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"This is nice." Christina said. She was still sitting in Tom's lap with her head leaning down on his shoulder.

"Yes, this is."

The song they were listening ended some time ago. Now they were just enjoying the silence and each other.

Tom smiled as he held Christina and heard her make a content sigh. Her breathe tickled the side of his neck and he had to bite down on the side of of cheek to keep a moan from escaping his throat. He felt Christina nuzzle in closer to his neck and watched as her chest rose again as she inhaled deeply.

" Are you feeling ok? Do we need to go head back to your room?"

"I'm fine and no we don't need to go back just yet. I'm enjoying sitting underneath the stars with you and smelling the cologne you're wearing. By the way, what is that?"

"It's Cool Water. You know I don't normally wear any because of my patients, but Dr. Peterson suggested I try it. You like it?"

"Yeah, I do. My favorite cologne to smell on a guy is Brut. That stuff used to get me all hot and bothered. This Cool Water though...knocks it right out of the box. I can't get enough of it."

"Well then that settles it. I'm buying a whole case of it tomorrow."

Christina laughed.

"Hey, maybe when you get out of here I can take you some place where we can sit and watch the stars for real."

Christina sat up a little and looked around the room.

"I'm not sure real stars can measure up to ones that have colored strings,aluminum foil, and get well wishes on them." she joked.

"Real ones do kinda pale in comparison don't they?"

"Yeah. Plus, I can almost touch mine. It's like my own little universe. What on earth can compare with that?"

Christina looked at Tom and saw a flash a disappointment cross his face. She hoped he knew she was just joking and that she would love to go anywhere with him.

Christina took Tom's hand in her's and locked her fingers with his. She turned her body so that she was looking at him directly.

"Hey, I didn't mean to make lite of what you were saying Tom. I would love to go anywhere and do anything as long as your with me. You believe me right?"

Tom looked into Christina's eyes and knew she was being sincere.

"I do."

"Good. Now,where's this place you want to take me?

Tom shrugged. "Anywhere you want."

"Oh c'mon, you must have some idea where you'd want to go otherwise you wouldn't have brought it up?"

"Well, there is one place."

"See, I knew it. Tell me about this place. Pleeeeeease."

Tom chuckled. Sometimes Christina was relentless when it came to something she wanted but that's what he loved about her. So he relented and decided to give her what she wanted."Ok, and while I'm at it, I'll also tell you the story about the song I just played. It's a little long, you may feel more comfortable sitting down on the bench."

"Are you trying to say I'm heavy?" she teased.

"No! I just wanted to make sure your comfy."

"Well, I was but now I think I want do want to switch. "

Tom frowned for a second at the loss of contact with Christina, then he was pleasantly surprised when he found that she was stretching out on the bench. Once she was settled she placed her head in his lap and looked straight up at him.

"Better?" Tom asked.


"Good. Now it's story time."

Christina smiled at Tom as he began his story which started on their last night at Richmond Trinity.

"Our final night at Richmond Trinity was something that I'll never forget. It wasn't because it was my last night walking the halls, that we didn't have any farewell parties, or that there was nothing left in the hospital that even gave a clue that this once was a proud institution, no, it was because... it was so damn quiet. Not once in all my years of working there had it every been so quiet.

I mean, even during midnight shift when half the hospital was gone there was still some kind of noise. Nurses and doctors walking the halls for late night rounds, monitors beeping, janitors cleaning, insomniac patients watching television. All those random noises that I always took for granted were suddenly gone and were never coming back. That to me was very sad and the more I walked around the sadder I got. The sadder I got, the lonelier I felt. I needed to shake that feeling that was slowly growing in me like a cancer trying to spread. I needed something to make me feel again. Something to make the loss I was feeling go away. I don't know how long I walked or how I got there but I found myself in front of your office.

I remember thinking why in the hell would I walk to the one person who everyday drives me up the wall and drags me into all sorts of craziness?

I was about to walk away when I heard you inside. A box dropped and I heard you mutter a not very lady like curse.

I knocked on the door and heard you groan then start stomping towards the door. You swung the door open so hard I thought it was going to come off it's hinges. Without even looking to see who it was you start reading me the riot act about how you've already explained to the last security guard that you have permission to stay late. I don't say anything and just wait for you to finish. The look on your face was priceless when you realized it was me and not security for the umpteenth time. You must have turned three shades of red. It took everything I had to keep a straight face and not laugh while you apologized.

We both kinda stand there and look at each other like we were both not sure of what to say.

You of course get right to the point and asked me what I was still doing in the hospital. I tell you I was doing my final check of the hospital for Morrissey who had a meeting with the board.

You rolled your eyes and groaned when I mentioned his name which causes me to chuckle as you go off on a small tirade about him and the board. While your doing that I look at your office and see that it's only half way packed and that there is no way you can get it done by yourself by morning.

I offer to help you out but you politely turn me down saying that you got it and that the last thing I need to do is to be stuck in your office cleaning on my last night in the hospital. I try one more time to get you to change your mind but you shake your head and tell me to head home and that you'll be alright. I reluctantly agree and start heading down the hall and that lost feeling starts to take over again. Before I can get halfway down the hall I hear you call my name and tell me pizza's on you.

Two hours later, you and I are about half way done and we take a break once the pizza arrives. You make a small space for us by the window and we sit down and start to enjoy the gooey goodness that is pizza. While eating you surprise me and ask me to say something in French. I laughed and ask you if your serious and you smile that thousand watt smile of yours and nod. I ask what would you like me to say and you say anything because everything sounds cooler in French.

When I can't think of anything to say you tell me to hold on because you have an idea. You then get up and head towards a box on your desk. I watch you dig through the box and tell you that anything you mess you up is on you. You look at me and stick out your tongue then get excited because you found what your looking for. It's an old clock radio. You plug it in right near where we're sitting and start searching for a station to come in. When you finally find one you tell me to say the next song in French. I look at you like your crazy and you laugh. I try to get out of it by saying I may not know the words and you wave me off and telling me you'll help me get through it like you always do. I was about to say no but then you look at me and I see something in your eyes that make me say yes. Then this song plays and you start to sing the words and I translate them into French. I watch you close your eyes and then you really start sing that song. I felt my heart skip a beat as I see react to me saying the words in French. I had never heard the song before but listening to you sing takes me somewhere I never been before. I suddenly can't take my eyes off of you and your voice has me under a spell. The words of the song starts to take on a meaning for me.

That nothing but this moment between us mattered. That there was no where I wanted to be more than right where I was. Before I knew it the song was over and the moment we shared was broken but I never truly forgot that night, that song, and the feelings I had then.

When I saw you lying on the bed in the ER it killed me to see you like that... " Tom started to speak but couldn't get past the lump in his throat. He had to look away from Christina because he could feel tears start to sting his eyes. He then feels Christina's hand in his giving him the strength to find his words again.

"holding your hand while I watched you fight for your life made that song, those words, my feelings, it all came back to me and flooded my soul like nothing I had ever felt before. Everything suddenly clicked. Nothing in that moment mattered. Not the hospital, my patients, nothing, except you. The thought of possible losing you made my world a very cold, small, and lonely place. I don't ever wanna have that feeling again. I want you in my life Christina. I love you."

Tom looked down at Christina and saw she had tears in her eyes. He gently wiped them away with his thumb.

"I remember that night. It was just as magical for me as it was for you. I always hoped, dreamed is a better word I guess that, you felt that same connection. I didn't want that song or that moment to end either. When I heard you say those words back to me in French I could feel something in them. I let them surround me like a warm blanket. They were the only comfort I had during those last few hours at the hospital. I never got to thank you for that. So, let me say it now. Thank you, Tom. Thank you for being in my life. For always standing by me when I can be a pain in your ass. Most of all, thank you, for being you. I love you."

Tom pulled Christina up in to his arms and kissed her. The kiss started out slow but soon it ignited a flame between them. Soon the need for air was too over whelming to ingore and they both had to force themselves away them other.

"Wow!" Christina said.

"Yeah. That kiss was so good I'm seeing stars." Tom joked.

Christina laughed and kissed his lips again.

"I think we need to head back."

Christina pouted. "Awww, no Tom. Please. Just a little while longer.

"Noooo. You need to rest. I want you out of here so we can be together."

"Together huh? Where?"

"I'll tell you if...if...you go back to your room to rest."

"That's blackmail."

"Why yes. Yes, it is. So, what do you say?"

Christina huffed. "Fine, you win."

Tom chuckled. "Don't worry, I won't get used to it. Now you just wait here while I get your wheelchair."

Christina patiently waited for Tom and her wheelchair and although she was reluctant to get back in it she did so because she was in hurry to get back to her room and hear where Tom wanted to go with her.

"Your chariot, my lady." Tom said.

"Thank you sir."

Tom helped Christina with her robe then started to wheel her out when she asked him to stop.

"What's wrong?"

"I need you to do one thing for me. Something no other guy can do except you."

"Name it."

Christina laughed and motioned for Tom to bend down so she can whisper it in his ear.

When Tom heard what she wanted he laughed then kissed her lips.

"I'll be right back." Tom said heading back into the room to complete Christina's request.

A few minutes later he was back and handed Christina what she asked for.

"Ready to go?"

"I am now. Thank you for plucking a star out of the sky for me."


Tom and Christina talked on their way back to their room. They laughed and joked about old times at Richmond Trinity and even some new ones at James River. It felt like good to able to banter back and forth with each other. It made them almost forgot where they were and the reason why they were there. It wasn't until they were back at the room that reality set in. They both sighed then headed inside.

"Hey, do you wanna take a shower before heading to bed?" Tom asked.

"Yeah, a shower would be nice."

"I'll get your stuff."

Christina started to get up out of her wheel chair and head towards the bathroom when Tom brought her things for her shower.

"Thank you." Christina said then entered the bathroom.

Tom heard the water start for the shower and poked his head in the bathroom.

"You need any help?"

Christina was almost out of her gown when she turned around.

"That offer is tempting but I got this. Can I have a rain check?"

Tom smiled. "I'll hold you to it."

When Christina was done with her shower she walked out and started to dry off when she noticed a white box sitting on the counter. She smiled when she saw her name on the box and a note that said open it. Not wasting anytime she opened the box and the items inside made her smile wider.

Tom was about to check on Christina when she walked out of the bathroom.

"Feel better?" Tom asked.

"Much better." Christina said then walked over to Tom and gave him a kiss for his gift.

"Thank you for getting me my own jammies. I was tired of wearing hospital gowns."

"I figured you were. Do you recognize the shirt?"

"Mmm hmm. It's your favorite soccer team. I remember telling you once that this shirt looked good on you."

"Well it looks even better on you."

"Were my shorts from the gift shop?"

"Yup. The ladies there love me."

"Well you need to tell them your taken." Christina said pulling Tom to her.

"Yes, I am." Tom said leaning down to kiss Christina's lips.

Tom looked at Christina and saw that she looked a little tired.

"I'm gonna take my shower now. Why don't you get in the bed and when I come out I'll tuck you in."

"Sounds good to me."

Christina slowly made her way over to her bed as Tom went to the bathroom to shower. She very careful sat down on the bed and started to make herself comfortable. After a few minutes of tossing and turning she found a spot that was just right. It didn't surprise her that the spot was facing Tom's bed. She smiled as her thoughts drifted to Tom and the dinner they had together. She really did enjoy herself tonight and was glad that she followed her doctors order.

Christina didn't mean to but she started to yawn. She had a long day and it was starting to take it's toll. Try as she might she couldn't keep her head up any longer and once her head hit the pillow, Christina started to feel sleepy. Her eyes started to get heavier and she hoped that Tom would be finished soon because she didn't want to go to sleep without hearing the final part of her story.

Just as Christina's body was about to lose it's battle with the Sandman, Tom came out of the bathroom all changed and ready for bed. He turned to Christina and couldn't help the goofy grin that his face made when he saw her. She looked so cute all snuggled up in her blanket with sleep filled eyes.

He walked over to her bed and pulled up the chair that was sitting next to it.

"You look tired."

"I am,but I don't want to sleep." Christina said while yawing.

"Your body is saying otherwise."

"Don't listen to it. I'm not."

Tom smiled. "You need to because I told you I need you to get better so we can leave here."

"I'll listen when you tell me where you want to take me."

"Well then I better start telling you. Only this time the story will be quicker than my last. But first, I need you to close my eyes."


"Because I'm gonna create a picture for you. So close them."

Christina didn't argue and did as she was told.

"There are so many places in the world I would love to take you Christina. Of course Paris is one of them. It's beautiful there and you can really feel the love in the air. Not to mention being there would give me an opportunity to whisper sweet French nothings in your ear all day."

"Mmmm.. that does sound good. I never know what you're saying and it doesn't matter. I mean you could be telling me a pig got hit by a car and I would still think it's the sexiest thing I've ever heard"

Tom laughed. "Well, I never tell you that. What I do tell you is straight from my heart and even though you don't understand the words, I know you can feel the sentiment in them."

"Yes, I can."

"Where I want to take you is just as breath taking but for different reasons. I wanna take you to..."

Christina waited with baited breathe and when she heard Tom say it she thought she heard him wrong.




"Yeah. I mean there is so much to see and do there that I could go on forever about it but there are two things about Montana that keeps me going back. The night sky and the sunrises."

" Tell me about them."

"Living here in the city you really don't get to see to many stars because of the lights and the pollution. You may get to see a few but not like how you see them in some of the open spaces in Montana. The stars Christina, are everywhere. The whole night sky is full of them. Each one of them twinkling. They look like they are all winking at you, like they know something you don't and are just waiting for you to find out so you can be in on the surprise too.

"Sounds wonderful."

"It is."

"What about the morning?"

"The sky in the morning is the so...wow!"

Christina chuckled. " Wow huh? That good?"

"Oh yeah. The sky is just a mixture of colors as it transformers from dark to light. Deep purples that change into lighter blues. Blues that change into a kinda aqua color. Aqua then starts to get specks of red from the coming dawn. Red turns reddish orange making the final remnants of the night sky bid adieu. Then slowly over the horizon the sun starts to rise and you just you can't help but marvel at the wonder you just witnessed."

"That sounds so beautiful Tom."

"It is and I hope one day to share that all with you."

"You will. We will."

"You know something."


"Although all of what I said is true, it's not the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." Tom said leaning in closer to Christina.

"It's not?"

"No." Tom said softly.

Christina felt Tom's warm breath against her face and knew he was close. "No?" she asked.

"The most beautiful thing I have ever seen is lying right in front of with her eyes closed. No night sky, no dawn anywhere, compares to the beauty that is before me. I am humbled each time I am in your presence. I just hope that one day I will get to sleep and wake up to the wonder that is you Christina."

Before Christina could answer Tom she felt his lips on hers silencing any words she tried to get out.

When the kiss ended she was about to say what she was feeling when Tom placed a finger on her lips.

"Say with it song."

Christina smiled and nodded her head.

As she drifted off to sleep her final thoughts were of Tom,Montana skies, and Alicia Keys.