DISCLAIMER: I don't own any of the A.O.S.T.H. (Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog) characters, but I don't own... myself? Hold on a sec! Nevermind... Anyways, I'm not trying to make any money is the point... Well, actually the point of the story is... Ha! Thought I was gonna tell you, huh? You have to read it to figure it out. :)


Written by: Joanie Rich

CHAPTER 1: Not-so-Silent Night

I smiled and leaned back into my couch as I joyfully watched the last credits of my absolute-favorite-show-in-the-entire-universe, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog flash by.

"-Da-DA...DUM!" I sang along with the ending theme as the metal weight crushed Dr. Robotnik - as it did at the end of every episode. I continued to chuckle to myself as I picked up the remote and set the sleep timer for thirty minutes.

I tossed the remote on the couch's footstool and lazily crossed to my day bed, which was against the wall under a broken wall clock. I had turned out the light to the family room already, and took a last look around to make sure I shut down my computer.

I pulled back the covers and settled in, pulling the covers around me in a tight coccoon. Mom says I do that because Dad used to wrap me up like that when I was a baby. I could never remember of course.

I listened to the continuing sounds of Toon Disney in the darkness of the family room and closed my eyes to block out the flashes of light radiating from the TV.

An hour later, I was jostled awake by the sounds of my two cats chasing each other up and down the staircases of my house. It wasn't anything out of the ordinary. They sounded like they fell down the stairs and I heard a metallic thump. I sighed, they probably knocked over the menagerie of stuff sitting by the sink again. Then someone would make me clean it up. I decided to try and get some sleep. If I thought about it too long, I knew I wouldn't be able to get back to sleep.

I tried to think of a dream, and was again interrupted by a loud thud.

"Stupid cats," I muttered and rolled over to the other side of the bed.

"Meee-rrooowwww! HISSS!!" Pepsi, my cat, cried into the dark.

"Pepsi, go away!" I cried sleepily through my covers.

Suddenly I heard nothing more, and the room became eerily silent. I expected Duchess, my sister's cat, to answer back and for them to wrestle around some more.

I rolled over and pulled the covers up over my head. The cats were walking around, but not making much noise. I guessed Duchess must have given up - though usually she was the one who scared Pepsi away, not the other way around.

I sighed and pulled down the covers and tucked them under my chin. I might as well shoo the cats away before trying to go to sleep. I opened my eyes and turned to my left. The house was still shrouded and darkness.

I gasped - two figures were standing beside my bed. I quickly closed my eyes. You've been staying up way too late, I told myself. Now your eyes are playing tricks on you. I slowly opened one eye and my body froze. There were two figures there, staring. I couldn't decide whether to leap up, or to pretend I was asleep.

Tensing my muscles, I threw my covers up towards the figures. I sat up and tried to get off via the foot of my bed while the two struggled with my comforter and sheet. I heard them make a few noises. The ball of my foot barely touched the carpeted floor, when a cold appendage wrapped around my body and another one muffled any scream I could've made.

I kicked my legs around blindly and vainly tried to escape it's grasp. A voice whispered in a grunt, "A little help here," and two more freezing-to-the-touch arms snatched my legs and held them tightly.

Immediately, we started for the stairs. They turned to face them and I saw the strangest sight that made my body stop. My heart fluttered as we walked into a shimmering blue portal that had parked itself halfway up the staircase - my boring old staircase. I braced myself as they pulled me through the swimming vortex.

The world around me flashed with brillant colors of the rainbow that swirled about like food coloring going down a drain. My stomach lurched and I acquired a nasty headache. Within seconds, the swirling halted and suddenly I realized I wasn't in my house and that I certainly wasn't in Kansas City anymore... I didn't even know where here was, or more importantly - who was holding me captive and why? One central question preceded all these, however - was I dreaming?