'Because'.


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Wonderland Is Underrated





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