Epilogue: Six Months Later

"Is that it?" Dr. Wallace asked, intertwining her fingers and crossing her legs.

"Yes, that's everything that happened." Rose answered, feeling a bright smile tug at her lips.

Rosalie has been in therapy since the day after they arrived back from the island. They all saw a different therapist, but after a few weeks, everyone else stopped seeing their therapist. Dr. Wallace requested more time with Rose. When they first met, Rosalie didn't want to open up about anything.

"How do you feel knowing that you killed your attacker?" she continued, pulling the top off of her pen.

"Good actually," Rosalie replied, nodding to herself, "he got what he deserved."

"Not that I don't disagree, but wasn't it hard for you to pull the trigger…to take away a human life?" Dr. Wallace continually asked, jotting down a few notes.

Rose sat back on the couch. She propped her feet up and thought to herself. She wanted to answer this question carefully.

"Yes, but I remind myself what he did to me."

Dr. Wallace nodded her head, writing down a few more notes. Rosalie looked up trying to see what her therapist was writing.

"I'm glad you finally opened up and told me everything that happened." Her therapist stated, setting the clipboard down.

"I'm glad you never gave up on me."

"I couldn't. I was willing to work with you as long as it took."

"Six months is a long time…" Rose sighed, sitting up, and sliding her feet off of the couch.

"I never gave up. You were so closed when we met. You would barely tell me the basics like the date you left, why you left, where you went. I didn't even ask for specific details of your trip yet." Dr. Wallace informed, reminiscing about their first session.

A Cheshire grin stretched across Rose's face. She felt her lips in amazement. She missed smiling. Dr. Wallace grinned at the young college student as she leaned back in her computer chair.

"How is your friends?"

"We all started college."

This subject seemed to interest Dr. Wallace. Her fellow patient was in college. She's finding more and more things about Rosalie every session.

"What are you majoring in?" she curiously asked, tapping her nails against her desk.

"Criminal Justice."

"How is your family?"

Rosalie smiled and shifted in her seat, getting nice and comfy. She looked up at her therapist and began telling her an update on each person.

"Esme, Carlisle and my parents are as good as ever. Before school, my mom and Esme took me, Bella and Alice on a weeklong shopping trip in New York. My dad and Carlisle are back at work." She started, moving along, "Alec is back in school and Jared transferred to a school here. He wants to stay closer to home," she paused to think about the next person, "Alice majors in art and Bella is an English major. Emmett and Edward major in business and Jasper majors in economics."

Dr. Wallace stood and walked over to her patient. She took a comfy set next to her before patting her knee.

"How are you and Emmett?"

"We're doing great actually. We're as strong as ever. I love that man."

"Well Rosalie, we actually went over our time." Dr. Wallace announced, rising from her seat.

"I told you it was a long story!" Rosalie laughed, getting up as well.

"I'll walk you out."

"They're late!" Alice exclaimed, running her fingers through her hair.

"Maybe it was a good session." Jasper replied, shrugging his shoulders, "At least it didn't end early like her previous sessions."

"Yeah, you're right." Alice said, smiling as she noticed Dr. Wallace and Rosalie heading in their direction.

Emmett waved his girlfriend over and opened the back door. She pulled the elder brunette into a hug before walking the remainder of the way by herself.

"See you next week!" Dr. Wallace called out, waving after her.

"How did it go?" Edward wondered, strapping his seat belt.

"Good. It went really good."

"I'm glad." Bella replied, patting her friend's shoulder, "Where are we about to go?"

"No clue." Emmett commented, slamming his door shut.

"Where are we going Jasper?" Alice asked, impatiently, waiting for an answer.

"It's a surprose!"