Trouble in Paradise

Edward Hale:

Being the son of one of the wealthiest families in Forks isn't easy. I have to live up to my name. I'm the second son of the Hale family line. My father James Hale, 39, is the founder of Twilight, which is the top newspaper, magazine, and search engine in Forks. My mother Camille Hale, 38, doesn't work. She inherited millions from her father, our grandfather Frank. I'm the second oldest. I have an older brother named Jared Hale, 20, who's currently in college. Our mom didn't go to college because she had Jared when she was 18. Our father couldn't afford to go to college so my mother paid for him to go. A year later I was born Edward Mason Hale, 19, in Seattle, Washington. My mother wanted one more child after me, a girl, but ended up getting pregnant with two babies. Jasper Whitlock Hale and Rosalie Lillian Hale were born in Rochester, New York. My mother went into labor at one of my father's business meetings in New York, and to say that wasn't a long day would be a lie. Currently, I am dating Bella Cullen, Jasper is dating Alice Cullen, and Rosalie is dating Emmett Cullen.

I envisioned the summer before I went to college to be magical, or great sort of. But, this summer was one summer we will never forget for as long as we live. I will never regret a day that I am alive and well. We are so fortunate for everything we were blessed with including family, friends, and even enemies.

Emmett Cullen:

I am the eldest son of the second wealthiest family in Forks. My father, Carlisle Cullen, 40, is a surgeon at Forks General Hospital. My mother, Esme Cullen, 39, is a social worker. That's how we ended up with Bella and Alice. Before, Bella Cullen was Bella Swan and Alice Cullen was Alice Brandon. Bella's parents died in a car crash so Esme decided to take her in. A year later, Esme witnessed Alice's parents about to admit her into an asylum. Knowing my mother she would not let a little six year old go to one of those places, so Alice Cullen joined the family. Then a few years later our mother gave birth to our last sibling Alec Cullen, 15.

This summer will be a summer we will never forget. We are finally going to be free of our parents for an entire summer. We're heading to a secluded island with nothing but a beach house on it. This is our chance to prove to our parents that we are responsible and can take care of ourselves. A nice, fun, wild, summer.

Six teenagers, one beach house, one island, and three stow away passengers with guns. What could possibly go wrong? A lot!

Edward, Rosalie, and Jasper Hale, along with their friends Bella, Emmett, and Alice Cullen decide to take the Cullen's family boat to the Hale's beach house, which is on a tropical island. When three bad people stow away on the boat, what will happen after they take the six friends hostage on a secluded island, where there are no cops, no other people, and no cell phone service.


This is the start of something new. So, I hope you all like it.