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Chapter 19 - So Bring It On

Washington, D.C.; January 6th 2011

Lilly, Miley, and Alex snuck into the capitol building the exact same way they had the military base in California...while invisible and walking right through anything in their path...literally. Within minutes, the three women were standing in front of Congressman Thompson 's desk in his office.

"Congressman Thompson?" Lilly called out.

The Congressman lifted his head and looked around his office, searching for the voice he had just heard. "Yes? Who's there?" Bernie called out as his head scanned the room.

The Congressman was quickly becoming unnerved and slowly started to slide his hand off the top of the desk, when his body suddenly became paralyzed. "What the?" he muttered as he continued to struggle to move his arm, but it wouldn't budge.

"Sorry, but we would prefer not having any interruptions this time." Miley informed the Congressman.

Thompson knew he wasn't losing his mind and after the events in California, he was almost certain he knew who was in the room with him. The Congressman narrowed his eyes in agitation as he stared directly in front of his desk. "How dare you waltz into the Capitol and assault a member of Congress?" he demanded.

Lilly gave a brief chuckle. "No one has touched you." she pointed out.

The Congressman locked his jaw as he considered his position. "I see we prefer to play games." he commented. "Fine. Get on with it." he insisted. "Just tell me now, am I going to die? Am I expendable?"

Miley rolled her eyes at the motionless Congressman. "Stop being so melodramatic." she said, then turned her head in her lover's direction. "He might be worse than you are." the singer commented. Alex, let him see us. But you stay hidden. The brunette ordered the Latina mentally.

Alright. Alex thought back, then released Miley and Lilly's hands, making them visible to the Congressman.

Thompson watched as the two girls seemed to materialize out of thin air. "Ah, my tormentors in the flesh." he said as he turned his head to greet his unwelcome visitors. "Miley. Lilly."

Despite the awkward situation, years of propriety as Hannah Montana forced Miley to remain civil and cordial. "Congressman."

"So, should I take it that General McClintok's untimely death would be your doing?" he asked, looking back and forth between the two girls.

Lilly looked shocked by the Congressman's accusation. "What are you talking about sir?"

Thompson sighed and shook his head. "Of course not." he replied sarcastically. "And I'm sure you know nothing about our army base in California blowing up either."

Lilly turned her head to look at her lover. "News to me." the surfer answered with an air of aloofness.

Congressmen Thompson realized that his adversaries were smart. They knew there was no proof of anything unless they admitted to doing something, which obviously they weren't foolish enough to do. "Fine." the Congressman growled. "What are your demands?"

Miley was the first to speak. "We want the same thing we have always wanted….to be left alone."

Lilly nodded her head in agreement with her girlfriend's statement, then stepped forward, placed her hands on the Congressman's desk and leaned towards the elder statesman. "We don't understand this weird obsession you people have with us, but just let it go already. Obviously, you can't beat us, so stop trying. All you are going to end up doing is pissing us off which is only going to end badly for you." the surfer proclaimed, her eyes glaring at the Congressman.

Thompson decided that if they weren't planning on killing him that maybe he could still turn this situation into a win for him, if he could just use the right angle. "Well, technically speaking, you ARE property of the federal government Lilly." he explained.

Miley's eyes widened in shock at the Congressmen's statement. "Congressman in the big cushy leather chair say what?" she demanded.

The Congressmen nodded his head and proceeded to try and argue the government's position to the two super powered teenagers. "Heather was paid for her participation in the experiment. She signed over all rights regarding the privacy of her body including any future progeny to the authority of the federal government. We were simply trying to enforce our rights." he said, devoid of any emotion, not seeming like he was talking about a human being at all. "Lilly was always meant to be an agent of the state." the Congressman concluded.

Miley's eyes darkened in anger as she glared at the Congressman. "My wife belongs to me and no one else." she shot back. "You got that?"

Lilly turned to regard her lover with a playful smirk on her face. Oooo. Possessive much, Miles?

Miley shrugged her shoulders. The singer wouldn't apologize for how she felt. She wasn't going to let anyone take what was hers. His statement rubbed me the wrong way.

Lilly always found it arousing when Miley asserted control over any situation, whether out in the real world or in the bedroom. The surfer thought Miley was sexy as hell when she did it. Lilly likey. The blonde commented in her mind, adding an eyebrow waggle for good measure.

Miley dropped her eyes slightly, trying to hide the blush on her cheeks from her lover's comment. Later baby.

Lilly's smile disappeared as she turned her attention back to the Congressman. "I don't know anything about my mom signing anything and I think in this situation, you shouldn't delude yourself. No one owns me and no one's going to control me. And no one is going to make me do anything that I don't want to do." the surfer declared emphatically, despite the fact that they had managed to do exactly that only a few days ago. Then Lilly glanced over at her future wife. "Except for my lovely wife of course." she added playfully, unable to let Miley's comment die. Miley just rolled her eyes as her lover continued her speech. "So, here's how it's going to go…the federal government, from here on out is going to stay the hell away from our property and our family. Plain and simple." the surfer ordered.

The Congressman looked perturbed by the blonde's demands. "You expect amnesty after everything you've done?" he scoffed indignantly.

"And what have we done exactly?" Miley asked curiously, wanting to know what the Congressmen would say AND think..

"You've destroyed not one…but two military installations, caused the death of dozens of soldiers, threatened a member of Congress…and I am certain there are many more charges we could add to the list." the Congressman rattled off.

"You can't prove any of that." Lilly said with a shake of her head. "And ironically, any eye witnesses you might have had to those supposed crimes…no longer exist." she noted in a regretful tone.

They aren't as stupid as I had hoped. The Congressmen thought to himself.

Miley narrowed her eyes at the older man. If you do value your life, don't say that statement out loud. Lilly has a tendency to be short fused. The singer said in his head and was amused to watch the man's eyes go comically wide as he realized for the first time that Miley was telepathic as well as telekinetic.

Lilly eyed her girlfriend suspiciously after seeing the Congressman's sudden reaction. Miley had to have said something to him to cause it, but the surfer decided not to pursue it "So, back to our agreement." she said, returning her attention to the Congressman. "If anyone comes near us, they will face the consequences. No questions asked."

Thompson knew he did not have a proverbial leg to stand, neither physically nor legally. There was no proof and it was clear from the past two years that the girls could do the impossible if the need arose. Maybe it was time to try a different approach? "Very well." the older man said calmly. "But what if in certain instances we….asked for your assistance, would that be acceptable?" he asked, trying to get something out of nothing/

Lilly couldn't hide the shock on her face as she turned to her lover. What do you think baby?

If it would get the government to leave them alone, then why not say yes? Daddy always says, where's the harm in asking?

Lilly nodded briefly then faced the Congressman. "You can ask, as long as you understand that we maintain the right to refuse."

The Congressman nodded his head at the provision. "Of course."

Lilly once again glanced back to her lover. It's weird. It's like he's trying to negotiate with us.

Miley gave a slight shrug. He's a politician Lils, what did you expect?

"Now, we have some questions for you." The surfer said. "Miles, do your thing." the blonde said, pointing towards the Congressman.

Miley nodded and focused her power on persuading the Congressman. "Congressmen Thompson, you will answer any question we ask you." the singer said in what to Lilly was becoming a familiar hypnotic tone.

The Congressman's eyes glazed over as he relaxed and nodded his head. "Alright."

"Who knows about the Shop?" Lily asked.

"I am the highest ranking official in the organization, answering directly to the President." the Congressman answered in an emotionless tone.

Miley did not like hearing the President's name mentioned. It was the one thing she was hoping to avoid more than anything else…she didn't want to mess with the mind of the President. "Does the president know about us?" the singer inquired.

Thompson nodded. "He does."

Lilly watched as Miley's face fell at the implications of that statement. "Anyone else?" Lilly prodded.

The Congressman shook his head. "No. The President was very clear on keeping the activities of the Shop tight lipped."

"Who decided that all of the members of the original Shop had to be eliminated?" Lilly wanted to know.

"That was the General's doing, which I disagreed with, but I did not take any steps to stop him." the Congressman replied. "The General was pretty much given free reign to run the Shop as he saw fit."

"Will you stand by the terms you've given to us today?" Miley asked, then dropped her eyes to the floor. "Or were you lying in the hopes that we wouldn't kill you?" she added as an afterthought.

The Congressman nodded his head. "Yes. I am a man of my word.

Alex had been good about remaining quiet and hidden, but she couldn't control herself after the Congressman's last statement. "Cause elected officials don't lie." the Latina sneered.

Miley twisted her head to the space between her and Lilly. "Alex!" she scolded.

Alex's outburst had caused Miley to lose her concentration on the Congressman momentarily. "Who was that?" he mumbled.

Miley immediately turned back to the Congressman. "You never heard a third voice."

"We got what we needed here." Lilly said, grabbing Alex's hand and becoming invisible once more. "Time to go Miles." Will you tell him to destroy Alex's military records? Lilly mentally asked her lover.

Sure. The singer replied, then spoke mentally to the Congressman. You will erase every single record of Alexandra Russo ever being in the military. And once you're done, you won't remember doing it.

The Congressman nodded his head as he watched Miley disappear from sight as she took Alex's hand.

"We thank you for your time Congressman." Miley said out loud.

Time to go Alex. The singer warned the older girl as she felt her lover tighten her grip on herself and the Latina. And with that, Miley flew them towards the wall, then Lilly phased them through it so that they could make their way back to their car out in the parking lot.

Congressman Thompson shook his head as he regained control over his body. The last few minutes were a little hazy for him, but he clearly remembered that Miley and Lilly were in his office. 'They were…not what I was expecting. At all.' He thought to himself. 'But clearly they are a force to be reckoned with.'

"Now what was I doing?" the Congressman said, looking over the paperwork on his desk. "Oh, that's right, Alexandra Russo…"

As the girls reached the car, Alex made sure no one was in the vicinity and then released the younger couple, making all three girls visible again to the rest of the world. "Are we heading to the White House now?" the Latina asked, expecting the girls to want to have words with the President.

Lilly saw the discomfort in Miley's face. Her lover would do the job if she had to, but it was obvious to the surfer she didn't want to do it.

After a few seconds, Lilly shook her head. "No."

Miley tipped her head to the side, trying to understand her lover's reasoning. "Are you sure?" she asked tentatively. "I can..."

Miley was interrupted as Lilly reached out and covered the singer's mouth with her hand. "Hush." the blonde softly instructed then reached out and grabbed the singer's hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "Let's see if Thompson sticks to his word first." she responded. "If he doesn't, then maybe we need to consider paying the President a visit. Sound like plan to you?"

Miley's smile went from ear to ear. "Sounds like a great plan." the singer cooed happily, the relief evident on her face.

Alex watched as the young couple beamed at each other for several seconds, then finally decided to break the comfortable silence. "So, is it time to go home then?"

Lilly turned to look at the Latina. "I think that sounds like a capitol idea." the surfer said in a bad British accent.

Alex rolled her eyes. "Horrible pun Lilly." the Latina groaned.

Miley leaned in and gave her lover a quick kiss, then pulled back and turned to the older girl. "Don't worry, you'll eventually get used to us."

Alex opened the driver's side door and got into the car. "Like I have a choice?" she mumbled to herself, as she closed the car door.

Miley overheard Alex's comment, but apparently Lilly had not. The singer chose not to respond to the Latina as she and Lilly climbed into the back seat of their car.

Within a few minutes, the girls were on their way to the airport to catch a flight back to Tennessee.

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