Well well well...welcome back...hope you are ready to have some fun. This one is going to be a little high strung...and pretty intense...hopefully the prologue will set the tone for this story. If you thought things got rough in the last story just wait to you see the lengths people are willing to go this time...look out.


Fort Irwin

San Bernardino, California; June 30, 2009

General George McClintok sat behind his oak desk reviewing notes for an afternoon meeting when he was interrupted by the buzzing of his intercom.

"Yes?" he barked into the machine.

"Sir, there is a young lady out here to see you." said a nervous sounding voice via the intercom.

The General groaned softly and shook his head. He was in no mood to deal with someone's random crap today. "Have her make an appointment." he growled back into the intercom.

There was a brief pause, then his secretary's voice spoke once more. "Sir, its regarding Captain Wells." she added.

The General raised his hand to his brow and began massaging his temples. He was trying to put this whole Shop ordeal behind him. Congressman Thompson was very clear in his directives to leave the Truscott women alone. Despite his orders, the General couldn't let it go. "Send her in." he replied.

A woman walked in wearing an army dress uniform, her dark hair pulled back in a tight bun. She stood about 5 and a half feet tall and looked to be in her early 20's. Her heels clicked loudly on the wooden floor as she approached the General's desk.

The woman looked vaguely familiar to the General, but he couldn't place her from anywhere. "And you are?" he said dryly, while crossing his arms over his chest.

The woman stopped at the front of the desk and saluted the General. "I'm Master Sergeant Alexandra Russo. Captain Wells and Lieutenant Russo were my parents." she explained while releasing her salute and remaining at attention.

The General waved off her formalities. "At ease soldier." he said. He tried to place the name Russo, but was unable to come up with a face for the name. "I'm sorry, Lieutenant Russo?" he questioned with a confused look on his face. "Should I know this person?" he asked with a shrug.

Alex narrowed her eyes at the General. "That would have been Captain Wells WIFE and lab assistant." she ground out threw clenched teeth.

McClintok's eyes widened in understanding. 'The good looking one in the lab coat. That's who she looks like.' he thought, then answered. "Ah, I see."

Alex locked her hands behind her back. "I want to know what the hell happened." she demanded.

McClintok was confused why this woman was confronting him. All persons not accounted for after the installation collapse were considered dead and their families properly notified. Granted, the families were all lied to, but that's what happens when you work for the government. Sometimes the truth was classified information. "Well as I am sure you were notified there was an unfortunate earthquake which caused the mountain to collapse onto the installation…"

Alex held up a hand to cease the General's well-rehearsed explanation. She dropped her head slightly and narrowed her eyes even more in anger. "With all due respect sir, don't hand me that bullshit." she growled.

Her attitude took the General by surprise. "I beg your pardon sergeant." he shot back.

Now it was Alex's turn to cross her arms. "Not everyone died. Several soldiers did get out. And when they are drunk, soldiers love to tell stories." she explained.

The General nodded his head in understanding. Clearly, one of the surviving soldiers had ignored the gag order. "I see." he said. "And what stories have you heard?" he asked curiously.

"That my mother was strapped to a table and left for dead and my father was shot while in the midst of a jailbreak." she responded.

The General has shocked that not only had she heard a few stories, but she even had accurate information. "And who would have been able to tell you this information?" he questioned. Only about two dozen soldiers escaped from the mountain and of them, only about five knew exactly what had happened that day.

"The sergeant in charge of the firing line." she replied.

The General sighed. 'Wilkins. I'll need to shut that boy up.' he thought. 'Can't have him spouting off to the wrong people.'

"Who was she?" Alex demanded.

The General lifted an eyebrow at the question. Wilkins must have told her EVERYTHING. "She?" he replied, trying to acted confused.

"The prisoner." Alex reiterated.

The General considered for a minute what to do with the young woman standing in front of him. Clearly she knew too much, but maybe he could use that to his advantage. "Master Sergeant, you are treading on very dangerous waters right now." he warned the young woman.

Alex slammed her right hand down on the General's desk. "I have a right to know!" she yelled at the General.

The General was taken with her fire. He could possibly put her to very good use. "And what would you do if you did know?" he questioned with an evil glint in his eye.

Alex's jaw locked. "Something I shouldn't admit to you." she said menacingly.

There it was...the desire for payback...that was precisely the type of response the General had been hoping to hear. "Really?" he said, encouraging her to continue her rant.

Alex was getting annoyed at the General's games. Clearly he knew something and was playing with her for some reason. "The bitch caused the death of my parents! I have a right to know who the fuck she is!" she screamed at the older man.

McClintok smiled and shook his head. "Even if I told you, you couldn't do anything about it." he told her.

Alex put her hands on her hips and glared down at the seated General. "And why do you think that?"

The General leaned forward on his chair and rested his clasped hands on his desk. "Because Master Sergeant, I don't think you would stand a chance against someone who could collapse a mountain." he said, and anxiously awaited her reaction.

Alex's eyes went wide with the prospect of what the General was telling her. No one person could bring down a mountain, at least not without tons of explosives. "That's impossible." she shot back.

The General nodded his head affirmatively. "Oh its quite possible." he replied. "Now if you are truly interested in seeking retribution for your parents untimely death, I can arrange for you to be transferred to a strike team I am currently forming." he said as he pulled a folder out of his desk drawer. "They are currently working on a solution to our problem."

Alex didn't quite understand what she was getting herself into, but if it got her the opportunity to avenge her parents' deaths, she would take it. "It would be a most welcome transfer sir." she responded.

The General nodded his head in agreement. "Very well. I'll see to it first thing in the morning."

Alex nodded. "Thank you sir." she said. "But you still haven't told me who she is."

McClintok shook his head. "I think for now its best that you don't know. The temptation to confront her may be too great for you to ignore." he said, picking up a pen and starting to fill out a transfer slip. "When the time is right, you'll have your answer." he added, not looking back up at the Master Sergeant. "Dismissed."

"Yes sir." she sighed. Alex was far from content with the outcome of the meeting, but it was a start. The brunette saluted once more, then turned and walked out of the General's office.

McClintok waited until the door closed before setting his pen down and picking up his cell phone. He quickly dialed a number and lifted the phone to his ear. "Code Black. Verification Alpha Charlie Echo. Subject Sergeant Chris Wilkins. Objective Termination." he said into the phone, then closed it.

Loose ends were unacceptable.

Yes, I know I took an easy way out by borrowing a Wizards character...but I wanted people to truly be able to visualize the character as she goes through everything over the course of this story. And I happen to think that Selena Gomez is a wonderful actress and hot as hell.

So, this is where we begin...don't think its going to be all wham bam...I like to take a lot of detours along the way. Should be seeing the first chapter by the end of the week. As always, love to read you thoughts and comments. Peace & Love. Jessan