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"This is fucking ridiculous," Ashley muttered to herself as she opened the door to her apartment. In front of her stood Aiden who was holding on to an obviously drunk Kyla.

"Really Aiden?" Ashley said. "It's two-thirty in the morning."

"Just help me out, Ash," Aiden said. Ashley rolled her eyes but opened the door further so he could come in. Aiden picked Kyla up and walked to the couch to set her down. Ashley sighed and went into the kitchen to get a bottle of water and some Tylenol for her sister. There was no way in hell Kyla was escaping the morning sans a hangover.

"Do you mind telling me why my sister is drunk as fuck on my living room couch right now?" Ashley questioned when Aiden had stepped into the kitchen. "Because last time I checked, getting my sister drunk and then dumping her on me is not taking care of her." Aiden sighed.

"We got into another fight," he started. Ashley rolled her eyes.

"What about this time?" she asked. Aiden shrugged.

"I couldn't even begin to tell you. She came home tonight from work and she was already irritable. And I was irritable because I'd had a bad day at work. It just escalated from there. It ended with her walking out of the apartment. Then I get this phone call at one and it's from Kyla. I assume she's calling so we can talk the fight out and for her to come back home. No, she was drunk and wanted me to come pick her up. So I did, but when I got there she wanted nothing to do with me. The only way I could get her to come with me was if I took her to you," Aiden said.

"Aiden, this is the third fight you guys have gotten into in the past week. What is going on?" Ashley asked, obviously frustrated and worried for both her best friend and sister.

"I don't know, Ash!" Aiden said. "I don't know if I'm doing something to piss her off but every time I open my mouth it's like I'm the spawn of Satan. I've tried to get her to talk to me but she won't. She's drinking more and more and it's worrying me." Ashley sighed and rubbed her temples.

"Well, tomorrow I'm having a talk with her. If there's something going on, it needs to be fixed. You both mean to much to me for me to be stuck in the middle like this," Ashley said. "You can take the guest bedroom. I don't want you driving back home like this."

"Thanks, Ash," Aiden said. "I'm sorry for waking you up this early. I know you have to be at the office in the morning."

"I won't say it's okay, because it's not. But I would rather have you both here than someplace else. Aiden, you have to work this out. Even if it ends up with you guys breaking up, this fighting has got to stop," Ashley said. Aiden sighed and nodded his head.

"I know it does. I love her so much and I want this to work, but I don't know what it's going to take to make it better," he said. He shrugged. "I don't know. I'm going to go to bed. Thanks again, Ash." Ashley nodded and watched her best friend leave the kitchen.

Leaning against the doorframe between the kitchen and the living room, Ashley observed her sister. Kyla was dead to the world on the couch. Even in the dark Ashley could see that something was bothering her sister. Her figure was tense and there were bags under her eyes hinting at the lack of sleep and increased drinking habits.

"Knock this shit off, Kyla," Ashley whispered to the still silence of her apartment. "I won't lose someone else to alcohol."

It was seven-thirty when her alarm went off. Ashley's arm appeared from underneath the covers and shut it off. Groaning, she opened her eyes and got out of bed before she fell back asleep. She opened the blinds to let the sun in and observed the every busy city of Los Angeles below her as she stretched. Sighing, Ashley left the window and went to ready herself for work.

Work. It was something she wasn't exactly thrilled about but she knew there was no other way for her to make a living. She was part of the personal relations team of Davies Records in downtown L.A. She hated her job, but it provided the money for her to live on so she kept up with it. And not only that, but it was expected of her. Her father was the owner of the company, after all.

Kyla was still sound asleep on the couch when Ashley was finally ready to leave for work. Making sure the note she had written to Kyla was in plain sight and that her sister had a bucket, fresh water and Tylenol waiting for her, Ashley left.

"Thank the Lord for Starbucks Coffee," Ashley muttered as she walked into the popular café. The line was long, full of people waiting to get their morning kick but the wait was worth it. Without her morning coffee Ashley was liable to become even grumpier than she already was when she had to go to work.

Ashley was two people away from ordering her coffee when she heard commotion behind her. She turned around to see what was going on and that was when she saw what had to be the most beautiful blonde to ever enter her eyesight. It was obvious she worked at Starbucks, given she was wearing black pants and a black shirt with her hair tucked into a green Starbucks baseball cap. She was tying the famous green apron around her waste while making her way through the crown of people.

"Excuse me, I'm sorry," was what Ashley heard. The girl's voice was soft but perfectly clear as the blonde made her way to the counter. And that was the moment Spencer Carlin walked into Ashley Davies' life.

"You're in an oddly good mood," said Alex, Ashley's secretary. She watched as her brunette boss, who normally wore an annoyed look on her beautiful face, walked past her desk with a slight smile.

"Good morning Alex," Ashley called out. As she walked past, she dropped off the cup of coffee she normally got Alex and headed into her office, leaving the door open.

"No really, what's up?" Alex asked, leaning against the doorframe, her coffee in her hand. Ashley swiveled around in her chair to look at her second best friend.

"Nothing, why do you ask?" Ashley replied. Alex rolled her eyes as she sat down in one of the chairs situated in front of Ashley's desk.

"Oh, I don't know. Perhaps I'm wondering why my normally grumpy best friend walks into a place she abhors with a smile instead of a grimace," Alex sarcastically replied. Ashley offered nothing but a shrug and a bright smile as an answer.

"Whatever. You will tell me eventually," Alex said with a smirk. "I have you whipped like that." Making a whipping motion with her hand, Alex made her way out of Ashley's office.

"Don't you worry your pretty little head," Ashley called back, her smile still in place. "It's nothing." The last part was mumbled for her own benefit. Because if she looked at it rationally, it was nothing. She simply saw an extremely attractive woman in a coffee shop. The girl probably didn't even know she existed. But Ashley knew Spencer existed and that was all that mattered.

"That would happen to me. Finding someone in a coffee shop, how cliché," she snickered as she began the day's work.