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"Come on, Ash," Aiden said. "Don't tell me you've lost your touch."

"Fuck you, Aiden. I haven't lost shit," Ashley said. She wiped the sweat from her brow before getting into a defending stance. "I'm in the lead, in case you've forgotten."

"You're only up three," Aiden said. He passed her the ball and caught it as she passed it back to him. He began dribbling and he waited for Ashley to make her move. When she remained in her defensive stance, he took charge.

"And that's why you shouldn't talk shit," Ashley said, stealing the ball. She drove toward the net but stopped when Aiden regained his stance. The only disadvantage she had when she played basketball with Aiden was her height. He stood at six-two and she was only five-six.

"Give it up, Ash," Aiden said, making a swipe for the ball. Ashley backed up before pivoting to her left, effectively boxing Aiden out.

"You know I don't give up," Ashley said. She backed up and let her shot fly. Satisfaction rolled through her when the ball hit nothing but net.

"That's game, sucker," Ashley said. Aiden shook his head and jogged to get the ball.

"I regret ever teaching you how to play basketball," Aiden said, rejoining his friend. Ashley laughed.

"Yeah, but playing me upped your game significantly in high school," Ashley said.

"Until I tore my ACL," Aiden said.

"Yeah, that sucked," Ashley replied. Aiden had been one of the best basketball players King High had ever seen grace their hallways. In their senior year, Aiden had received a full ride scholarship to play for Duke. But midway through his final basketball season for the Cobras, he tore his ACL, ruining his chances for college and professional basketball. Now, Aiden got his basketball fix through coaching a local high school team and pick up games with Ashley and some of their other friends.

"Ah, well. No big deal. I'm content with what I have," Aiden said.

"Best three out of five?" Ashley asked, bouncing the ball casually. Aiden nodded and Ashley grinned. Game on.

Two hours later, Ashley was deliciously sore. Between school and job searching, she hadn't had a lot of time to work out. After she and Aiden had played a few more games of basketball, they headed to the gym to workout.

"I'll see you later, Aid," Ashley said. She and Aiden waved to each other before separating to go to their cars. She flipped her phone open without screening the call when she heard her ringtone.

"Hello?" she said.

"I have plans that involve you, me, vanilla massage oil and a bed," Spencer's voice greeted her over the phone. Ashley was instantly intrigued.

"Tell me more," she said. Spencer laugh was deep and it hit Ashley low in her belly.

"Well, first you show up at my apartment tonight at seven. We go out to dinner and have a few glasses of wine. Then we head back, change into some comfy clothes and light a few candles. I'll break open the new bottle of Italian Barolo I bought and we'll relax on the couch. Then, after I drive myself crazy thinking about you, wanting you, I'll take you by the hand and lead you to my room. I'll light some candles, you'll take your clothes off and I'll have my way with your body," Spencer said, her voice low and inviting.

Ashley whimpered. "I appear to have plans tonight as well," she said.

"Oh?" Spencer questioned. "And what are those?"

"They involve us making love until the sun rises and you forgetting anything but my name for the night," Ashley said, her arousal making its debut.

"Pick me up at seven. Wear something casual," Spencer said quickly before she hung the phone. Ashley grinned to herself. Her night was about to be amazing.

"So tell me what prompted our date night?" Ashley asked Spencer. They were walking back to Spencer's apartment.

For their date, Spencer had treated Ashley at Buffalo Wild Wings. Ashley had been obsessing over the hockey playoffs, and instead of having her girlfriend yell at her 27 inch television, she figured she could get a kick out of watching Ashley yell at a big screen instead…along with the entire rest of the bar.

Really, Spencer had just wanted to take Ashley out so she wasn't so stressed. Ashley had been struggling to find a job and her schoolwork was taking up a large part of her time. When she wasn't in class or doing homework, Ashley was busy trying to balance seeing Spencer and job hunting. Her girlfriend was stressed and Spencer didn't like it.

"Oh, I just wanted to take you out," Spencer said, shrugging. "I missed you. And you've been stressed lately and I thought it would be nice for you to relax." Ashley smiled. Spencer was so thoughtful.

"Thank you," she said. "I did have fun. I like that we don't have to go anywhere fancy to enjoy spending time with each other." She leaned in and kissed Spencer slowly and sweetly. They fell into a comfortable silence as they neared Spencer's apartment.

"I'll get the wine. You go get comfortable," Spencer said as they entered her apartment. "Avery, Meg and Sam are gone for the weekend so don't worry about them coming back."

Ashley went into Spencer's room and changed into a pair of the blonde's sweats and a t-shirt. She walked barefoot back into the living room. While she was gone, Spencer had set up a bottle of wine and two glasses along with a plate of chocolate covered strawberries. The lights had been turned out and a few candles were the only light source.

"This is romantic," Ashley said, her voice low. She pulled Spencer to her by the hips. She didn't wait for a response from her girlfriend before she pressed her lips to Spencer's. The kiss started off gentle but began to heat up when Spencer's tongue snaked into Ashley's mouth.

"Mm, yes, it is," Spencer said, breaking the kiss. She was slightly out of breath and a light blush covered her cheeks. Ashley chuckled before kissing Spencer once more.

"Go get comfy," she whispered to Spencer. "I'll pour the wine." With one last kiss, Spencer left the living room and headed toward her bedroom.

Ashley opened the wine bottle and poured their two glasses before getting settled on the couch. She slowly sipped her drink while she waited for Spencer to come back.

Finally, the blonde joined her on the couch. She too was in sweatpants and a t-shirt. Her hair was thrown up in a messy bun and she had her glasses on. Ashley thought she looked beautiful.

"You're gorgeous," she breathed out. Spencer smiled and took a sip of her wine.

"I can say the same about you," she said. Ashley set aside her wine, which was almost gone, and stretched out so that she was half on top of Spencer with her head over Spencer's heart.

It was quiet for some time. Spencer gently ran her hand through Ashley's hair while she sipped on her glass of wine. Every once in a while, Spencer would share a strawberry with Ashley.

"I love listening to your heartbeat," Ashley whispered.

"Why?" Spencer questioned. Ashley turned her head and kissed Spencer's chest, right over her heart.

"Because it means you're alive and with me," she murmured into Spencer's ear. She began to kiss Spencer's neck gently, sucking and nipping at the skin every once in a while.

Ashley's kisses combined with the effects of the alcohol she had consumed made Spencer's need for her girlfriend grow. It had been a while since she and Ashley had been able to enjoy each other physically.

"You said you worked out today?" Spencer questioned softly, her voice becoming breathy. Ashley nodded and continued to suck on Spencer's pulse point.

"Yeah. Aiden and I worked on biceps and triceps today. And I ran a few miles and played some basketball," Ashley confirmed gently. "Why?" Spencer's grin was lecherous, though Ashley couldn't see it.

"Because I'm about to give you the workout of your life," she replied. Ashley jerked back in surprise and Spencer took the opportunity to set her wine glass down before she pulled Ashley to her.

In no time, Spencer had maneuvered her way on top of Ashley and settled in between her legs. Their kisses were needy and quick. Spencer's hands weren't idle as she was rubbing her thumbs over Ashley's nipples, feeling them harden from her attention.

"Come on," Spencer said, breaking their kiss. She got up from the couch and took Ashley by the hand as she led them to her bedroom.

The soft smell of jasmine overcame Ashley's senses as she followed Spencer into the bedroom. Spencer, when she had gone to change her clothes, had lit jasmine scented candles to help create the mood. On the bed was a large, fluffy white towel and beside it was a bottle of vanilla scented massage oil.

"Strip," Spencer gently commanded, pushing Ashley toward the bed. Ashley did as she was told and first took of her t-shirt, leaving her in nothing but the sweatpants she borrowed and her underwear. She pulled the pants down her legs and then did the same with her panties. Spencer moved behind her and gently put Ashley's hair in a bun.

"Lay on your stomach," Spencer said. Ashley got onto the bed and lay down. She was already anxious for Spencer's touch and when she felt her girlfriend's naked skin against hers, she jumped.

"Relax baby," Spencer whispered. She settled herself at the base of Ashley's back and picked up the massage oil.

The oil was the kind that warmed with touch. Spencer's hands glided over her skin softly, kneading the muscles as she went.

"God, Spence," Ashley groaned. The feel of Spencer's hands on her body was driving her crazy. She could feel the tension leave her body, but at the same time the delicious warmth between her legs made itself prominent.

"Does this feel good baby?" Spencer asked, her breath hitting Ashley's ear. Ashley could only moan in response. God, yes it felt good.

Thirty minutes of delicious torture later, Spencer asked Ashley to flip over. She straddled the brunette once more and poured more oil over Ashley's skin.

"Time for your front," Spencer said. She ran her hands up and down Ashley's stomach, inching closer and closer to her breasts before finally, her hands were massaging those.

"Fuck," Ashley whimpered. Her nipples got harder, if that was possible and her hips bucked up at Spencer's touch. She closed her eyes and let her head fall back against the pillow.

Spencer chuckled slightly and let her hands trail downward, to Ashley's legs before she gently kneaded those muscles too.

She was too close to where Ashley needed her the most. Ashley couldn't stop the needy whimpers that escaped her as Spencer's hands neared closer and closer to her sex.

"Please, Spencer," Ashley said breathlessly. "Please."

"You want to know why I love this massage oil?" Spencer questioned, her hands still rubbing Ashley's front.

"Why?" Ashley groaned. Spencer paused for a second.

"Because it's edible," she said before she began trailing her tongue over Ashley's skin.

"For the love of God, fuck me!" Ashley said. Her hands settled on Spencer's head and pushed down. Spencer got the idea and let her tongue glide down Ashley's stomach before finally stopping at Ashley's sex. The heat between Ashley's legs was intoxicating and Spencer let her tongue brush up and down Ashley's clit, all the way to her opening. On a normal day, she couldn't get enough of Ashley's taste, but now that vanilla was mixed in with the normally sweet taste, Spencer felt like she could be related back to a dehydrated man drinking water for the first time in days.

"God, yes, Spencer. That feels so good," Ashley said. She propped herself up on her elbows and looked down the length of her body to see Spencer's head bobbing between her legs.

"Yes, right there," Ashley cried out as Spencer's tongue hit her sweet spot on her clit. "Don't stop."

Ashley's orgasm had been kept at bay long enough, Spencer decided. She was getting impatient herself and wanted to see Ashley lose control. She thrust two fingers inside her girlfriend and doubled her efforts with her tongue on Ashley's clit.

"Feels so good…God, don't stop," Ashley said. Her hips were jumping, creating a rhythm for Spencer to follow. "I'm so close."

"Tell me what you need," Spencer said, glancing up at Ashley. She didn't stop thrusting in and out of her, however. Ashley looked down, her gaze locking with Spencer's. Seeing Spencer in between her legs, her eyes several shades darker than normal and her own wetness covering Spencer's mouth was enough to make Ashley hit her peak.

"Yes, Spencer!" she called out. Her head flew back into the pillow and her eyes slammed shut as her body shook.

When she came down from her high, she noticed that Spencer was curled around her, holding her and whispering in her ear.

"Mm, that was amazing," Ashley said, opening her eyes to look at Spencer. Spencer smiled.

"Good, you needed it," she said softly. She kissed Ashley on her forehead and hugged the brunette tighter.

"Spencer?" Ashley asked when she felt the blonde's body tense slightly. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just…I have a question," Spencer said, pulling back slightly so she could speak to Ashley face to face.

"What, sweetheart?" Ashley said. Spencer glanced away before looking back at Ashley.

"Can we…try something?" Spencer asked. Ashley pulled away from Spencer and rolled on her side so she could see her better.

"You mean, in bed?" Ashley asked. Spencer nodded. Ashley smiled.

"Of course. What do you want to do?" Ashley asked.

"I want you to fuck me," Spencer said. Ashley raised an eyebrow.

"I already do that quite well," she said. Spencer blushed slightly.

"No, I mean...I want you to…I want you to wear this," Spencer said. She rolled over and opened the drawer in her bedside table and pulled out a strap-on. Ashley felt her body thrum in excitement.

"Do you want to be on top or do you want me to be on top?" Ashley asked, grinning as she took the strap-on from Spencer's grasp.

"You're okay with this?" Spencer asked. Ashley vigorously nodded as she began to put it on. "Then I want you to be on top. I want you to fuck me. Hard."

Ashley settled on top of Spencer and kissed her. She could taste the remnants of herself on Spencer's lips and it turned her on even more. Their tongues met and battled for dominance before Ashley won. That was odd, however. Spencer normally won control when they kissed like this.

And then it dawned on Ashley. The strap-on, being on the bottom, letting Ashley control their kiss…Spencer wanted to be dominated.

She could do that.

Ashley moved her attentions down Spencer's body. She kissed and nipped and licked every inch of skin she could until she came in contact with Spencer's sex. Then her focus was entirely on that.

Spencer was wet. No, wet didn't even begin to cover it. Spencer was…drenched. Ashley let her tongue sweep over Spencer's clit, moving in quick, tight circles. She felt Spencer clutch at her.

"Ash, please. Don't tease," Spencer said. With one last lick, Ashley moved up Spencer's body until she was hovering over her completely. She nudged Spencer's legs apart even further and got settled. Her eyes met dark blue.

"You want my dick?" Ashley asked, teasing Spencer with the length of the strap-on. Spencer groaned.

"Yes, I want it. I want you to fuck me," she breathed out.

"Beg for it," Ashley said. "Beg me to fill you up, to make you come."

"Please," Spencer pleaded. She was practically in tears. She needed to feel Ashley inside of her. She needed her release. "Please, fuck me."

Ashley readied herself between Spencer's legs. Right before she thrust in, she stopped and looked at Spencer.

"Are you sure?" she asked softly. Yes, they were playing a game but Ashley wanted to make sure Spencer was okay with everything.

"Please," Spencer whispered, nodding. She leaned up and kissed Ashley sweetly. And that's when Ashley took her.

"Mm, God yes," Spencer cried out against Ashley's lips. Ashley quickly found a rhythm between Spencer's legs. Her hands were on either side of Spencer's head and her front was against Spencer's. Their slick skin slid against each other's.

"Harder," Spencer breathed. Ashley increased her efforts. She watched as Spencer's face contorted in pleasure.

"Does this feel good?" Ashley asked. "Do I make you feel good?"

"Yes," Spencer said. "God, yes. You're so good, baby. You make me feel so good." Ashley quickened her pace. She could feel the heel of the strap-on brush against her clit and the repetitive motion was driving her insane. She was going to come but first she needed Spencer to get there.

Reaching down, she let one hand slide in between their bodies. Her fingers quickly sought out Spencer's hard nub and she circled it, relishing the way Spencer cried out her name as she did so.

"I'm almost there," Spencer said. "Don't stop. Faster!" Ashley quickened the pace of her hips and her fingers.

And then Spencer was there. Her body tensed and her walls tightened around the strap-on, making it hard for Ashley to continue to thrust. Spencer's breath came in quick pants, her face was scrunched up and her eyes were shut tight. A low whine left her.

"Yes. Yes, yes yes. Ashley!" Spencer said. Ashley was able to thrust once more before her own peak hit again. She felt her body tremble and her arms threatened to give out on her. Gently, she lowered herself on top of Spencer completely and let her head rest against the blonde's shoulder. Spencer's body was still shaking slightly and Ashley knew Spencer wasn't finished.

"What are you doing? Spencer asked when she felt Ashley pull out and move downward. Ashley's answer was her tongue on her clit and three fingers inside of her.

"Oh fuck!" Spencer hissed. Her head flew back and her hands burrowed into Ashley's hair.

"Suck it," Spencer ground out. Ashley had never found that particular phrase sexy until it left Spencer's mouth. She grinned as much as she could while she sucked Spencer's clit, just as she was asked to.

Spencer came in her mouth twice before Ashley stopped. She brought herself back up to Spencer's eye level and waited for her to catch her breath. In the meanwhile, she took off the strap-on and wrapped it in the towel from earlier in her massage.

"Are you okay?" Ashley asked. Spencer had yet to open her eyes and her breathing had only slowed a little.

"I'm great," Spencer said, her eyes opening slowly. "Fabulous, actually. Couldn't be better." Ashley laughed.

"You made me tired," Spencer whined, shutting her eyes again. Ashley smiled slightly and let her nose trail over Spencer's face in an Eskimo kiss.

"That's okay. We have all night and the morning too," she replied. She lay on her back and pulled Spencer to her. The blonde curled up to her side and let her head rest in the crook of Ashley's neck.

"I love you," Spencer murmured.

"I love you," Ashley whispered back.

It was Monday evening and Ashley was still reeling from her weekend with Spencer. It seemed their unplanned date night kicked their sex drives into high gear. Ashley spent all weekend, until Sunday evening when Spencer's roommates got back, having sex with Spencer.

In between their rounds, they talked about everything. Spencer shared funny stories from when she was little and Ashley told Spencer her future dreams, all of which included the blonde herself.

All in all, Ashley thought it was a successful weekend. Now, she was out with Alex and Sarah and Spencer getting a drink at the local bar.

Sarah, Ashley noted, was fabulous. She was extremely attractive, funny and intelligent. Her sarcasm matched Alex's, which in Ashley's opinion, was good for her best friend. They were a good match and Ashley was glad Alex was able to get Sarah to agree to date her.

"I'll be right back. I'm going to order another drink. Spence, do you want one?" Ashley asked, motioning toward Spencer's amaretto sour. At Spencer's nod, she left the table and headed toward the bar.

She had ordered her drinks and was waiting for them when she felt someone tap her shoulder. She turned around and instantly her vision went red.

"Excuse me, but I couldn't help notice you this evening," said the man in front of her. "Can I buy you a drink?"

You never saw the same person twice in Los Angeles unless you were friends or family. Seeing them a third time was practically unheard of. But here he was, her sister's rapist, standing in front of her offering to buy her a drink.

"Ah, no. No, thanks," Ashley said. She turned back around and hoped the bartender would hurry up with her drinks before she lost all of her self control and decked the guy.

"Are you here with anyone?" the guy asked. He had shoved his way beside her and tilted his body so it was clear his attention was on her.

"Yes, I am actually," Ashley said. The guy looked around.

"Well, I don't see him. And a guy shouldn't leave a pretty lady like yourself alone," the guy said. "I'm Mark."

"Ashley," Ashley said. "And I'm not here with a guy."

"Tell your friends I'm taking care of you for the night then," Mark said, smiling. Ashley assumed he thought he was being charming but he was only succeeding in pissing her off.

"I'm here with my girlfriend," Ashley said. "Now, if you'll excuse me." She grabbed her drinks and went to leave but Mark grabbed her shoulder.

"All you need is a man, baby," Mark said. "I can show you that." Ashley observed Mark. He was pissing her off and she already wanted to kill him for what he did for Kyla. But this could possibly be her chance to nail him.

"You think?" she asked flirtily. Mark smiled, obviously thinking he'd won. He nodded.

"Of course. Why don't you let me take you out sometime?" he asked. Ashley agreed and Mark gave her his number. With a promise to call him the following day, Ashley made her way back to the table.

"Guys, I think I just found a way to help Kyla," she said, grinning to herself.