Chess Pieces

Roy has never felt this lonely before, his subordinates have all been taken from him. The Rook, Bishop and Pawn, have been transferred away from his command, the Knight being disabled, and his queen is now taken hostage with the Black King.

What is a King without his queen? He felt useless, like she always called him. Looking out of the window, he checked if it was raining, but there was nothing but sunlight shining on the glass. He hopes to wake up, and find that this was nothing but a dream, and he would wake up with all his men with him, and his queen by his side, aiding him to his goal to the top.

"Had I lost the game with Bradley?" He asked himself, clutching tightly in his hand the 'Queen' piece.

He'd been badly shaken by the fact that Riza had been transferred to be serving as an assistant to the Fuhrer. It was more than a mere transfer, it was holding her hostage. A warning to him that if, he dared to make any move, his queen would no longer exist in this world.

"King Bradley, Riza is MY woman, and I'm going to have her back," Roy declared as he continued his plans regarding the promised day.

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