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Another fuck'n argument with Christina.

Tom got in his car and sped out of the parking angry with himself and Christina that she yet again baited him into another heated confrontation. What irked Tom the most about the whole thing was that it was over something stupid. That's what all their fights were lately. Mole hills that turned into giant mountains.

It was becoming an everyday occurrence fighting with Christina and Tom was getting tired of it. There was only so much he could take and she was pushing him to his limits, but he wasn't willing to give up on her. Or was he?

Erin had been showing some serious interest in him and her signs although subtle were still very apparent. You'd have to blind not to see them. What peaked Tom interest was that Erin would be a pleasant change of pace from the ragged race he was running with Christina. Plus... she was nice. Erin never really challenged him or made him work for answers to his questions. She was steady and stable, unlike Christina who was all over the place. Erin was everything Christina wasn't and that should make him happy right? Shouldn't he want to be happy? Shouldn't he want all those qualities in partner? So he should want Erin? Right?

"Ughh!" Tom groaned out loud.

That last thought made Tom take some of his anger and frustration out on the gas peddle. Thank god the streets were empty because he needed to let off some serious steam and the speed he was achieving was helping.

The worst thing about the whole situation was that Tom knew what wanted. He didn't want nice. He wanted someone who got in his face and made him challenge himself and not follow so blindly like he used to. He didn't want all flowers and sunshine, he wanted someone with an edge that would push him to the brink only to bring him back from it.

That definitely wasn't Erin. She was the safe choice and he should want safe right? Right?

Tom was so conflicted right now because his mind was telling him Erin was the safe choice but his heart was screaming at him because it didn't want safe, it wanted Christina. And in truth, so did the rest of him. Just thinking about their night together made Tom ache more for Christina.

Her touch, her smile, her voice...

"Dammit!" Tom yelled to himself.

He didn't want to think about that.

He didn't want to think about the way her hair gentle falls on her shoulders when she lets it all out of a pony tail, or the way she snuggles up to him when they watch a movie with Claude Rains, or...

Tom shook his head in an effort to shake Christina out of his mind but it was no use. Christina had cemented herself in ever fiber of his being along time ago.

Tom chuckled to himself and sighed heavily. It was no use. There was nothing he could do but finally admit to himself what he had been avoiding for so long. That matter how much of a pain in the ass she was to him, he loved Christina, and wanted her back. And this time he wasn't gonna give up on her or them without a fight.

The real question was, how was he going to convince her of that? How was he going to show Christina that he was in this for the long haul? That a life without her was no life at all. How was he going to do that? He had no idea. Then he thought of the one person who might be able to help. He just hoped he still had their number.

Tom pulled up into his drive way and parked his car. He then scrolled through his phone searching for the number he needed. Finding it he dialed and hoped for the best. The moment of truth arrived when he heard a voice say hello.

"Hi Bobbi. It's Tom. Look I know I haven't talked to you since.."

"Since you broke up with Christina." Bobbi said flatly.

Crap. This is gonna be harder then I thought. Maybe this was a bad idea calling Bobbi. She is Christina's best friend after all so she's gonna be more loyal to her them me.

Hearing the silence on the other end from Tom, Bobbi decided to let Tom off the hook.

"I hate awkward silences. Look Tom, I'm not mad at you."

"Well, that's good." Tom said feeling somewhat better.

"I'm mad at both of you."

"Me? What did I do? Except love her and ask her to marry me."

"Yes both of you! And there is more to it than that Tom. Yes, you love her but you rushed her into what you wanted. I mean c'mon, you proposed to her right after Paul's death. What was she supposed to think?"

"That I was serious. Because I was."

"Were you Tom? Because your actions lately don't exactly show how much you loved her. I mean look at you and Erin. You and Christina had a falling out and instead of you trying to make things better between the both of you start dating Erin. Erin feeds your ego..."

"Whoa! Feeds my ego? You are way out of line there Bobbi. Erin was there during the toughest time of my life. I had no idea whether I was going to operate again and I...I was scared. Surgery is my whole life and I was in danger of never doing what I was born to do again. I needed Christina. I practically begged for her to be with me after my surgery. She was the last thing I wanted to see when I closed my eyes and the first thing I needed to see when I woke up. And where was Christina when I needed her? No where."

"No where! She wasn't no where! She was on the floor of the ER. That's where she was!"Bobbi shouted with anger.

"Wait! What? She was where?"

"Shit." Bobbi said under her breath.

Bobbi couldn't be more upset with herself that she let that information slip out. She let her anger get the best of her and it caused her to blurt out the truth about Christina's whereabouts that day.

She was pretty certain that Christina would be extremely pissed off if she knew that Bobbi told Tom that she passed out in the ER. If there was one thing Bobbi knew it was that Christina valued her privacy and she just violated it big time by telling Tom.

"Bobbi! You still there?"

For a second Bobbi thought about hanging up and crawling into a hole but the damage was done. No use in hiding now.

"C'mon Bobbi, I can still hear you breathing."

"I'm..I'm still here Tom."

" What did you just say? Christina was in the ER?"

"Yes. She was in the ER and that's why she was late."

"Why she there?"

"Tom, I think this is a conversation you need to have with Christina."

"Christina and I don't have conversations anymore Bobbi. We argue. Fight is a better word and we do that all the time now. I don't want to fight anymore with you or her so can you please just tell me why she was in the ER."

Bobbi sighed and decided since she already had one foot in the grave that she might as well go all way.

"You never heard this from me Tom and I will deny it if she ask. So, you better make damn sure she doesn't know I told you. Deal?"


"She passed out in the ER right before she was going to drive you to your surgery."

"Why? Do we know what caused it?"


"Brought on by me and my pushing her." Tom said while putting his head on the steering wheel.

He felt so bad for the all the times he cursed Christina for not being there for him when in fact she was in need of help too.

"It wasn't just you Tom. I think it was a combination of things, but you know Christina, she never admits when she needs help or when she's in trouble. She just trudges on and hides behind her work. The funny thing about all this is that as much as you needed her that day, she needed you too."

"And I was with Erin."

"And you were with Erin."

"God, I'm so stupid."

"Yes, you are. But so is she."

Tom chuckled.

"Thanks Bobbi.

"Anytime. Now, I'm sure you didn't call just for me to tell you that you and Christina are stupid, so why did you call?"

"Because I'm tired of being stupid. I want Christina and I need your help to get her back."

"What about you and Erin? I thought you two had something going?"

"I think that Erin was more of a pleasant distraction from what I really wanted. I want Christina. I know that now. I can't be with out her Bobbi. Please help me get her back."

Bobbi listened to Tom and heard the sincerity in his voice and knew that he was truly genuine.

"You know she's gonna be a pain in your ass right? And that she won't make anything you do easy?"

"Does she ever? And yes, I know that I gotta step up my A game. I'm not letting her go this time Bobbi,not with out a fight."

"Alright Tom. I'm in. What's your plan?"

"I have no idea. That's why I called you."

Bobbi laughed. "Well, it seems like we have a lot of work ahead of us then."

"Yeah. I guess so. I want us to stop hurting and lying to each other. I just want to tell her what's..." Tom stopped. He could feel the words getting caught in his throat.

"What do you want to tell her?"

"I want to tell her what's in my heart."

The words Tom just spoke gave Bobbi and idea.

"Tom, you know Christina loves her some music right?"

"Oh yeah. I caught her plenty of times during late night hours playing old love songs in her office. She never knew it, but I used to watch her sitting in her chair in her office. Sometimes with her eyes closed,other times she would be staring out the window while a certain song was playing. She would get this sad look on her face. Like the song was telling her something that only was for her ears only."

"I've seen that look on her face too. Like each song sends a special message that only Christina can hear. You wanna get Christina back Tom, you gotta find a song that sends your words to her."

"There's so many out there. How will I know which one to choose?"

"That's where I come in. I think I know which one. I'm gonna send it to your phone. Listen to it then call me back and tell me what you think of it."

"Ok. Call you back in a few."

Tom waited a few minutes then felt his phone vibrate letting him know he got a new e-mail. He smiled when he opened up Bobbi's e-mail and it said "Cross your fingers".

Tom was just about to listen to the song on his phone but quickly changed his mind. He though the best place to listen to the song was on his computer so he sent the e-mail to it. He got out of his car then ran up the steps to his condo.

Wanting to be comfortable while listening to the song, Tom quickly changed out of clothes and hopped in the shower. Twenty minutes later he was feeling all clean and refreshed. He put on his favorite blue cotton t- shirt and shorts. They became his favorite when Christina had seen him in them one day when she came for a surprise visit. He noticed that she was checking him out hard in them and what started out as a friendly visit turned into a hot and heavy make out session.

Tom pulled the shirt up to his nose and breathed in deeply. It amazed him that her scent still lingered on his shirt after all this time and countless washes. It seemed like everything about Christina, including her scent was meant to stay with him.

Tom grabbed his wireless head phones and cell phone off the top of the dresser in his room then headed over to his second bedroom which he converted into a office slash game room.

Lining the walls of game room were jersey's from his favorite sports teams along pictures of the teams they played on. In the back of the room was an pin ball machine that he won in a poker game back in med school. When ever he was mad about something with Christina or he lost a patient he would play. He lost count at how many times he had bruised his sides bumping the machine to make the ball go his way. Next to the pinball machine was a Ms. Pac man arcade machine. That was a gift he bought himself with his first paycheck at Richmond Trinity. He loved that game when he was kid and when arcade place near the hospital was closing he got a good deal from the owner. The owner remember him and Christina and how nice they were to him when he had to bring his daughter in for surgery. The owner was even kind enough to bring the game over to his condo for him.

In the middle of the room was his black leather Lazy Boy. He lost count at how many times he fell alseep in it after a hard day at the hospital. It was so comfortable that it gave his bed a run for it's money on where he liked to sleep the most. Sitting next to his chari was a mini fridge that always had a constant supply of Pepsi and water.

Mounted on the wall was the piece de resistance of the room. A 50 inch flat screen LCD television with surround sound and internet hook up. The guy at Best Buy told him that he wouldn't be disappointed with it and he was right. What sealed the deal was when the guy mentioned they would come and install it for him. One those words were uttered Tom couldn't resist buying it.

Below the TV was a black wooded stand that housed all his toys. A Play Station3, a Wii, and his favorite game console the Xbox 360. Many a night he and Paul would stay up late playing Call of Duty on Xbox Live. They went under the names Dr. Kill Joy and Dr. Evil. Paul thought Kill Joy was a perfect name for Tom since he had no life outside the hospital and spent most of his waking moments there.

A sad smile crept on his face when he thought of Paul. He missed his friend very much.

Tom sat down in his Lazy Boy and placed his cell phone down on the mini fridge then grabbed the TV remote that was sitting on top of it. He switch the TV to PC mode so that he could get into his e-mail.

Tom put his wireless head phones on and set it up so the sound would play though them. He pulled up Bobbi's email and opened up the attachment. The song was from a group called 112. He never heard of them before or the song. He decided to give the song a try and trust Bobbi's judgment. Pressing play he crossed his fingers.

As the song started he sat back in his seat and pushed back so his feet would come up making him more comfortable.

The words of the song started to whisper in his ear and he understood after the first bridge of the song why Bobbi chose this song. It said everything he wanted to say to Christina and more.

The song continued and Tom closed his eyes letting visions of his Christina float in his mind.

When the song was done he took off his head phones and grabbed his cell phone to call Bobbi.

"Well? What do you think?"

"Wow Bobbi! That song said it all."

"I can pick 'em huh?"

"Yes you can. Now the question is how do I get it to her? We can't say more then two words to each other anymore without an argument starting."

"I got that covered. You just do what you need to do."

"No problem. I'll have everything ready by tomorrow. Bobbi, I don't know how to thank you for this."

"Let's hope this works. So don't thank me yet."

"I'll say thank you anyway."

"You're welcome Tom. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Ok. Bye Bobbi."

"Bye Tom."

Tom pushed his feet down and got up from his seat with a renewed sense of purpose. He was gonna get Christina back. Come hell or high water, they were going to be together again.